Lily looked down at the town from her vantage on the hill. The human villagers she was travelling with were murmuring nervously. Lily ignored them, focused entirely on what was happening inside the town walls.

Little red demons, they were apparently called imps, were scurrying around slaying humans. The humans were slaying them right back. The guards could handle the little guys, or maybe not. The little guys were boring though. Lily would slay them if there was nothing else to kill, but she was much more interested in the three greater demons she could sense.

The closest one was easy to spot. He was a giant. Like the imps, he had red skin, but unlike the imps, he was at least 30 feet tall. His head could be seen peeking over the rooftops of the town. His lower half was covered in black fur, and he had cloven hooves like a goat. He was rampaging through the streets unopposed. He ignored the arrows loosed at him, and any human that got too close was crushed underfoot. He had a strong demonic aura, even stronger than the hell knight. This would be her target.

“I’m going to go kill the demons now,” Lily announced to the crowd. “If you don’t want to die, stay back and hide inside the woods until it’s over.”

The humans said some human things, like ‘good luck,’ ‘be safe,’ and ‘careful with that sword, you almost hit me.’ Lily ignored their comments, focusing on the town and the demons inside.

The demon girl leaned forward and dug her toes into the soft grassy dirt. Shredding apart the ground beneath her feet, Lily took off sprinting down the hill, charging towards the town with inhuman speed. She steered towards the demonic giant stomping around inside the walls.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lily noticed something interesting. Two black robed dark elves, surrounded by imps, were standing outside the walls, watching the invasion in progress. They were casting spells that felt familiar to Lily’s magical senses. It reminded her of the stupid control stone the Inquisitor was trying to use on her. She remembered what happened last time she killed a black robed dark elf, the imps went berserk and started attacking each other. Assuming she wasn’t dead already, Tanya would obviously be out fighting them right now. Lily decided to give the sexy fighty woman some aid.

The elves were facing the town, not looking behind themselves. As she ran, Lily tucked the sword back against her hip, trailing behind her, parallel to the ground. There was enough noise coming from the town to mask Lily’s heavy footsteps. The dark elves didn’t notice her until it was too late.

“Look out-” one of the dark elves tried to warn.

With her last step, Lily lunged forwards and threw all her strength into a sweeping horizontal cut. The seven foot long greatsword cleaved through the two elves and the six imps guarding them without even slowing down. The dull blade separated all eight torsos from their hips and sent the dead and dying chunks flying away, splattering the field with gore.

Lily stopped for a second to listen but didn’t notice any difference in the sounds of battle. Disappointing. Perhaps the elves were sharing control. There must have been some other controlling elves still alive somewhere.

A flash of light filled Lily’s vision. Her magical senses lit up, detecting a powerful magic spell of elemental destruction. A low rumble of thunder filled Lily’s ears. She glanced upwards but couldn’t see any storm clouds. Magic to conjure a lightning bolt? Interesting. Perhaps it was one of the elves she had yet to kill.

It was neat, but the magic was happening on the other side of town, far away from the giant. Not her problem for now.

Lily was close to the walls now. She could still feel the demonic giant’s aura, and he hadn’t moved much. She reluctantly turned away from the bodies, this was no time for a snack. Resolving to return later to eat the delictible dark elves, Lily ran at full speed, charging towards her opponent.

The demoness reached the wooden palisade walls, and cleanly leapt over the ten foot wall. Without slowing down, she crunched through a lovely little garden, tearing apart a bed of flowers that happened to be in her way. She quickly reached the road.

Imps swarmed through the streets, screeching and slaughtering everything in sight. As Lily ran towards her opponent, the imps tried to stop her. Lily didn’t even bother to swing her sword, she just ran through the imps, trampling them underfoot. The imps only weighed as much as a normal man and their crude spears left behind only shallow scratches, unable to even penetrate through her recently toughened skin.

A low rumbling laughter echoed down the street. The giant was in the middle of ripping up the floorboards of a demolished house. His evil laugh was directed towards a family of humans hiding in their cellar.

With the giant distracted, Lily took the initiative. Charging up behind, Lily put all her weight and strength into a vicious chop to the back of the giant’s leg, just above the ankle. The sword bit in deeply, and the giant roared in pain. Unfortunately, it became stuck in the giant’s leg, partially embedded in his bone, failing to slice completely through. Lily tried to pull the sword back, but it was firmly wedged in place.

