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So tiny… So cute!

“Uuh… Miss Demon? I need to pee.”

It was still night, but the sky was starting to brighten, it would be morning soon. Lilizath stopped petting the tiny creature. She grudgingly unwrapped her arms, and let the little girl go. That was enough snuggles for now. She didn’t want a mess on her lap, after all.

There were no more disturbances from random demons during the night. After shivering in terror on Lilizath’s lap for the first hour, the girl finally settled down and fell asleep in the demon’s arms. Her brother found another tree nearby to lie against, and eventually fell asleep too.

The little girl scampered off to some nearby bushes to do her business, and the movement woke her brother. Lilizath stretched out her clawed arms lazily, and yawned.

“I’ve held the girl enough for now. You’re free to go.”

The boy’s eyes went wide, “You’re… you’re actually letting us go?”

“I can’t keep you forever, and there’s no reason to kill you,” Lilizath explained.

“Thanks… I guess,” the boy said. “But why did you attack us in the first place?”

“I didn’t attack your village.”

“But you’re a demon!” The boy exclaimed.


“A demon army comes and raids Roseglen and you want us to believe you weren’t a part of it?”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not,” Lilizath replied with a groan as she stretched her arms. “Where are the rest of you? Dead?”

The boy suddenly looked sad, “Some of us tried to flee the raid but they chased us. I don’t think many of us got away. Mom and Dad, they… they didn’t make it. The ones who stayed behind… I don’t know.”

“You should find some humans to protect you. You need human food, don’t you? You’re amusing so I wouldn’t mind catching an animal for you, but Amelia told me humans get sick if you don’t cook your meat first.”

The boy took a deep breath and gained a look of determination. He muttered to himself, thinking aloud, “You’re right. It’s time for me to be a man. I have a sister to protect. We’re going to survive this, there must be other survivors too. The ones who ran got cut down, but the ones who hid might be okay. They would probably try to return to the village once the demons are gone.”

Lilizath had no idea why the boy’s gender had anything to do with having the will to survive, but she decided she didn’t want to say anything that could spoil the pathetic little creature’s newfound motivation.

The boy went off and claimed one of the obsidian demon spears, and when he returned, the girl had emerged from the bushes. The brother hugged his sister, and the two talked quietly. Whispering so that Lilizath couldn’t hear them. She could, of course. She had good ears.

They were talking about whether she was going to follow them and kill them, whether the brother could protect them from her if he had a weapon. The answers were no, and no, but Lilizath thought they would get scared if she said anything now. When their conversation was over, they both nervously looked at the demon.

“Uhh… Bye Miss Demon…” the boy said, waving at her awkwardly.

Holding his sister’s hand, the boy doubled back on the path they ran from and disappeared into the woods. Lilizath yawned again and got to her feet. She waited until they were well out of sight, and then slowly walked after the human-spawn, following at a distance. It was easy to track them, she still had the little girl’s scent, and their clumsy footsteps were easy to hear.

She was curious… curious about these humans, and curious about the demons that attacked them. She decided she’d follow them for a while. She might even protect them for a bit if she felt inclined. They were kind of cute, after all. It would be a shame if they were torn apart.

Also, she realized she’d been too preoccupied with the little girl. She hadn’t had the chance to hold the boy yet. He was a little bigger than his sister, but still smaller than Amelia, tiny compared to an adult man. If the girl was fully cute, then he was medium-cute, still worth claiming for snuggle time at least once.



The village wasn’t far away. Lilizath didn’t have to travel very far before she felt the magical auras. Calling it a demon army was a bit of an exaggeration, but it was still probably the largest horde of demons she’d ever felt in one place before.

At a distance, it was hard to separate the auras and distinguish between them. As she walked, she focused on the auras in the distance and tried to make sense of the signals she was picking up. She wasn’t completely certain, but there were probably ten or eleven weak auras, all of which were about the same strength as the two lesser demons she squashed.

There was also one more demonic aura that lit up her senses with its power. Comparing this to the other demons was like comparing a bonfire to a candlestick. Eleven weaklings were no trouble at all, even if they scratched her, her regeneration would heal the damage nearly instantly. But this single strong aura made Lilizath genuinely nervous. It was much stronger than the succubus.

