Omnipocalypse Monsters

by JackOfAllSins

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The Omnipocalypse was every apocalypse humans ever imagined all happening at once, zombies, plagues, nukes, EMPs, Robot uprisings. Not just the earth either, It happened to every World ever dreamed up by men too: heaven, hell, and every other afterlife or spirit world ended, plus the worlds of books and stories bled into reality. It all broke apart and either; became new places on the chaotic Earth or part of the even messier spirit world. Magic beasts mutated by radiation, Robots mastering Magic, the mixture of everything made the horrors... well, more horrible.

Omega; A young Woman with few memories wakes to find she has spent 2500 years in stasis, in a basement of scientific horrors. Creatures and Things that could supposedly destroy the world if ever let free. Horrors of which she was the last to get free. Rather then Quest for world domination or destruction; Omega keeps getting drawn into a protective role over other orphans, lost monsters, and broken AIs. So she decides to build something to help all her little monster family be safe.


This story is meant to be a behind the scenes look at stories about kids solving problems that should be beyond them. I always wanted to see a story about Professor Oak, Dumbledore, or any other mentor who trains the main characters. I like the idea of someone looking at the apocalyptic world and deciding to make it safe enough that a small child can wander off and make some monster their pet. The pokemon games have fun systems to consider the behind the scenes workings of, like what training a team rocket member goes through to become a villain cut out for children to defeat. how they prevent a deific pokemon from accidentally murdering some little rat with its immense psionic power.

However, the story itself is not really meant to be a pokemon parody, I draw inspiration from every genre of fiction, any type of game, this story is the only one I plan of ever writing without a clear cut ending planned, I love the infinite storytelling capacity of things like Doctor who's TARDIS, the Stargate or Rick's portal gun. In this case, I wanted the setting itself to be one where any and every story might happen.

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Good, but with room to improve.

Reviewed at: 1.15 Swarm Royalty

Has good ideas, lots of interesting concepts, but the writing is a bit messy and can be hard to parse sometimes. The author has already improved since it started and I’m looking forward to seeing the story grow and improve.


This story has awesome potential

Reviewed at: 1.19 Random Encounters Pt 2

Love the world's system liking the characters want more now


Break out those army fatigues and and a weapon or two, folks, because we've got an apocalypse on our hands, and humanity is in really bad shape, even with a system which gives quantifiable power to those who work for it. 

... for the first few chapters anyways. 

What you need to know: the world is screwed. Mlo Murphy's law finally hit and broke everything into hexes on a board that is now the new world, and the system to make people able to survive it came too late to save anyone. Fantastical races are mostly fine, except those that got destroyed by angry gods. Humans are down to their last leg from all the zombies, and all bunkers are stuffed to capacity with the dead. 
Got that out of the way? Great, that's just the background. Now let's get to the actual story: as of chapter 19, the world finally is shaping into the familiar pokemon tropes we know and love: deadly animals (leftovers of the apocalypse mutated beyond belief) who are turned into loyal companions (via a system created by a new race far superior to humans) and are stored in containment units (created by a dungeon who was supposed to help humans survive but failed). There's the knowledgable professor with too many duplicates (a superweapon made from nanobots and a shapeshifter assimilating each other into a world-conquering power), the nurse who makes everything better (same superweapon, but a different form they made), very small human settlements with few people who all are happy to see trainers around (more of this new race who are being introduced slowly in recent chapters), a chatty and sassy pokedex (a miniaturized evil angel who just wants to protect his new master), an elite four (children who are just now getting their first "pokemon"), and nearly non-existant parents (who, it turns out, are a ninja death squad keeping the actually dangerous threats at bay). Oh, and there's also the rpg element of getting new abilities but that's just a new system introduced to make sure the new system stays working perfectly. 

you know, a regular pocket monsters adventure. this time with an entire backstory to each element which is taking up an enormous prologue and pre-prologue. 

honestly, i love every bit of it, but it might not be for everyone considering the matter of the slowly building world being the only bit of story so far. 

overall, it's a good one to drop into your watch later and binge once the main story starts up. 


I don't normally leave a review of a story in progress. This one deserves one however. Great characters, fun powers, and a world setting with amazing possibilities. This may be a work in progress but it reads like a manuscript waiting to be published. 

The only bad, and honestly its not even bad, is there's a few grammar errors. The kind you get when the sentence you're writing changes in your head half way through writing. I doubt many people will even notice them honestly. 


The story could of been great, but the main character is built out of plot armor and just plain overpowered. There is no challenge, no difficulties the mc cant overcome. It's boring.

Un pwasson volant

Tbh just ignore this review, it's just me ranting.

Reviewed at: 1.19 Random Encounters Pt 2

It has come to my attention reviews help.


While Darchs review raises a few interesting point as of current and future plot, his theocrafting is lacking, methinks.

See, this is clearly more of the early state of a "Kingdom Building" type fic, with elements of LitRPG (pokemon is a RPG so it's in that RPG part, somewhere, see ?), a bit of Lovecraftian creatures (wich I'm hoping to see more of) of wich the only one we know of has turned i to a guardian dog of gap-moe.

This is a clear indicator of one thing...

A crack-fic.

Yep, this gonna be a crack-fic.

I'm hoping for it not to also turn into an OP MC kind of fic, and, knowing where our MC is at in the power scale, it won't be for quite a while. Let's just hope I'm right on that estimation. Because a fic is only interesting when there's a challenge, and this challenge makes the characters and story progress. I guess kingdom management is a challenge to most entities, but a nano-swarm-turned-system-but-also-still-a-nanoswarm might be brutally efficient at... Well, at least a few aspects of kingdom management. That is only my hasty analysis of the subject, the author is welcome to prove me wrong.

Anyways, this is no proper review as of now, this is mere theory-crafting and future prediction.

I don't wqnt to re-read the whole story to provide negatives and positivew in an objective way, however.

So I'm going to use subjectivity.

I like this, 4.5/5.

Andross Guile

This is pretty good but it needs serious editing. Half the time the reader isn't sure what is going on and the other half of the time the reader has no idea what's going on.

The syntax is above average and the characters are interesting enough. The world is a Charlie Foxtrott and even though it might be on purpose it still needs more structure. 

It needs a rewrite. 

Spoiler: Spoiler



It has a really good concept, interesting characters, basically all the right ingredients for success. But then a story that started off with the tone of a serious literary work went silly pretty quickly with strange tropes and gag elements. it has genre shifted a bit too fast for me.