Hideo Uegaki said so rather enthusiastically, "Hey, Aotsuki! We gotta go, or else we'll be late for the afternoon class."

As he himself, runs over towards the exit, with Furuta Tsukimi following right behind him.

"Yeah, yeah... I know. I will follow you shortly after," Aotsuki said with a subsequent smile on his face.

He took one last glance at Sakuya Ifune, before saying what was going on his mind, "I'm guessing this is goodbye for now. Sakuya is it. That is a very pretty name. So see ya sometime..."

"Goodbye then..." Sakuya Ifune's voice sounded a bit muffled.

She raised her hand upwards, in an attempt to wave goodbye at Aotsuki Bakohata, but stops in mid sequence.

Her gazes befall on the disappearing figure of Aotsuki Bakohata, and his friends. They all left a deep impression on her, strong, heroic, empathetic...

Noticeably Aotsuki Bakohata for his unparalleled strength in the face of danger.

No one would ever cared enough to protect her, or even risk angering others.

Sakuya Infune retracted her hands. An obvious subtle smile appeared on her face.

"At least there are some good people in this world," Sakuya Ifune thought to herself. 

"Are you coming or not!" Prompted by Hideo Uegaki enthusiasm to head to class.

Aotsuki Bakohata chuckles, and hurriedly runs over, following right behind them.

He said, "Hold your horses. I'm coming."

Sakuya Ifune proceeds to feel permissibly tired, becoming a bit light headed, as she rest her head on the pillow. Her head facing upwards, staring at the white ceiling.

"I wish I could show them the truth, and be able to accept who I am, and what I am, instead of judging me for what I've done," Sakuya Ifune asked herself.

Sakuya Ifune cherry pink like eyes, noticeably began to glow, emitting a faint trace of red light, as an ominous aura starts to radiate from her body.

Visibly transparent red vapor is being released from her body, and slowly gathers above her head, congregating, until it forms a coagulated ball of red mist.

The coagulated ball of red mist starts to change shape, rapidly taking on the form of an Oni mask; fare reddish skin, demonic, with an angry outward expression. Two small bud like horns portruded out of the side of its temple, with four similar sharp molars protruding out from its mouth, displaying it's demonic heritage.

An Oni are typically a kind of Yokai (demon), supernatural demon, devils, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore.

They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red or blue-colored (green-colored), wearing loincloths of tigerpelt, and carrying iron kanabō clubs.

But for Sakuya Ifune they are a constant reminder that she is a cursed child, or what she will eventually become a demon.

The red Oni mask floats above Sakuya's head, moving around, as if it possesses a will of its own. Sakuya has grown tired of it, feeling a sense of frustration, as she glares at the frowny red oni mask.

The area around the red Oni mask, noticeably began to shift, as if something is distorting the surrounding.

A visible transparent entity emerges, having materialised from the red Oni mask.

Clear slender white hands, pale as the snow itself, but soft as a baby's behind. However, the entity possess long razor sharp nails, able to slit a person's throat within seconds, and all they ever know is a ghostly cold wind.

The Chiaka Karitoriki (Blood red reaper) entity appearance resembles a beautiful woman, wearing a red oni mask, and white kimono, with long silver hair and cherry lips. Her inhumanly pale, or even transparent skin, makes her blend into the snowy landscape.

She spoke in a soft voice, resembling her own, calling out her name. "Sakuya..."

'How I wish I could live like any other normal child.' Sakuya Ifune thought to herself, almost on the point of breaking into tears.

However, hidden behind the curtains of another hospitalised patient, in the infirmary. It was the kid, who purposely touched Minasuki Sensei's chest, and almost got done in by her one hit K.O punch, bringing him on the point of life and death.

The boy has short trimmed hair, bleached white, with no other distinctive features. Except for his heterochromia eyes, resembling cat eyes, with small black pupil slits. As well as possessing two distinguishing coloured irises; one a mixed golden brown, and the other clear sky jade.

The boy with heterochromia eyes, sneakingly opened his curtains, which was meant to isolate other patients, and keeping them from distracting other patient's rest.

The boy with heterochromia eyes, took a peak outside, as he immediately saw the upper half of the demonic entity. His interest grew.

The boy with heterochromia eyes, thought, 'Now this is interesting. I hope you don't mind me taking a bit of a small peak.'

The boy with heterochromia eyes, place his hand through the curtains, and slowly pushes the curtains to the side, enough of a gap so that he gauge what is going on inside.

However, the boy with heterochromia eyes, unfortunately steps into the aggro range of the Chiaka Karitoriki. Therefore angering it, as it's eyes lit up, turning a bright amber orange, whilst giving off an menacingly evil glare.

The Chiaka Karitoriki looks over towards his direction, seeing the left half side of his face, hidden behind the curtains.

It does not possess an ounce of intelligence, enough to gauge or access the situation accurately, like we do. It cannot tell whether the target is an enemy or ally.

It's most primal instincts is to kill, reaping the life of others, and protecting it's host body.

The Chiaka Karitoriki gaze, met with the boy with heterochromia eye's line of sight. Instinctively, he felt a wave of chill running down his spine, as all the hair on his body stands up.

The boy with heterochromia eyes, nervously said, "Oh crap. I've gotta run." Immediately backing away in a panic.

Not before it was too late, as the Chiaka Karitoriki drew closer, it's speed is vastly superior, almost like it was walking on air.

It's body floats like a ghost, unintangible like a spectre, passing through objects. Whilst its wailing screaming resembles a banshee, moaning for the dead.

The Chiaka Karitoriki drew closer, reaching near inches away from its target, with its razor sharp claws, it slashes at the boy.

The boy with heterochromia eyes couldn't evade the attack, so he tried his best to mitigate the damage, by using his left arm to guard the attack. As a neccessary sacrifice to evade a fatal blow.

Since it was only his left arm, even if he were to become a cripple. So long as his right arm is fully functional, he could carry on with his daily life.

The Chiaka Karitoriki's claws, slashed, and ripped through his skin, digging into his flesh, as some of his bare bones resurfaces.

The boy with heterochromia eyes screamed in pure agony, as he placed his hand over the wound. "Augh! That freaking hurts, you shit face."

He backed away, jumping backwards to gain some distance.

The boy with heterochromia eyes became serious, losing his normal fun and outgoing demeanor, as his eyes sharpened.

Sparks of white chakra erupted out from his body, becoming visible to the naked eye. As it slowly gathers around the boy, becoming a mantle, cloaking the boy's entire body in white flames.

Though the white flame is visibly transparent, possessing no distinctive colour or odour. It wraps around the boy's body, altering his physical appearance.

As two cat ears made of white flames, appeared at the side of his head, with the addition of nine similar tails made of white flames. His wounds rapidly began to heal, closing right before his very eyes, even the brokened nose bones as well, but each time his chakra is spent to regenerate or repair a lost limb, one of its tails would shrink or dissappears entirely.

The boy with heterochromia eyes said. "Nine tails Seinaru Yin Hono Neko (Nine tails Holy Yin flame cat) chakra cloak mode."


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