That was a bit concerning. Another concerning fact was that the mini-humans were walking towards the demon horde. Lilizath picked up her pace slightly, quickly closing the distance between them. The stupid things were probably going to get themselves killed.

The demon girl was pleased to discover that the humans were slightly less stupid than she expected. The village was built into a clearing in the forest, and the two human-spawn remained hidden from sight in the bushes on the forest’s edge. They weren’t smart enough to be alert to movement behind them though. Lilizath crept up undetected and placed a clawed hand over their mouths, muffling two startled screams of terror.

“Shut up, stupids,” Lilizath grumbled. “You’d be dead already if I wanted it that way.”

The two human-spawn glanced back at the demon girl. The muffled screams stopped, and Lilizath let go. The little girl collapsed, having fainted again. Lilizath let the useless little cute thing fall onto a soft looking patch of grass. She focused her attention on the human that actually had a brain.

The demon girl pointed a claw at the village, “Twelve demons in there. One is very strong. I can feel them.”

“Y-you followed us?” the still-shocked boy said in a whisper.


“Why? Wait, the demons are still in the village? What do they want?” the boy asked. Stupid questions, but Lilizath appreciated that the last question was at least somewhat smart.

“Because I wanted to. Yes. Don’t know.” Lilizath replied quickly. The boy took a few seconds to wrap his mind around her answers.

“Is anyone else alive in there?” the boy’s voice shrunk down to a barely audible squeak as he asked.

“I can’t feel humans unless they use magic, but I’m watching.”

Lilizath looked closely. She knew she had better eyes than humans, so it wasn’t surprising the boy couldn’t see anything in the gloom of early dawn.

The boy could probably see the smoke from here at least. The fires were mostly done burning by now, but most of houses had been reduced to their charred frames. It was hard to see everything from just this one vantage point, but there were figures wandering around the ruined village. A bunch of little red demons were scurrying about, peacefully mingling with two human shaped figures dressed in black hooded robes.

A bunch of feet were poking out from behind a charred wall. It was obviously a pile of dead bodies, stacked up like logs. These demons weren’t eating their kills. What a waste of good meat.

Lilizath was about to report that everyone was dead when she saw a new source of movement. Leaving one of the few surviving structures was a human that wasn’t wearing a black robe. It was a younger man, pale and skinny, looking more delicate than most. He had long, shaggy hair. He was being dragged outside by the two robed figures, his arms bound behind him with steel manacles. The human’s face was fearful, but drained of hope, seemingly resigned to his fate. Lilizath assumed it wouldn’t be a pleasant fate.

“Black robe people walking around with the demons. Big pile of dead bodies. I saw one man alive without a robe, he was chained up,” Lilizath reported.

“What did he look like?” the boy asked.

“Pale, skinny, messy hair. He looks sort of weak, like he would be fun to bully sexually.”

The boy gave Lilizath a look of sheer disgust that the demon girl didn’t fully understand, but he seemed to know who she was talking about. After a few seconds of disturbed hesitation, he spoke. “Probably Eric, the bard. One of the villagers.”

Eric eh? Bards sang and played music. Lilizath was curious to hear music, it was too bad this man would be dead soon.

“Can you save him?” The boy asked.

Lilizath shrugged, “Maybe? But why would I? I don’t want to risk my life for a single stupid human.”

“But you’re really strong, Miss Demon,” the boy said. “Don’t you want to show off how strong you are?”

The boy probably thought he was being clever. His attempt at manipulation was laughable, even if it was sort of working… The weaklings were boring fodder, but part of her did want to challenge that powerful demon and assert her dominance by ripping him apart. She wasn’t quite stupid enough to follow that urge though.

Just as Lilizath opened her mouth to mock the boy’s attempt, she felt the auras moving. Four weakling demons, running towards them from the village. She and the boy had been talking for a while, and apparently Lilizath wasn’t the only demon with sharp senses.

Ugh. Annoying.

It was time to make a decision. She could escape the demons easily, but these humans couldn’t. Doing nothing wasn’t an option anymore, battle could no longer be avoided. It was now a choice between surrendering her cute human-spawn pets to another demon while fleeing like a pathetic coward or fighting a glorious battle, covering herself with the blood and guts of her enemies.

