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After the hiatus, Dark has returned. And you know what that means, plenty of awesome chapters lined up, let's get on with this adventure now shall we?


When people do not understand events occurring at a national scale, they conspire. When their conspiracies are ignored for too long, they act. Some had whispered of the feline being secret servants of Fate, sent to topple Solestia from within. Some whispered they were the infamous necromancer's creations. Others thought them otherworlders, but most saw them as nothing but parasites. Swindling labor from the locals and eating their food. Perhaps it was for this reason that the king's son despised them. Perhaps it was for this reason the people of Solestia where more than happy to follow him to war.


A note from Maxwell Dark

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Bio: *Published Author: English Alive 50, a National Magazine. Phuluso-My story (A little token from when I was in high-school, good were those days.)

*Editor of The Lost Redeemer by @DavidMusk (Currently editing this. Check it out, it is Epic!)

Maxwell Dark is a pretty great fella. If he is not writing wholesome fantasy novels or poems, then he can be found reading wholesome fantasy novels and poems. Not that he does not have a life mind you. He does occasionally do the socializing and has a few he calls friends.
Now, back to the writing. Here are some of the stories that he'll be sharing on here. He would really appreciate you checking them out and perhaps chatting with him through comments or personal messages. He will make it well worth your time.

Some books to watch out for by Maxwell Dark.

*The Blades Of Fate Trilogy
- King of Solace (ongoing, also available on Wattpad)
-King of War (Coming soon)
-Demon King
*Dark Reviews (Only on Wattpad)
*Lillian and the Seeds Of Hope (A Blades of Fate prequel)
*Beauty In Darkness
*Mascara Tears (A Romance, Crime Thriller)
*A dreamer's Journey (A Short story Collection, featuring: Phuluso- my story)
*A Broken Man's Ballads (A poetry collection)

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