Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon

by Spectacular

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

In a remote magical laboratory, buried deep beneath the earth, an unspeakable demonic horror is brought into the world…

Her name is Lilizath VekxZ’Kraugh (Lily for short). She enjoys cuddling, stargazing, and devouring the torn apart bodies of her enemies. The demon girl rampages across a fantasy world, satisfying her demonic urges while making friends with various terrified humans.

Meanwhile, an honest young lady leaves her peaceful life behind to embrace her destiny as the chosen one. Things go horribly wrong almost immediately and a random act of violence spares her from a very unpleasant evening.

Mature Content Warning: Contains gratuitous scenes of sex, violence, and violent sex. This story is not appropriate for younger readers, older readers, or anyone else, for that matter.

Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at publishing something I’ve written online. I’d love some feedback. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of it and offer suggestions or criticisms.

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  • Overall Score

Please dont stop writing

I hope this story continues for a while and not be dropped like the many promising 20chapter stories that plague this site

That being said, this is an amazing story

  • Overall Score

I love Tanya as a character. Same with Lily. 5 Stars for you.

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Overview: This is one of the best stories I have read this summer. I have read a lot of stories this summer. Once I started reading, I finished before realizing it was 5am and I lost my chance for sleep.

Style: The POV switches are all to characters whose viewpoint matter to the reader, and none of them take the focus away from the main character for too long.

Story: Just 22 chapters in, the shadows of at least 2 conspiracies can be found, introduced in a natural way as the MC and retinue move through the world. Conflics between allies are shown from both perspectives, which I like.

Grammer: I have not noticed any spelling or grammar errors while reading that are major enough to remember after a day. 

Character: So far, there are 3 characters that I adore, with another nearing the end of her trial perdiod. Important characters are fleshed out as the story progresses, and no one present for more than a chapter or two without growing or showing more depth.

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Entertaining Demon Adventure Story

Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon is a very well-written adventure about a very entertaining demon character. 

The premise of the story is that a demoness created as a weapon in a magical lab as a hybrid of multiple types of demons escapes and adventures around, meeting people and killing things. The story follows both the demon and a human priestess and her companions.  

The story has been very good so far, with the characters being very well established, with clear depth and lots of room to develop. Lily is the best developed character, having a unique personality as a result of the smorgasbord of demon heritages she is composed of. The author does a very good job of showing through her thoughts that she is clearly not human and has an appropriate morality and approach to matters based on that. The human characters are also very well done, being intelligent but naive individuals who become aware of their flaws through story and stary working to correct them.

The style of the story is very fun to read, largely since Lily is so entertaining to follow. The pacing of the story is good and the author has struck a good balance between POVs so far. 

The plot has been organically developing in the background of Lily exploring and learning about the world while largely doing whatever suits her whims at a given moment, but it looks very promising. A number of interesting plot threads have been set up, and I look forward to seeing how they progress and how the main characters get involved.

I strongly recommend this story.

(As of Chapter 22)

  • Overall Score

Lots of Laugh out loud moments - 10/10

Unique MC - very endearing but also capable and interesting.

Im looking forward to more of this

  • Overall Score

This shit is the best

I was initially deterred by the low amount of chappys but trust me it's worth it. If you're into cute demon girls who want nothing more then to live their life peacefully with friends, while occasionally murdering and eating people then this story is for you. Meet Lily, an adorable mish-mash of different demons created by some dickhead to be a human weapon. She's mostly a mix of archfiend and succubus, so she loves a good fight and if she figures out what sex is, a good lay. The last little part is a bit of a gluttony demon so the girl can really eat...people. Anyway, she is a very likeable murder machine and not to slutty, so if sex deters you in stories like this I urge you to give it a shot because it's not to in your face and as of yet (15 chappys) it's very very little. 

  • Overall Score

Why doesn’t she have a tail!?!? I think a tail would improve the story in way. Please add a tail.

  • Overall Score

Great story very few mistakes, Great Characters and great storyline. 

  • Overall Score

Good but not that good

Don't get me wrong, its a really entertaining story as of yet. I can't tell how the story will continue but I see a lot of elements that will become problematic. The main character is way too strong for my taste, The story relies too much on "sexual content" and less on character development. 

The first tragedy was very sad for some of the main cast but as a reader I couldn't empathise at all due several reasons (there wasn't much content about that character). It might be that the author wants to go to a more comedic direction but I don't really see that at the moment. 

I have to read more chapters to make a more accurate opinion but I am very sure that this story doesn't belong to royal roads top 10 best rated books (yet). 

A s h e s
  • Overall Score

 First off, the writing is okay. There isn't much to complain about other than the desire for more detail and world. But for what it sets itself up as, I actually enjoyed it....

Now into the rest for the rating. 

As of c-13, everything was actually rough sailing. The story has a few kinks here and there, but so far, I was pleased with what I read. Nothing suggested the clusterfuck that came in c-13

Spoiler: Spoiler

 All in all gave the star I did just because of that. There was no setup, nothing. From my point of view; I've been lead to believe that the author either ran into a rut, tried to make a deeper story, or the author winged the situation.