Lilizath VekxZ’Kraugh bit her lip, growing wet between the legs in anticipation of the violence to come. Tearing flesh with her claws, screams of agony in her ears, the gush of warm living blood filling her mouth as she bit into a victim’s throat… She suppressed a lewd moan, barely able contain her bloodlust. Her eyes stopped blinking as she watched the distant figures running towards her. Mercilessly slaughtering every demon and black robe in this village was starting to sound irresistibly appealing.

Why not? She was in a Wrathful mood. She’d been holding herself back for too long. She still felt wound up after playing ‘nice demon’ inside the town for so long. Butchering a few animals didn’t even come close to satisfying her. It was time for a true demonic rampage.

There were four demons charging, three of which were the same spear toting demons she’d encountered before. One of them looked to be slightly different. This demon was still bright red, but taller than the others, about the size of a typical adult male. His horns were slightly longer, but still short.

This new type of creature carried no weapon, but his claws were clearly designed for combat. Like his peers, each of his hands had two regular sized clawed fingers and a thumb. But between the two regular fingers was another claw. Really, it was less of a claw, and more of a blade. It was three feet long, and razor edged along the inner side, like a scythe made of bone, embedded into the arm itself.

Lilizath straightened up from her hiding place, trying and failing to hide the lust in her voice as she spoke. “I’m going to kill everything that opposes me. They’ll die screaming while I shred them all to pieces. If you want to live, run away and hide until it’s over.”

The boy was smart enough not to argue. He grabbed his sister and scrambled back into the forest. They’d probably be alright. Or they wouldn’t. Lilizath didn’t care anymore.

It was time to rip and tear.

Lilizath bent down a lifted a rock, about the size of her own head, from the nearby dirt. She planted her feet, wound up, and hurled the rock towards the enemy with every ounce of strength she possessed. Her feet dug into the dirt. The pressure wave released by the thrown rock was strong enough to rustle the leaves of nearby trees.

The rock was almost too fast to see. It seemed to clear the distance to her snarling spear-toting target in an instant. It missed the demon she was aiming for but hit the one behind him. The rock impacted his chest like a meteor, nearly tearing the demon in half. The rock barely slowed down, continuing on until it reached the village. In the distance, one of the charred house husks collapsed in on itself.

Lilizath already had the next rock in her claw. This one was slightly smaller, not that it mattered much. Another wave of pressure brushed against the trees. The demon’s feet sunk in slightly deeper. The rock shot across the field, removing the leg of one of the charging demons before sinking deeply into the loose soil. The demon was inconvenienced, but barely slowed down, abandoning his spear and adopting a three legged gait with his clawed arms instead of running on two legs.

The group was getting closer, and one more rock flew towards them. This time Lilizath’s targets were closer. The rock cleanly decapitated the unique one, the one with the blade arms. The flying rock deflected upwards and flew over the village, off into the distance.

Break the bones!

Tear the flesh!

The two surviving demons screeched out their challenge.

Lilizath roared her own challenge. This was not a sound a mortal throat could produce. This was Father’s roar, the roar of a genuine archfiend demon, deep and resonant, an omen of oncoming doom, a declaration of absolute dominance, loud enough to be heard for miles.

Leaves rustled again as the demon girl flung herself forwards. Exploding into a charge. The two-legged demon’s spear stabbed into her chest, stopping at the bone plate, and Lilizath ignored it. She grabbed the demon around the throat, lifted him off the ground, and smashed his skull into the other demon’s skull. The impact crushed both skulls, covering the demon girl’s legs with brain goo.

Lilizath kept her momentum, rolling forward over her shoulder and climbing back to her feet. She continued her charge, barely even slowing down. The small hole the spear poked in her chest was already gone.

Distant shouts of alarm echoed through the village as Lilizath crossed the field in full sprint. The mortal voices sounded panicked. Clearly the ones controlling these demons weren’t expecting a demon attack.

Rape the m-

The screeching demon began his battlecry, but it was cut short before he could finish. Lilizath crashed through the fire-damaged wall of a nearby house and scooped the demon up before he could raise his useless spear. With one claw buried in his rib cage, and another claw buried in his hip bone, Lilizath tore the creature in half. Demon blood rained on her, staining her white skin black.

