One Step Away From Hell

by FireGinger

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit Male Lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

John Smit was an average John in the world of Earth. He paid his landlord to much money for a shitty run down apartment, barely living on his poor excuse of a paycheck at a dead end job, and no family or friends to speak of his you exclude the rats living in his walls. On the day of his unfortunate accident John’s life was turned around by this unfortunate accident for most people, but for John it’s changed his entire way of living completely. This was also the beginning of  the worst day ever for the entire planet of Luciniana. It was one step away from hell.




Hello everyone, from the multiple errors already you probably know I’m a new writer to this website. In fact this is my first ever story, so please be gentle with all the grammar patrolling. But seriously if you guys find any errors that drive you too crazy just comment and I’ll try to change them when I have time. Also if anyone wants to criticize my writing and try to help I’m more than happy to change a few small thing if it helps out in the future. For the story I have a general idea for we’re I want to take this, but I’m mostly winging it. So for any of you hardcore writers that are already cringing at my battle plan I’m also be more than happy to listen to any ideas you might have. So if any of you want to stick around and hopefully see my writing getter better and better, I’m warning you now it’s going to be a bumping and numbing ride. Hope you enjoy the story if you give it a chance.




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