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An actual life after death. I literally came back to life after dying. But into a very different world. Into a world where extraordinary heroes are as real as you and I, and so are the terrifying villains. A world that was once fiction is now my reality, and I find myself in the body of the world's most underestimated mutant. SI as the X-men mutant Iceman in the Marvel-verse. 

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How is this a "gem"?

TL;DR at the bottom. 

Again, how is this a "gem"? "It's Iceman!" "It's a new take on X-Men!" "I absolutely love it!"

I get why people would say this, but it's not a gem. It's a trainwreck. You have a guy who dies in snow, and wakes up as Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake. He then proceeds to show off his Ice powers to the audience (readers), and in the same chapter, is able to manifest his second mutation. Couldn't understand how that transition went. It was something about a bullet, but there's little context about how the MC went from "just manifested" to "Oh, I now have my ultimate move!"

Then there's the other bit that just didn't sit well. The author spoke of how his MC isn't gay, and loves the community. Okay, not a problem, but then he went and took out a proverbial hammer and started beating it into peoples' skulls that Bobby "Iceman" Drake was an underestimated and underrated character in the Marvel Universe that was Omega Level.

It was only a few short sentences, but it becomes the entire premise of the story.


Style Score: 2.5/5

Its pace is too fast. So much so, a reader can get dizzy from all the jumping around. Tone it down and add more content.


Story: 2.5/5

Oh boy. Ord of the Breakworld. It's about a guy who's trying to prevent his planet from ending by a Mutant from Earth. So he enlisted the help of Humans and created the "Mutant Cure" for those with the X Gene. Fun, right? Nope. Guess who foils it? The MC in the body of an overpowered Iceman, who beats him in one go.

I'm sensing a pattern.


Grammar: 1.5/5

The author is missing punctuation in almost every sentence. Even the structure of a paragraph is horrendous, not to mention dialogue. When people speak, writers who generally use quotation marks at the beginning and end. This is the natural course, but when there's a break to showcase a verb or adjective to denote the speaker's attitude, the usage of a comma or period is necessary. After which the dialogue would continue.

In the case of a break, resulting in the creation of a new paragraph where a character is speaking, the writer must end with the appropriate punctuation, first. Second, the ending paragraph will end without quotations, but begin with a new quotation on the next paragraph. Third, for each new paragraph, the cycle will continue until the speaker is finished, ending with the appropriate punctuation and quotation marks.

You won't see that here, but you will find a whole slew of other problems consisting of missing words, lack of adjectives, misspellings, capitalisation errors, etc.


Character Score: 2/5

Who is this "Robbie", and why should I care about him? That should be your first question when you're introduced to the MC of this story. As well it should be to every introduction of any story you read. "Who are you, and why should I care?"

"That's the MC of the story!" I can hear many of you crying out, "He's the Iceman from Marvel's X-Men!"

And that's it. The author expects you to care, but writes little about him in the beginning where it matters most. He's someone who died and showed up in the Marvel Universe. Someone who knows all about Iceman, just showed up in the body, and said "I know this guy! He can do this, this, and this. So now I'm going to be better and make him OP as hell!"


Overall: 2/5

1) Tone down the speed of the story. It's like the author needs the MC to be at a specific point before he slows down.
2) If the story revolves around an overpowered MC in the beginning, then why does he need anyone?
3) Grammar is missing, and it needs an editor
4) Who is Robbie? I don't know, but he's too OP at the very start.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


I enjoyed the story and writing style 

I'm not gonna lie I have a spot in my heart for tortured mcs that are strong I dont know where this is going but I'm going to enjoy the ride

Slight errors but easy enough to ignore 

Glad I took a chance on this(i try to stay away from fan fiction <normally it pales in the imitation> but this was an enjoyable read)

Tldr worth a try 

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Pacing ever heard of it?

Firstly this fic is pretty similar to ’extraordinary times' on just with bad pacing and horrible character build up. With the squads, no Xavier, Ord and the breakworld stuff, antihero protag, letting a telepath have free roam of his mind, etc.