“Imps forward, kill the intruder! Slashers back, protect us!” shouted a voice in the distance.

That must be the one in charge. The dimwit just gave away his location. Lilizath didn’t travel directly to him. Instead she changed course to the right, running in a wide loop around the voice’s source, getting into a better position.

When Lilizath peeked out from behind a house, she was able to see her target. Two robed figures were standing in the town square. From this distance, Lilizath could see they were both dark elves, rather than humans. That was good news, she’d be able to find out if elves tasted better than humans. Ever since meeting Patricia, she’d been curious.

There were no spear toting demons there, but the dark elves were guarded by two of those blade-claw demons. Apparently, the spear demons were Imps, and these ones were Slashers.

Off in the corner was another demon. Without a doubt, this was the source of the powerful aura she’d felt. It looked like a man on horseback. The man’s armor was dull black, as if coated in soot. It was covered in vicious spikes, and two massive horns jut out from the sides of his helm. No face was visible under his visor, but two glowing red eyes peered out into the town square. His horse was pure black as well, with similar matte black armor. Just like its master, the horse’s eyes glowed red as well.

Neither the elves, nor the slashers had seen her, but this powerful armored demon was looking directly at her. He made no move to alert his masters though. He casually looked away from her and glanced at his distracted masters. Lilizath smirked, she got the message. He was controlled by magic, but not loyal. They probably told him to wait there, and that’s what he was doing.

The two elves were out in the open, the twilight of dawn made sneaking close a risky maneuver. There was a simpler solution.

Trying to repeat her earlier success, Lilizath picked up two bricks from her hiding place’s ruined foundation. She targeted the less nervous elf first, assuming he was the one in charge. She stepped out into the open and hurled the brick with her full force.

The brick impacted against the back of his head, crushing the skull and kicking up a spray of bloody brain matter and smashed brick shards. The extremely dead elf fell forwards.

Lilizath was already winding up to throw the second brick, but before she could, the two slasher demons suddenly turned on the remaining elf. A whirl of blades, two from each demon, tore the robed elf to shreds before he could react.

As soon as the elf was dead, the two slashers turned on each other without hesitation. Their bladed arms shredded skin and muscle. After a few seconds of bloody combat, watched by a surprised Lilizath, and an indifferent armored demon, the surviving slasher turned to the armored one.

Murderfuck! The idiotic creature screeched, before limping towards the armored demon on an injured leg, blade arms at the ready.

The armored demon drew a long bastard sword from a sheath on the horse’s saddle. With a lazy chop, as if swatting a fly, he removed the slasher demon’s head.

Lilizath and the armored demon were alone now. Seeing no further reason to hide, the demoness walked out into the open. The armored demon moved closer to greet her.

This was the only true opponent here, everything else was fodder. Now that she was closer, she noticed just how huge this monster was. He was at least eight feet tall, and powerfully built. His horse was just as huge as he was. The knight’s bastard sword was the same sort of blackened steel as his armor. It was as long as a human sized greatsword but at least twice as thick. Despite the blade’s mass, the knight easily held it in one hand.

The hell knight lazily trotted his horse towards the demon girl. He stopped once he was ten feet away and pointed his blade towards the demoness.

I am Thossilek, Hell Knight of Aragnok. I am a Greater Demon of Wrath. Who are you to challenge me? Name yourself.” The hell knight’s voice was deep and metallic, like a human voice speaking through a metal tube.

Lilizath was surprised this creature bothered to introduce himself. She didn’t really care what his name was. It’s not like it would matter once he was dead. Lilizath was worried about having to stop a charging horse, but the idiot threw away that advantage by coming so close. Obviously, wrath demons weren’t the smartest.

Instead of replying, Lilizath did the smart thing, and charged towards her opponent before he was finished posturing.

Lilizath didn’t know much about mounted combat or fighting against a man on horseback. That was why she decided to solve the issue before it became a problem. The demoness charged towards the mounted knight from an awkward angle, using the horse itself as cover. The hell knight couldn’t strike at her without taking his own horse’s head off, so he awkwardly tried to maneuver his flat-footed horse out of the way. The surprise attack gave Lilizath more than enough time to reach her target.