Lily tugged harder, bracing herself against the leg with her foot, trying to recover her sword. At the last second, she noticed the other hooved foot flying towards her. It was too late to dodge the giant’s kick. Lily let go of the sword’s grip and brought up her arms to block.

The kick knocked the air out of her lungs and sent her flying backwards at high speed. Lily felt a rapid series of heavy impacts against her head and upper back and rolled to a stop the next street over. She quickly climbed back to her feet, mostly unharmed, and watched the building whose walls she’d just smashed through collapse.

Lily had the giant demon’s full attention now. The family of humans hiding in the cellar took their change to escape, fleeing down the street, searching for a new hiding place.

The giant casually reached down and pulled the massive sword out of his ankle. In his hands, it looked like a table knife. Lily spread her claws and charged towards the giant again. The giant watched her and grinned cruelly. He flexed the sword in his hand, bending it into an arc until it finally snapped in half. No! He broke her toy! She was having fun with that sword…

With deceptively fast movement, the giant flung both shards of the sword into the charging demon girl’s path. She had to dive to the side to avoid getting impaled by the sharp, high speed projectiles. Lily pulled her dive into a roll to preserve her momentum, but with her arms and legs tucked into a roll, she wasn’t able to dodge a second time. She rolled right into the path of the giant’s foot.

Lily caught a glimpse of the giant’s massive hoof crashing down towards her from above.

The heavy stomp crushed Lily flat on her stomach against the cobblestone road. The stones beneath her cracked. She reached out with her claw and tried to pull herself away, to roll sideways out of the giant’s reach, but another stomp crashed down. This time she felt the stone beneath her crumble completely, and she ended up fully embedded in the road.

Lily was in pain, the muscles in her core were torn to shreds from the impact. Despite her weakening strength, she made another attempt at pulling herself out of the giant’s reach, but the foot came down again before she could escape. Again and again, stomp after stomp, the giant crushed her deeper into the ground.

The giant took no chances. He wanted to make sure she was thoroughly dead. He brought his foot down again, and… Crack! Lily felt a new type of pain. Crack! Crack! Lily bones snapped and cracked apart under the giant’s relentless onslaught. Arms, legs, hips, ribs, spine… she felt her entire skeleton breaking apart under the giant's heavy hooves. The pain grew faint and foggy, she found herself unable to move at all. Finally, she felt her skull break apart, and darkness instantly took her.

Lily woke up again.

Searing pain overwhelmed her when she tried to move, so she remained calm and still, playing dead while her regeneration did its work. Even while staying still, she was in agony. The bones shifting under her skin, assembling themselves back together hurt almost as much as breaking them in the first place. Slowly the pain faded into a dull ache, as the aligned bones knit themselves back together. Once her muscles and ligaments rebuilt themselves, the ache faded away entirely.

Fixing a series of fractures didn’t take as long as regrowing a missing body part from scratch. It barely took longer than a minute to reassemble her shattered skeleton. Fully repaired and ready for the next round, she cautiously peeked her head up above the crater. The giant hadn’t gone far. He was only about ten houses down the street, crushing someone’s home into rubble. Aside from the sound of demolition, the streets were eerily quiet. Ash swirled through the air, collecting in clumps on the ground. All the lesser demons were gone.

Lily quietly pulled herself up into a crouch. She looked down at the her-shaped impression in the ground. There was a single black horn, two feet long and deadly sharp, lying in the compacted dirt. Lily frowned and touched the side of her head feeling the rough, splintery stump left behind. Her left horn had been broken off at the base.

Lily poked despondently at the broken horn half-buried in the ground. It would grow back eventually, but losing her horn was a terrible blow to her pride. She didn’t exactly know why breaking a horn was such an emotional blow, but it felt intensely humiliating, much worse than losing an arm or a leg. This must have been another strange demonic instinct that nobody explained to her. Bones were the slowest to regenerate, and Lily’s horns were the thickest bones in her body. She’d be forced to bear this humiliation for at least an hour…

Lily turned to look at the giant again, still oblivious to her. She felt the Wrath coursing through her, simmering to the surface. She would not accept this humiliation… This demon had to die. A sinister smile crept across her face as she plotted the giant’s demise. Yes… she was going to rip him apart from the inside.