The protag, because of things we don't know about has such a temper that he will call forth a rain of ice spears to kill fanatics he doesn't really have a relationship with? He met them once before and wrecked their robots, no one he knows has been hurt by them or anything like that he's just angry...

Maybe the best thing about this whole fic is the occasional character moments between the protag and the girls interested in him and him reminiscing of his former life. With the exception of the tattoo scene (that was cringe as hell) and he suddenly having a girlfriend who leaves her two fellow triplets behind too follow him into space...

The action scenes are also pretty bad like a transformers movie in written form. Not saying they are easy to write, just saying yours are 'quite bad'.

Lastly, the pacing is crap rushing from one major scene to another with little to no time in-between. An action movie in written form is only enjoyable for so long...

  • Overall Score

New hidden gem alert !!!!!!!

Yes!!! I already follow this on, so don’t worry guys trust me when I say you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. 

This story brings another perspective to bobby drake (ice man); showing his full omega level potential. 

Rainreid is also an amazing author with unique content, will be on the lookout for more of his stories #IAmHulk!😯

Brant Bowers
  • Overall Score

A perfect mix of themed action and character interaction. Except, it needs to be developed. The bones of a well-thought out fan fic in the making, but needs flesh. More descriptions of the interactions, more details to the world, more thought processes. 

Overall well done with a fantastic if ambiguous system of power and physics.


I pray this does not contact the disease that always afflicts these good stories in RR. "HIATUS". Stay strong, author, write for pleasure not obligation.

  • Overall Score

I Follow this dude on other pages and his 3 main fics (This one , I am Hulk & The Thanos Crusade) are great pieces of writing , i STRONGLY recommend for everyone to at least give him a try

  • Overall Score

God don't kill me. I had to make a title. hahaha! 

Story is pretty neat. It's a good side shot of the Iceman from X-men. 

The writer tries to show us a 'what if' scenario of "What if Bobby Drake was reborn as someone else who knew how to use cryokinesis as and Omega Level Mutant..." 

So if you thought Iceman  got a bad hand dealt to him and never enough screen time. Give this a good read. It should prove entertaining. 

I'll keep it on my fave list and follow it...

Null Void
  • Overall Score


  • Overall Score

This is just a plain good story.

Now, I feel like I have to start this off by saying two things.

One: I'm not a fan of the marvel universe, and have seen like 2 or 3 of  their multitude of movies(none of them were X-Men) and read none of the comics.

Two: I am generally instantly turned off by fanfiction novells, I don't know why, I just am(and maybe this will be the novel to change that for me). But for some reason this one pequid my intrest enough to read it.


So, knowing those two facts, I came into this novel with maybe not low expectations(for no "real" reason) but I was ready to just leave. Well, the story just picked me up. The characters were interesting(especially our MC), and while all the "common" facts of the marvel universe went over my head most of the time, the author did a great job of explaining to me(through his work) and giving me the impressions of characters that I need to understand everything. I never felt like I've had to have read or seen any of the works to understand what's going on in the story.

I can't tell you if having watched the movies/read the comics will enhance or ruin your experience of this novel, but for me, not having done that has at least not ruined it.

Our MC has an interesting outlook on things and all information about his past is definitely interesting and left me wanting to know more about him, without making me feel like the author just stopped telling me, naturally, you could say.

The grammar has been really good from what I can tell, and really, that's all that matters(to me at least), I think I found somethign wrong in some chapters, but I can't remember it now.

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Man, when I was browsing new releases I was not expecting to find a story of such quality. I agree with PSYREN1596, this really is a hidden gem. I'm sure after the 30 day limit, this story will be trending. Ok, now on to the review:


It's great! The flow and writing style really combine to form a greater whole. The main character also has a distinctive personality, and his thoughts are easy to understand.


Currently at Ch.5 the story has progressed in interesting and fun ways, I also like how we don't know much about the world were in until it makes sense story wise. This author is great at show don't tell.


The grammar is great, I've only seen one or two typos per chapter. Even then there not story breaking.


The characters of this story are really good, and not just the main one. The main character really feels fleshed out just a few chapters in. As the reader you get an easy sense of who he is through good character development.

The side characters feel like real people, with their own goal's and lives.