Unfamiliar Faces

by IndigoSharpe

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Harem Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Live a long enough life and boredom becomes the enemy. Live a strange enough life and you start to crave a little more normalcy. Old Monty has been around for quite a while. Long enough for all his enemies to have either died off or gotten over whatever they were mad about. Long enough for all his friends to have either moved on or moved up to higher planes of existence.

For eons he slept, unbothered, unprovoked, unremembered. Now a whole new life is knocking at his door. A whole new adventure as the familiar of an intrepid but callow young mage.

Can a immortal lord of the void lower himself to being a mortal's partner-in-crime? Yes. Will there be some good stupid fun along the way? There better be...Or the whole world might be in trouble. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Wake Up Call ago
2: The Wizarding School of Hard Knocks ago
3: A Turning of Fortunes ago
4: Shaved Ice ago
5: Curriculum Vitae ago
5.5: Decisions, Decisions ago
6: Noises in the Pipes ago
7: Quest ago
8: Anti-Climax is Sometimes the Best Kind of Climax ago
9: Loot ago
10: Montage ago
11: Cousins ago
12: Change of Address ago
13: New Digs ago
14: Shopping ago
14.5: Case of the Missing Landfill ago
15: Pins and Needles Sensation ago
16: Road to Nowhere ago
17: Dead End Town ago
18: Click Your Heels ago
19: Music History ago
20: Piano in the Background ago
21: Conservatory ago
22: A Difference in Musical Tastes ago
23: Much To Do ago
24: Rocket Propelled Introspection ago
25: Mint Chocolate ago
26: Smooth Jazz ago
27: Breakfast with Friends ago
28: Caped Caper ago
28.5: Attachment Issues ago
29: Watch Dogs ago
30: Best Laid Plans ago
31: More Than They Bargained For ago
32: Three-Eyed Problem ago
33: Mahou Monty versus the Silly Goose ago
34: Reunion and Seperation ago
34.5: Strange Mood ago
35: Pillow Talk ago
36: Space Rays ago
37: Irons on the Fire ago
38: Relaxing Afternoon Activities ago
39: Occupation and Pre-Occupation ago
40: Getting Ready for Work ago
41: The Lounge ago
42: Rules of the Game ago
43: Summer Camp ago
44: Marshmallows, Chocolate, and Graham Crackers ago
45: Letters from Home ago
46: Swimmer's Ear ago
47: Splish Splash ago
48: The Great Outdoors ago
49: Hello Neighbor ago
50: Hiking Through the Woods ago
51: Visiting a Friend at Summer's End ago
52: Collecting the Prize ago
53: The Wallace Clan Gains An Immortal ago
54: Yay and Whoops ago
55: Job Offer ago
56: Wedding Bells ago
57: Status Normal ago
58: Morning Grind ago
59: Goofing Off ago
60: Andern ago
61: Chew Toy ago
62: Troublesome Things ago
63: Cliens ago
64: Quitting Time ago
65: Don't Look Too Closely ago
66: Cass Considers Courtship ago

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human 000
  • Overall Score

To be honest I enjoyed this story very much and it is been a while to see agood story 

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Interested to see where it goes!

Seems like a pretty good start so far, interesting premise, and I definitly think human is gonna be a major asset in this book. Obviously I have only read 4 chapters cause that's all it has so far, but definitly had high potential for some good duo shenanigans.

  • Overall Score

Unedited Wish fulfillment

A girl summons a god, they proceed to do whatever they want.

More then anything it reads like a thought flow published as-is. There is no clear direction story-wise and riddled with basic grammar mistakes.
For example, using the same word in succession(we we).
To make matters worse The characters are shallow, the god reads like a teenager with to much power.

I suggest using Grammarly or similar program for the grammar issues.
Invest time in planning where the story is going.
The cliche show instead of telling exist for a reason, half the chapters are made of inner monologue.
*Stopped reading after chapter 12.

  • Overall Score

Kinda crappy. Unhappy to have been recommnded this.

Reviewed at: 21: Conservatory

You over explain everything. Almost like you're writing a children book for adults. Not to say the story in general is bad. If there was a story. It seems to just jump from point to point like a sidewalk that requires you to cross the road, go back a street and then turn3 corners to arrive where needed. Some grammar errors were noted during my read thru as well. One that stuck out to me I think was "What we do we do." 


Tldr. Messy story and over explaining. Some grammar errors.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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A relaxed story about a very OP character casually making someone in a bad situation into slightly less OP character while they do some random stuff. If that sounds great you might enjoy this but personally besides a few nice bits in this story most of it is very boring and uninteresting to me.

Relationship between the 2 main characters is interesting and the family drama is somewhat nice with the "bad" guys having pretty well developed and intersting personalities but they are sort of ruined by the fact that besides possibly causing slight emotional turmoil to one of the main characters they pose basically no threat due to how OP the MCs are.

  • Overall Score

Fascinating Perspective

I like the idea for this one. It could also to a fun/fantasy/slice of life story. That is of course if the author doesn’t make it into one of those OP character rules the world sticks. Either way it’s entertaining and fun. So let’s see where this story leads. ( what I meant by slice of life, was character having a pretty normal life in a fantasy like story) 

  • Overall Score

Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler Had a Sibling

Reviewed at: 7: Quest

Just got to chapter 7 and figured I'd stop and write a short review. 

Like I mentioned above, this MC reminds me of Sebastian from Black Butler anime series; Overpowered 'servant' type that does some wickedly wierd and kind of cool things for their 'master' and you start wondering who's really in charge. 

As of Chapter 7, the grammar is a bit better than the prior negative reviews indicated. So good on the writer doing some cleaning. I did see 'some' issues here and there,  but not as bad as reported.

The world building is pretty neat; modern and magic, always a favorite of mine. 

But in the end I liked Black Butler because Sebastian was bad ass OP Mofo with charm. I'm starting to get the feeling  that our MC is like that too. Charming, OP as frak, and I suspect just as badass as Sebastian. Heck, I'd suspect that the MC was once Sebastian in a different time and place. 

Good times. Onto chapter 8!! 

And I can see the MC agreeing with Sebastian about wanting to interact with humans: 

"Unlike demons, you’re base, you harbor a complicated malice, you lie… You struggle desperately, knocking down others in your way… You steal and are stolen from, you make endless excuses… And still you strive to get over the hill and far away. I suppose that’s why humans are so interesting." - Sebastian


Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Very enjoyable read 

OP character done right interested in where this goes 

A few spelling errors and weird phrasing pulled me from the story but that's about it


Still good It feels like chapters are super short (I dont know if it's because I read fast or they are short oh well)

Edit also indigo is really good about fixing stuff if you point it out 

Joshua Resendez
  • Overall Score

Funny and we'll written is all I need but plot is nice sometimes. 5 stars anyway, thanks. 

You can safely delete chapters 16-20. I have no doubts that you lost readers in this chapter range. This story has 3 things going for it. Style, characters and comedy. You completely lost those things in that range while adding nothing else but boredom. Using the $ and dollars together was annoying but that was really the worst of the grammar problems.

  • Overall Score

it's got a good start I just hope is stays that way.