Dungeon Engineer

by Hoophy97

Engineer reborn as a dungeon core in a fantasy world.

Ike was a hobbyist clockmaker and former aerospace engineer enjoying his retirement on a habitat station orbiting Saturn. Unfortunately, his hard-earned peace was disturbed by a rapid decompression event and his resulting death.

Contrary to his expectations, Ike found himself reincarnated as a handicapped and supposedly-man-eating dungeon core in a fantastic realm of wonder, magic, dragons, and wizards! Faced with a luckless start in this hostile new world, Ike will have to employ his new-found near-perfect recall of his past life experiences along with ingenuity to survive and manifest his ambitions while struggling with morality.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Explosive Beginnings ago
Chapter 2: Arcanasynthesis ago
Chapter 3: Minion Modification ago
Chapter 4: Leafcutter Ants ago
Chapter 5: Hidden World ago
Chapter 6: Calm Before the Storm ago
Chapter 7: Weston Lomarec ago
Chapter 8: Eavesdropping ago
Chapter 9: A Flower for Thee ago
Chapter 10: Business ago
Chapter 11: At Range ago
Chapter 12: Shop and Awe ago
Chapter 13: Unboxing ago
Chapter 14: “The Introduction to Arcane Principles.” ago
Chapter 15: Operation “Capture the Cavern” ago
Chapter 16: The Toady One ago
Chapter 17: Misplaced Motives and Foolish Risks ago
Chapter 18: Logistics ago
Chapter 19: Stress Relief ago
Chapter 20: Respiration Situation ago
Chapter 21: The Rendum Chamber ago
Chapter 22: Startup ago
Chapter 23: The Seedfolk ago
Chapter 24: A Reluctant Defense ago
Chapter 25: Biocrystalline Life ago
Chapter 26: Tripartite ago
Chapter 27: Meeting the Seed ago
Chapter 28: The Governors' Dinner ago
Chapter 29: A N T S 🐜🐜🐜 ago
Chapter 30: ♫ I've Experiments to Run, There is Research to be Done ♫ ago
Chapter 31: Rounds ago
Chapter 32: Excursion ago
Chapter 33: Civil Exchange ago
Chapter 34: Back to My Roots ago
Chapter 35: Anchor ago
Chapter 36: Guidance ago
Chapter 37: Safety First ago
Chapter 38: Level Up? ago
Chapter 39: Keep It Simple, Stupid ago
Chapter 40: Force of Gravity ago
Chapter 41: Flow Rate; Area Times Velocity ago
Chapter 42: Theology ago
Chapter 43: Aqueduct ago
Chapter 44: Mobilization ago
Chapter 45: Proficient Tunnelers ago
Chapter 46: No Help ago
Chapter 47: Failed Negotiations and Arrival ago
Chapter 48: The Worm’s Way ago
Chapter 49: One Unusual Delve ago

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Jumping on this before the author switches it back.

Reviewed at: Chapter 43: Aqueduct

The ADD Dungeon is a story about a dungeon that's ADD and can't keep focus on more than one task for one goddamn chapter. Five stars.


One of the best starts to a dungeon story i have read so far, if not the best!

The MC is just greatly written, him being a engineer in his past life just adds so much potentional to the dungeon setting and the story as a whole. He thinks of his environment in a scientific way, and that does reflect on his behavior and thoughts. Yet for all his intelligence, the MC is by no means flawless but considering the unfamiliar world with its strange laws that he has reincarnated into, he has handled the situation really well so far.

The author may say this story does get info-dumpy, but he has handled those really well so far, they are in fact not even boring to read. I personally like how the author has used various scientific topics and intregated them in this story, with going very in-depth with some of them, its also just great to learn new stuff while reading a really good and enjoyable story.

There are just so much directions the story could go in, from being just a standard Fantasy dungeon story with high detail, to being a really weird mix of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Dungeon core at once.

The grammar used in this story is near flawless, barely any grammatical mistakes or typo's to be found, however they do exist even if very rare, and get corrected fast when pointed out.

The writing style is captivating and easy to read, even through all the infodumps, in fact the pace does not feel slow at all! The style is also very descriptive, and in some cases just beautifully written, chapter 5 is a great example of that. This is really well written for the author's first fiction.

This is just a fantastic story and i have no doubts, that if the author can keep up writing at this quality without dropping the story, that this story could be one of the great dungeon stories among the likes of 'Dungeon Heart' or 'No Epic Loot here, Only Puns'. So keep on writing this story!

Wait no more with starting to read this, its a great story in the making.



This is not a dungeon story.

As the title says, this is not really a dungeon story. It is something better.

It is not a dungeon story in a sense that there are no blue boxes, no stats, and no restrictions that usually come with those things. If you have ever played Terraria, then you can say that the MC is something like a crossover between a dungeon (he still has a core) and a biome.

So, if you are the same as me and find yourself skipping most of the blue boxes in dungeon stories, the Dungeon Engineer should be something you enjoy.

The author likes details and as said on the front page, he explains processes a lot. The best thing, however, is that once some fact of the MC's powers or mana in general is mentioned, the author sticks by it. You will not find a loophole the next chapter, which makes the explanations actually relevant. Plus the explanations are easy to comprehend even if you do not know a damn about the subject.

The world building is being done progressively at a good pace. The author does not seem to rush it, though I would enjoy more show don't tell approach. I am not talking about the technical stuff, of course, as that would be quite hard if not impossoble.
As for character development, there has not been an impulse for big growth yet. That happened in the latest chapters so we will see how the MC will handle it.
There is no huge plot yet, but then again, we are still kinda at the beginning of the story and one sometimes cannot rush these things.


