Wholly Undead

by Voidmirage

Original ONGOING Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Ruling Class Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Join Jack, after his death by microwaved food, as he reincarnates into the body of a ruler of an undead kingdom in a strange environment of the underworld. Follow our, wannabe nihilist and socially awkward, hero as he learns about his world, and tries to play the part of their supreme pontiff and ruler of the Holy Kingdom of Deagoth.

The novel features heavy world-building elements, many characters, drama, cultivation, and magic.

Give it a try, and leave a review.

And here is a map to help understand locations, as they are mentioned in the story.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Unbelievable ago
Chapter 2:Cleanliness is next to Godliness ago
Chapter 3: A Recollection of a Battle past ago
Chapter 4: Shenanigans Are Afoot ago
Chapter 5: Hello Me. It's Me again ago
Chapter 6: Full Regalia ago
Chapter 7: Let's Play the King ago
Chapter 8: Clink.... ago
Chapter 9: Something's Different ago
Chapter 10: Responsibilities ago
Chapter 11: Have Faith ago
Chapter 12: A Long Nap ago
Chapter 13: Predictable ago
Chapter 14: The Holy Light and How to Swing it: Undead Edition ago
Chapter 15: Times are Changing ago
Chapter 16: Soul and Bones ago
Chapter 17: Anger before the Storm ago
Chapter 18: Last Chance ago
Chapter 19: Soul Discordance ago
Chapter 20: Taking Care of Business ago
Chapter 21: Vanity and Insidiousness ago
Chapter 22: Everything the Light Touches ago
Chapter 23: Are you sure? ago
Chapter 24: I'm Willing to be Your Monster ago
Chapter 25: Streaking Across the Skyline ago
Chapter 26: The Geist to do Business ago
Chapter 27: This is Where We are going to have a Problem ago
Chapter 28: The Overpowered Witch King ago
Chapter 29: The Biggest Bluff ago
Chapter 30: Mysterious Knowledge ago
Chapter 31: Machiavellian Evaluation ago
Chapter 32: Break upon our Bodies ago
Chapter 33: Unstoppable Force ago
Chapter 34: Immovable Object ago
Chapter 35: Her Lady Approaches ago
Chapter 36: Awkward Arrival ago
Chapter 37: The Same but Different ago
Chapter 38: Burnt Offerings are Made of These ago
Chapter 39: The Haunting becomes the Haunted ago
Chapter 40: Equivalent or Greater Exchange ago
Chapter 41: His Grace Returns ago
Chapter 42: This is Our Holy Witch King ago
Chapter 43: A Short Speech to Whip Up A Frenzy ago
Chapter 44: Disappointment leads to Decapitation ago
Chapter 45: Intimate Knowledge Needed ago
Chapter 46: Evening Tombs ago
Chapter 47: Climaxing Souls ago
Chapter 48: Reflection ago
Chapter 49: Delivered Myself to the Mad King ago
Chapter 50: Tears of the Skeleton ago
Chapter 51: The Attempt ago
Chapter 52: All the Chess Pieces move into Place ago
Chapter 53: Leave it to the Consort ago
Chapter 54: Banshee Queen... Really? ago
Chapter 55: Those with Tainted Souls ago
Chapter 56: The Faith of Deagoth ago
Chapter 57: The Legendary Super Skeleton... I guess. ago
Chapter 58: Willingly Exposed ago
Chapter 59: Offering Resurrection ago
Chapter 60: Heart Ache ago
Chapter 61: Are You a Divine Being? ago
Chapter 62: A Prophecy Overheard ago
Chapter 63: The Monument of Shame ago
Chapter 64: Ego Te Absolve ago
Chapter 65: A Risk of Sorrows ago
Chapter 66: A Disturbance in the Light ago
Chapter 67: Consorts & Catastrophes ago
Chapter 68: That's a Lewd Name ago
Chapter 69: The Tomes of Lexos Divinus ago
Chapter 70: The Prophecy Continues ago
Chapter 71: Our Business Stays with Us ago
Chapter 72: Mortals become Gods ago
Chapter 73: An Unexpected Source ago
Chapter 74: I Hope You Can Come To Hate Me ago
Chapter 75: Unexpected Alliance ago
Chapter 76: Black Tears Stain the Path to Desolation ago
Chapter 77: A Church Undivided and The Lexos Divinus Sanctus ago
Chapter 78: Demons of the Heart ago
Chapter 79: Sweet True Lies ago
Chapter 80: Men Love Lies ago
Chapter 81: A God Blows Out the Light ago
Chapter 82: Powered with Undead Inside ago
Chapter 83: Requesting to see the God-King? Audacious. ago
Chapter 84: I Hurt ago
Chapter 85: It Hurts So Good ago
Chapter 86: If It Wasn't For You ago
Chapter 87: Saved by the Knock ago
Chapter 88: Brutal Dead Souls ago
Chapter 89: True Death Discoveries ago
Chapter 90: Words to move a Patient; Words to move a Nation ago
Chapter 91: A God Laughs within the Light ago
Chapter 92: The Laugh that was heard around the Underworld ago
Chapter 93: The Day the Light went Out ago
Chapter 94: Tears Shed to Raise a Dead God ago
Chapter 95: Godly Amoeba of Light! The Death of a God's Pride ago
Chapter 96: I'll Stare Straight into the Sun Skull ago
Chapter 97: Too Lazy to Explain ago
Chapter 98: A God Watches from Above ago
Chapter 99: A God's First Steps in the Light ago
Chapter 100: Warbreakers ago
Chapter 101: An Unexpected Breakthrough ago
Chapter 102: Faith is a Weapon ago
Chapter 103: A New Kind of Warfare ago
Chapter 104: Don't Want to be Beaten by Nobody ago
Chapter 105: A Banshee Gossips ago
Chapter 106: Should Bone Beat Blood ago

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Like Overlord, more bones and misunderstandings!

