Feeling a great disturbance, the loud noise happening next door, in the infirmary, where it should all be nice and quiet, so that the patient could rest and recover, right beside Dr.Fujimura.

The cause of it all was none other than the boy with heterochromia eyes, cloaked in his chakra beast cloak state, as he fought evenly with the blood red masked Kijin - Chiaka Karitoriki.

This battle drew the attention of Dr.Fujimura, who was busy working on some documents and filing paper reports, in the next room, his workstation, that is directly connected to the infirmary by a side door.

Dr.Fujimura urgently runs over, seeking out what's causing the large ruckus.

Accidentally, he knocks over a pile of papers, that was stationed on the rear edge side of the table. The papers fall over, littering everywhere, but Dr.Fujimura has no time to pick the papers up.

"Grrr... they better have a good enough excuse for this," Dr.Fujimura grumbled, fiercely stomping his feet, in a rush.

Dr.Fujimura screamed, "What is going on over here. What is causing this loud ruckus." 

His eyes dilated, showing a shock expression. What lay before him was a sight to behold, placing his utmost concentration on high alert, as he tries to accurately access the situation as soon as possible.

"What is going on. Boy explain!" Dr.Fujimura shouted from across the room, you could tell from the tone of his voice, how serious the situation is.

"I don't know, but that thing most likely came from the patient girl right next to me." The boy with heterochromia eyes shouted in response, as he prepares to throw a punch.

But his speed could not match up to the Chiaka Karitoriki, as it easily maneuvers around the boy, whilst in mid air.

Not before, the Chiaka Karitoriki readily brandished it's long razor claws, resembling sharp knives, and slashed down at the boy with heterochromia eyes.

As a deep red gash appeared on the left side of his chest, alongside a huge claw mark, blood seeping out from his wounds. 

The boy with heterochromia eyes began to breathe heavily, his vision becomes slightly distorted, coughing a mouthful of blood.

Dr.Fujimura screamed, "Boy, you're reckless! You should get ou..." 

The last few words spoke out from Dr.Fujimura became inaudible words, becoming static noise, as all of his attention is focused on the Chiaka Karitoriki. Ignoring whatever Dr.Fujimura just said.

The boy with heterochromia eyes, his near lifeless eyes, lacking luster, suddenly is reignited once again. 

One of his meter long nine tails, that is made of vital Yin life essence chakra of the Nine tails Seinaru Yin Hono Neko, shrunk down in size. It's white flames completely diminished in size, almost to the point of having its ember sparks blown out.

Pure yin chakra essence ignited, as the white flames covering his body, fluctuates in different intensity, burning the vital life essence chakra of the nine tails Seinaru Yin Hono Neko. The wounds on his chest rapidly began to heal, sealing the open gash wound.

The Chaika Kairitoriki draws near, charging straight towards the boy with heterochromia eyes, not letting this chance go, when it sees its target is wide, like a sitting duck, open for a frontal attack.

The boy with heterochromia eyes reacted at the last second. Once in motion, his body moved like a flickering candle flame, as he utilized his quick wits to evade a serious blow, diverging the damage to something lesser. His left hand was instead pierced by the claws of the Chaika Karitoriki, it went straight through his palms, but he managed to change its trajectory to miss his head, by a hair's breadth.

"That is good enough! You managed to hold down, the reaper spirit! I deal with the rest!" Dr.Fujimura said so in a rush, as he hurriedly brings out a roll of yellow paper, from one of the inside pockets of his lab coat. 

The boy with heterochromia eyes tightened his grip on the Chaika Karitoriki, his hand that seemingly has a piercing hole in between, his fingers closed, wrapping itself around the Chaika Karitoki's hand. He pulled the Chaika Karitoriki closer with all of his strength, he could muster up, and fortunately managing to catch its other hand by mere luck, restraining it.

Dr.Fujimura quickly unfurrows the rolls of yellow rectangular shape paper. With his canine fang, he bit his thumb, applying pressure to it, as fresh blood comes out. 

He didn't stop there, with his index finger and thumb, he rubs the two together, smudging the surface of his index finger with blood.

Utilizing his own blood as ink, he drew on the blank yellow paper talisman, drawing an inscription circle formation, with many inner layers containing ancient Chinese characters.

The finished drawn paper talisman begins to emit a faint glow, as Dr.Fujimura starts to input his chakra in. The formation on the talisman lights up, becoming visibly illuminous, as violet purple sparks of lightning are conjured up, forming a small octagonal prism lightning pillar.

He repeated the process several times, as five small lightning pillars are conjured up. This seemingly happened very quickly, the process took just milliseconds.  

Dr.Fujimura shouted, "Lightning Sealing Pillar!"

Under his precise control and command, four of the five lightning sealing pillars flown, and fly straight towards the Chaika Karitoriki's direction, increasing in speed.

The violet lightning sealing pillars hit their target. It struck the Chaika Karitoriki in the arms and leg region, pinning the poor creature to the wall, as its body hits the broad wall. The violet lightning sealing pillars sealed its movement, as it tries to struggle to get out in vain. 

The boy with heterochromia eyes, let go of his hold on the Chaika Karitoriki, at the last second. So that he won't be sent flying alongside the Chaika Karitoriki.

The Chaika Karitoriki then lets out miserable cries, and shrieking, as it attempts to break out from the hold of the violet purple lightning pillars, but its struggle was in vain.

Dr.Fujimura shouted, with his control over the five lightning sealing pillars tightening, "Enlarge!"

As the fifth and final lightning sealing pillar began to expand at an alarming rate, becoming as thick as a large stone pillar, at least 30cm thick in diameter. The last and final lightning sealing flew at an increasingly alarming rate, hitting the Chaika Karitoriki in its abdomen region, as it let outs a terrifying scream in agony.

"This should helpfully seal the reaper spirit for a couple of hours. While we think of a way to neutralize it for good," Dr.Fujimura said, wrinkling his brows, whilst breathing heavily.

The lightning sealing pillar talisman was starting to take its toll on him. The paper talisman is drawn in his own blood, which utilizing it as ink, it requires a large amount of chakra and mental power to draw the inscription formation perfectly, without any mistakes.

One wrong stroke could lead the inscription formation to become inept or else made its desire effect to become something else entirely different.

Dr.Fujimura breathe a sigh of relief. As he slowly recovers, turning his attention to the boy with heterochromia eyes, his thoroughly concerned look before previously vanished, replaced with a look of curiosity. Seeing that the boy was completely fine, despite all of wears and tears, the blood seeping into his clothes, a clear indicator of how serious his wounds would be without his healing power.

"Are you okay, boy?" Dr.Fujimura asked with a look of concern, despite knowing the fact that the boy was fine.

"I'm fine, but I thoroughly exhausted all of my chakra. If it weren't for it, I would have nearly died." The boy with heterochromia replied in response, as he gets up, standing on his two feet, brushing the dirt off his tattered clothes and body.


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