The demonic horse shrieked as Lilizath’s claws sunk into its eyes from either side through the armored barding’s eye holes. The horse’s throat and neck were armored, so Lilizath quickly pulled her claws out, and stuffed one hand into the shrieking horse’s unarmored mouth.

It turned out that this was a bad idea.

The demon horse wasn’t the sort of horse that ate grass. It didn’t have flat teeth, but sharp carnivorous teeth instead. Once Lilizath reached down the horse’s throat, the horse clamped down on her arm halfway between her elbow and shoulder. Its demonically hardened teeth sunk deeply into her flesh, reaching all the way to her bone. Lilizath gritted her teeth from the pain.

Frustrated and perhaps surprised that it couldn’t chew through nearly-indestructible archfiend bone, the horse thrashed its head around, pulling the demon girl off her feet. It hurt. Lilizath let out a scream that twisted into a vicious growl of rage. As the demon girl tried to stab into the horse’s eye holes again with her free hand, the demon horse’s teeth tore at her arm’s flesh, tearing open her wounds.

Seeing that his opponent was trapped by his horse, the knight laughed and casually lined up his sword for a decisive strike. Sensing its master’s intensions, the horse stopped thrashing, keeping Lilizath still instead.

The sword came down in a brutal overhead chop. Lilizath, still tethered by her trapped arm, flung herself towards the knight, and kicked up her lower body to meet the sword arm. The knight’s armored elbow struck Lilizath’s body before the blade did, taking the energy out of the swing. The blade cut deep into the demoness’ neck and shoulder, but not deeply enough to cause any difficult to heal damage. Lilizath was stunned by the pain. Having her throat slit and her arm cut apart hurt, it would normally feel agonizing. But right now, that pain was comparatively mild…

Right… in… the squishy bits.

The knight’s elbow made contact right between Lilizath’s legs. Female squishy bits were built to take a pounding, but not to this extent. A full force strike with an armored elbow, and with a greater demon’s strength behind it… Right in the pussy. Oww!

Tapping into her willpower reserves, she worked through the pain and wrapped her legs around the knight’s arm. If the knight had a visible face, he would have probably looked confused. Lilizath was hanging off his arm by her legs, upside down, while the horse still had one of her arms inside its mouth.

Seeing a chance to tear her arm off, the knight pulled Lilizath’s body away from the horse’s jaws while the horse tugged in the opposite direction. The demoness took this opportunity to gather up a large clawful of tender, unprotected flesh from inside the horse’s throat.

Lilizath’s reinforced arm joint was stronger than the horse’s bite strength. Instead of severing her arm, the knight’s efforts slid her arm out of the horse’s grip with a cascade of demon blood. The pain was overwhelming. Lilizath screamed, losing strength in her legs. She was flung away from the knight like a ragdoll and she rolled to a stop several feet away.

This… this was much worse than being hit in the pussy. Lilizath was stunned by the pain. Her arm was shredded, nearly all of her skin had been left behind, still trapped in the horse’s teeth. The horse’s sharp fangs tore vicious grooves in Lilizath’s arm muscle, as deep as her bone. The damage wasn’t as bad as the succubus’ disintegration magic, but it was far more painful. She hadn’t lost her arm, but she’d been close.

Not all of the demon blood was her own though. Inside her tightly clenched fist, was a long trail of rather important looking horse guts, torn free with the hell knight’s help. Instead of pink, like human guts, these were as black as demon blood. Lilizath slowly dragged herself to her feet, wobbling slightly, and unclenched her fist, letting the horse offal fall against the cobblestone town square with a splat.

She caught her breath, and felt the pain die away into tingles while her regeneration worked hard to repair her neck, arm, and somewhat bruised squishy bits.

On the other side of the square stood the knight, still astride his horse. It was amazing that the creature was still standing. Hadn’t she done enough to kill it? The knight coolly turned the horse to face her, getting ready to charge.

To the demoness’ relief, instead of charging, the horse’s knees started to wobble. And then it threw up a torrent of black blood that splashed against the cobblestone. Lilizath watched the horse collapse down onto its side, no longer moving. The knight disentangled himself from his downed mount, and stood in place for the second, looking down at his dead beast.