Overall this has been a fine story, though i coulnt help but to compare it to Overlord, with this story using many elements from there. This story is also somewhat cliched in the same ways as Overlord, but i dont necessarily consider that a bad thing.

This story starts in the Holy Undead Kingdom of Deagoth, where the Holy Witch King has been entombed for a thousand years. Then he reawakens, but not all is as it seems to be, for the Holy Witch King is not the person he was once, a reincarnee from Earth took his place and is put in his spot, without knowing anything.

The MC bluffs his way through the problems of his kingdom, and like Overlord, it somehow succeeds. One thing i do like about him, is that he does take action himself, even if he is a sort of coward on the inside, also expect him to do some references to other media in this story.

The other characters are fine, but i feel like they could be developed even more, to feel more real.

Sadly enough, grammar is a major problem in this story, with there being wrongly used tenses, many typo's and simple grammatical mistakes. I have to recommend the author to edit the story, or get someone to help him, it would improve the readablity of this story so much.

Currently a fast release speed, so no problems on that front.

This story is a fun, enjoyable read, even with its flaws. Recommend for anyone who likes a ton of misunderstandings, or just wants to read a story like Overlord.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Early review...

Enjoyable read did not not notice anything annoying will come back to binge read when author posts more

  • Overall Score


As of chapter 28, I can sincerely say that not only is this novel well written, there is also barely ANY grammatical and for one such as myself nothing is more off putting than an error pervaded story.

The MC is quite likeable?

One thing of note (to the credit of the author) is that most of the characters so far are well fleshed out (with political undercurrents, individual motives and all that, I do wonder though, How do skeletons bone? Do they even bone?) and several incidents hints to a quite exciting world.

Should the novel deliver on the promise of these aforementioned hints this book will definitely gain the recognition it will deserve.

AND of course the update speed is not too bad Ai?

Kudos to the author and I am definitely looking forward to more.

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Good, but could be better.

This is a fairly entertaining story, though if you don't like overpowered MC's you definitely don't want to read this, because the main character has things come rather easily to him and people are constantly misunderstanding things in his favor. Still, while I typically get annoyed by that, this story does it in a humorous enough fashion that I'm more amused than annoyed. The characters all feel fairly distinct and unique, and the entire undead society is rather fascinating to read about, the author has definitely put a bit of thought into how his world works. My main gripe with the story is that the editing is brutally poor. Constantly uses the wrong words in a sentence, like comfirmable instead of comfortable, just, all the time. Even aside from using the wrong word, the phrasing is often really awkward and hard to parse at times. It's unfortunate, I really enjoy the characters and story, but it's dragged down by the presentation.

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  1. Highly interesting, even for as early as it is. A story of a far more ruthless man with modern knowledge being put into the position of a benevolent leader in a cultivation world as an undead. Seems to update frequently. Worth taking a look at, at the very least.

Edit: Now, later in the story, some developments have made this both more and less interesting. Although a humorous point worthy of note is the zombie apocalypse seemingly burgeoning in a world already ruled by the undead.

  • Overall Score

Wholly Undead is a entertaining reincarnated as a skeleton story with cultivation. While some parts can be a bit cliche, what isn't these days, the world and characters are well done. Some grammar mistakes here and there but nothing too glaring considering some of the atrocities to language seen on this site. Give it a chance and I believe you will come to enjoy this funny tale of a socially awkward guy who wakes up king/pope of an undead empire headed for conflict.

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Nihilism turned fun

Tldr: Guy reincarnated as lich-pope. Guy gets chick, kills half of parliament and kicks mafia posterior. 

Decent story without grammatical errors and boilerplate characters. Prose is a bit lacking but that isn't a detriment to the story. If you have time. Read this. 

  • Overall Score

consistently getting better and better. Really enjoying the lore of the world thats being introduced over the story so far 

  • Overall Score

Unique, interesting story and worldbuildind and great characters. Cant wait for more

  • Overall Score
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Very good early work.

Read up to ch.66, so I feel comfortable to post an advanced review that tears a little deep into the work.



It's what either makes a read interesting with the use of unique language and speech, or gives your eyes visual HIV and/or cancer.

The story has all around OK grammar, but the author really needs to work on the sturcture of his sentences, take heed as to not write as he speaks, use more commas and fullstops, and make sure to not forget his "and, a" and so forth - while I am not a native english speaker, my english is native-level, and good enough for these things to really grate on my nerves.
In this story, it's really not that bad, but it definitely can be improved upon.

An editor would also help.


The style is essentially overlord, but without the shadow of japanese culture restraining our hero. It's fresh enough and entertaining. the story's still in what I'd call the 1st arc, so we don't know enough about the world and characters to make a judgement, but tthe style thus far deliveres - I would like less earth references, and to see the word "anime" less; we're all fellow weebs, but no respectable man of culture does a shinji-in-the-hostpital without closing his curtains first.

The caracters don't feel one-dimensional. Some of them are tropey, some of them are generic - which is important to make the main characters look more impressive by contrast, and gives disposable mobs as tools to the author - but they are rather interesting, and feel like they do have a life. It's centered around the MC, but not in a bad way.


The story is quite good. It borrows a lot from other tales, and is rather easy to get, but while you can guess how a scenario will unfold, there's a good chance you'd be unbalanced by the outcome. a very refreshing experience for a veteran on the royalroad platform.


Overall, a recommended read for people waiting on overlord, recovering from an antihero story completed or on hiatus (which means it's canceled but the author's too much of a bitch to admit it) or just in it to have a good old read.

It's not remarkable - but it hits almost all of the right spots.