I like how "real" everything feels so far. The dungeon feels like an organism i actually believe exists and i'm interested to learn more together with our protagonist.

I'm not sure how this story will progress from now on, but if you keep up your current streak i'm sure this will turn out to be great. 

Succes, and goodnight. 


P.s. Sorry for being lazy ; )


Just about perfect. So Good

I usually don't like Dungeon Core novels.  That said there are some really amazing books that use this narrative.

This one is one of those amazing novels.

The author must have either a background in the sciences, be a current student forced to take biology and physics, or really enjoys research.

He is well versed on Newton's theories, biological components for life, including enzymes and cellular division, and engineering concepts.

This well of knowledge allows him to craft a novel that takes place in a world of magic, but based on the Laws of science.

The character is well thought out,  and although pretty much isolated, conflict occurs.

Certainly worth reading as of Chapter 16, and added to my favorites and follow list.

Really, well done!

Flying F-Salmon Extraordinaire

There is only one glaring problem with this fiction. That it is discontinued... Probably. 
If someone really enjoys overcomplicated descriptions, that take whole chapters, give this a read. The pacing is as slow, as glaciers melt in comparison to an icecube in the sun. 
But alas. It is a great work for a writers first try. I just wish, he'd continue.


Starts out strong. (Number of chapters at the time of review is two). The writing is easy to read and captivating. Thankfully there are no glaring grammatical errors or misspellings. Well done indeed for a writers first fiction. 


We're currently taking over the underworld.

I'm a very lazy reader.

But our Lord and savior THE MC has COMPELLED me to write this   🙏🙏

First of all ,expect tech and magic porn. Technomagic hasn't entered this orgy of AWESOME yet.

Love town building, micromanaging, reincarnated, astronaut, scientist, mages who will definitely one day go back to the stars ,With a nation or two under his non-existent thumbs ??

Than go forth and read this story.

But as of this review we're still taking over the UNDERGROUND WORLD. 

But we know our Lord and savior Mr. MC will fulfill our dreams of world domination. One day.


Great and lovely dungeon story with realism

(as of chapter 20)

An old space engineer (Ike) dies and is reborn as a dungeon core. Oh, how unusual, a dungeon core story, have you already stopped reading because you think you know what happens next? Well, yes and no, don't run away yet. The dungeon core indeed gains mana from living things and uses it to build tunnels and rooms and expand its domain. But the difference to the usual stories is that the science is much harder than usual, as indicated by the name 'Dungeon Engineer' (engineer stereotype: facts only, not creativity or fun allowed). No disintegrating of walls and bodies, no summoning of monsters and materials from thin air, all the matter has to go somewhere. This means the dungeon has to find a place for the excavated materials and the monsters (which so far are just modified animals) are born, not created. The other thing is that those stories usually have hordes of adventurers congregating on the young dungeons to slay and loot everything, breaking everything in the process; while here there are indeed humans building a settlement next to the dungeon, they are only there for the mana-rich environment and the strategic placement near the country's border, they haven't even noticed the dungeon yet. How long will that stay the same and what will happen then? DUN DUN DUUUN!

Style: The story is told in first-person limited style, most of it from the dungeon core's point of view. A tiny part (one scene showing one of the humans) is in third-person style. There are lots of detailed descriptions about the creatures, materials and surroundings the dungeon discovers, as well as explanations on various biological species and technical processes, that means you even learn new stuff while reading! Recurring references to the fourth wall give the reader the impression to be part of the story. The text is comfortable to read with great choice of words and a smooth flow of the sentences.

Story: As told above, there is much detail in building the dungeon and creating the monsters. This makes the start of the story rather slow, but helps the reader identify with Ike, in my opinion the pacing is fine. It's not too much of a spoiler if I tell you that the dungeon is NOT of the blood-thirsty sort, instead wanting to live a peaceful "life" playing with its creatures and creating interesting stuff.

Grammar: A few typos, but mostly very good.

Characters: Because the story is told by Ike himself, the reader is intimately familiar with his thoughts and discovers him to be a structured and precise, but still inventive character. Besides that there is not very much depth (yet) though. We haven't seen much of the humans yet, those few we met seem to be mostly standard but good-natured and non-exaggerated archetypes (scientist-type mage, opportunity-smelling honourable merchant).

In total, this dungeon core story is down-to-earth rather than over-the-top and physics-are-real rather than phantasm-alloyed handwavium. You can feel that it is a work of love. If you want battle and excitement and blood-splattering action, turn around and go elsewhere. But if you like realm-building in a friendly atmosphere, come in and take a home-grown cookie (the dungeon entrance is hidden but shhhh, look behind the "Start reading" button just over there).

Dawod Dawod

I am not the biggest Dungeon Core fan tbh, as such, I can't say how this compares to other ones. But, as its own story, here are my thoughts:


Story is a 1st person pov with a witty, relatable, and a smart mc. And when I say smart, I don't mean the kinda annoying kind where he/she knows every drop of knowledge from every field ever. Anyways, he's entertaining as a character, so you're unlikely to be bored by him.


Top-notch, barely any typos, and the author takes care to correct those when pointed out, This goes back to style, where it flows really well.


World building, lore, and magic systems oh my! The way the author deals with magic is different from how some handwave it and might say "its magic". Instead, there's actually a scientific method applied to it, and to a magic theory fan nut like myself, I love every second of it.

In conclusion; what are you still doing here?! Scroll up and read the story dang it!