He turned to Lilizath, giving her a chilling glare with his glowing red eyes, and began walking towards her, sword at the ready. He walked at a slow steady place, giving himself time to savor the wounded demon girl’s fear, knowing that in her weakened state, her death was inevitable.

It was an intimidating sight, the demoness had to admit. Lucky for her, thanks to his overly dramatic scary walk, he was taking his time to reach her. Every second he wasted, the demoness’ wounds regenerated. This hell knight probably didn’t know she had that ability. Drenched in blood as she was, it wasn’t obvious from a distance that her wounds were closing.

The knight suddenly burst into a run, roaring out a wordless battlecry, raising his bastard sword in both hands. He probably noticed she didn’t look scared. It seemed Lilizath’s break time was up. Her throat was fixed, but her arm was still missing skin, and a lot of muscle. She’d have to make do.

Lilizath flashed back to her sparing matches with Tanya. Both the sexy one and the knight wielded two handed swords and their techniques looked surprisingly similar. The demoness walked forward cautiously, focused on her target. Her blood simmered, she was desperate to return her pain to the knight, but she knew that fully indulging in her wrath wouldn’t help her win against a competent fighter.

Lilizath efficiently dodged the knight’s slash, letting him miss her by inches. He had an advantage in strength, mass, and reach. Despite his demonic advantages, his attacks were actually slower and less refined than Tanya’s. This brute relied mostly on his size and strength to defeat his enemies.

After the next, easily dodged, swing. The demon girl spotted an opening to counterattack. She ducked behind his sword arm, reached down, and grabbed a clawful of flesh. She tore a chunk of demon flesh free from the unarmored back of the knight’s knee joint as she ducked behind him.

The knight growled in frustration, spinning around to face his target. He put less weight on his injured leg on the next swing. Lilizath dodged by and struck it again. This time, she delivered a fierce kick to the knee joint from the side. His powerful knee joint didn’t break, but it still twisted inwards, effectively knocking the leg out from under him.

The massive knight teetered backwards. Lilizath helped him down by grabbing hold of one of the knight’s armor spikes and pulling him to the ground. The knight landed flat on his back with a heavy crash. Lilizath didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation. Her claws reached into his visor’s eye slits and sunk into his eyes.

The knight growled with pain and rage, grabbed hold of the demon girl, and flung her away. Lilizath let him but kept a firm grip on the knight’s helmet as he did so. She landed a few feet away, and quickly scrambled to her feet. Barely holding back her sadistic glee, she tossed the demon knight’s helm aside, into a pile of rubble that was once a general store.

The blinded knight shakily started to climb to his feet. Underneath the helmet, he looked similar to the imps and slashers. Red skin, sharp features. He was bigger than the slashers, and his horns were longer, sticking out from the side of his head like a bull. Lilizath was surprised to see they were part of his head, not his helmet.

She moved towards the demon quickly and silently. The knight was halfway to his feet when Lilizath’s knee smashed into his face. The powerful strike knocked him down to his back again, and Lilizath pounced, straddling his chest and tearing into his face with her claws.

The knight quickly became too weak and incoherent to fight back, but he still took a long time to die. By the time the demon girl was done, several minutes later, she’d shredded his entire head apart, leaving only a stump behind.

Cunt… Rip… came a pathetic, weak voice from behind.

Lilizath turned to see a lone imp limping towards her. He was covered in wounds, bleeding profusely and using his spear as a crutch. This was the sole surviving imp, coming to kill his next opponent. Lilizath chuckled playfully, pushed him over, and stomped on his face until he stopped moving.

She took a deep breath and sighed in satisfaction as she looked at the carnage around her. She felt better.

A greater demon, and his horse, almost a dozen lesser demons, and an entire stack of human bodies in the corner to cleanse her palette afterwards. That’s not even mentioning the two elf bodies that looked absolutely tantalizing. This was going to be an amazing feast!

Lilizath ignored the crying humans, tightly bound and huddling together inside one of the nearby houses. She also ignored the other whimpering humans sitting inside some sort of blood-stained magic circle off in the corner town square. They were all doing normal human stuff like begging for mercy, praying for somebody to save them from the horrible monster, and quivering in terror.

Stupid humans.

Lilizath dug right in, trying her first bite of greater demon. Blegh! Disgusting.

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