Lily climbed to her feet. Her little black dress was destroyed. The few remaining shreds of fabric slid down her body and bunched up at her ankles. The last shreds tore as Lily took a step forward without shame. Aside from the missing horn, her powerful body was beautiful, and she wasn’t pretending to be civilized right now. She didn’t need clothes. The giant was crouched down, pulling up another floor. He was preoccupied by grabbing and ripping apart a newly found group of cowering humans one by one.

Lily moved as quietly as she could. Lining herself up for the charge. She approached directly from behind, and slowly sped up into a run. The giant, to his credit, managed to hear the footsteps, but by then Lily was already airborne. The giant failed to twist away in time, and Lily landed against the giant’s back, sinking her claws in deeply and grabbing ahold of his flesh.

The giant howled with rage and stood again. The surviving humans he had cornered fled.

The giant stretched his arms behind himself, but Lily had placed herself right in the middle of his back, the one spot that the broad shouldered and bulky armed demon couldn’t reach. As the giant thrashed around, Lily ripped up handfuls of flesh, soaking herself in demon blood. Most of what she tore out of the giant landed on the road below, but some of it made its way into her mouth. Lily was feeling hungry. She had to regain the energy she lost from regenerating her skeleton.

Lily started carving herself a little cavity in the giant’s back. Baring his rib cage. Theory confirmed… Just like the other types of Wrath demon she’d eaten, his bones were white. She guessed only archfiends like her and Father had black skeletons.

Realizing he couldn’t reach Lily and pry her away, the giant leapt backwards and threw himself onto his back, trying to smash her against the ground. Lily’s upper body and head were safe inside the hole she was digging. Her legs were crushed beneath the giant, but the the weight of his upper body alone wasn’t enough to break her leg bones again.

Lily tore at the giant in a vicious frenzy, continuing to rip him apart. She chipped away at his bones with her claws and managed to carve out a hole in his rib cage. Her bones were much stronger than his. The hard tips of her claws didn’t even dull. She continued digging deeper, tunneling towards the giant’s heart. It took ten minutes of excavation to reach it. The entire time, the giant writhed on the ground in helpless agony. His heart was huge, easily the size of her own torso. She pierced into it with her claws and tore it open. What little of her skin wasn’t soaked with blood before became drenched in the inky black deluge.

The giant died shortly after his heart was destroyed, but it took another ten minutes for Lily to escape the giant’s insides. He was flat on his back, blocking her entrance tunnel, and his limp body was too heavy for her to lift. She ate her fill of demon flesh as she dug her way out. As expected, the taste was horrendous.

She finally burst out of his chest, gasping for fresh air. By this point, a crowd of humans were gathered around the dead demon’s body, nervously poking at the giant corpse. They screamed in panic and fled at the sight of a naked blood-soaked terror ripping her way out of the demon’s chest.

Lily freed her hands and leaned back against the side of her newly excavated tunnel, taking a moment to relax and breathe in the fresh air. That was… a glorious battle. She wasn’t even that horny. This battle had been immensely satisfying, in a pure way. To dilute that with her perversions would be to desecrate a work of art.

Lily glanced around, focusing on the auras around her. To Lily’s disappointment, the second strong greater demon was gone. Only one greater demonic aura remained. This one was more or less equal to the hell knight she fought before, not quite as powerful as the giant or the… whatever the other demon was.

Pretty much every lesser demonic aura was gone too. The air was saturated with magic, traces of demonic aura were everywhere, and the source of the aura was the particles of ash floating through the air. They were likely the remains of the imps, all killed somehow.

Aside from the greater demon, she could still sense one… maybe two… demonic survivors. Their auras were so faint that they could just as easily be large ash piles too. There was definitely one... A surviving demon lingering near the greater demon. She was certain it wasn't an ash pile. It was much more powerful than an imp, but still incredibly weak compared to the greater demon.

The greater demonic aura suddenly vanished from Lily’s senses.

Lily blinked in surprise. Oh… It looked like somebody killed the last greater demon. Was there another powerful demon here like her? No, she’d feel the aura. Were these humans? Humans were pathetically weak though. How could they kill two greater demons, on opposite sides of the town, in the amount of time as it took her to kill one? Was there an Inquisitor here?

Well whatever. There was still one demonic aura she could sense, the weaker, boring one. It was strange though. Somehow it was able to survive what the imps and the greater demon couldn’t. Perhaps it was good at hiding? It was hiding near the guard barracks where she’d sparred with Tanya. Lily dug herself out of the giant’s chest and started running towards the demonic aura to investigate.

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