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Lily paced around the dark bedroom. It was night again and there was nothing to do! Lily tried to sleep but couldn’t. Over the last month, she’d gotten into a routine of hunting at night and sleeping during the day. Try as she might, her body’s natural rhythm told her that it was still time to hunt and explore.

She could creep into everyone’s bedrooms again, but she already did that yesterday. She could visit Patricia and eat more of her fire-treats. That was an option, but Lily would keep that as a backup plan. What she really wanted to do was explore somewhere new. She’d already explored most of the big mansion and the surrounding gardens, and that left…

A devious grin crossed Lily’s face.

It was very late. The streets outside were nearly abandoned. Nearly, that was the important part. There would be interesting sights to see in the darkness, and without Amelia there, she could move quickly and explore freely. It was a risk to wander through the town without Amelia nearby to smooth things over, but it was probably safe at night. Humans had terrible night vision and awful senses overall. She’d be pretty much invisible to their eyes if she stuck to the shadows.

The demon exited her room and crept down the hallway in perfect silence. She shifted her weight slowly, being careful to avoid squeaky floorboards. She was alert for ambushes, but nobody saw her descend the stairs and slip out the front door. The front gate to the estate grounds was closed, but it was fairly easy to just climb over the 10 foot high wrought iron fence.

Lily wandered down a deserted street, lined with large houses on either side. Compared to how it was earlier in the day, the empty street seemed eerily silent. Lily stayed glued to the shadows, watching out for anything interesting, sadly it seemed that everyone around here was asleep.

She closed her eyes and focused on her hearing. The town was silent, but not as silent as the woods had been. Not everyone was asleep. One side of the town was slightly louder. It wasn’t like Lily could hear individual sounds at this distance, but most of the muddled background noise Lily heard came from one direction in particular. Lily chose that direction to explore.

Her wandering led her to a part of town where the streets were dirt rather than cobblestone, and the buildings were smaller. She finally saw people wandering around in the dark, doing interesting things.

One human was selling things to other humans, small vials of strange liquids and powders that smelled pungent even from a distance. Another pair of humans were having a shouting match in the middle of the street while other humans tried their best to ignore them. One human spotted Lily and walked up to her with a knife, but he turned and fled the second he noticed Lily’s horns and claws. She’d been right, this was turning out to be a fun little adventure.

As Lily walked by a dark shadowy alleyway, she felt a strange magical aura and heard a voice coming from the aura’s source. She walked down the alley until she saw a woman and a man standing together in the darkness. Lily crouched down and crept behind an empty discarded barrel, peeking around the side to watch them.

The man had his back pressed against the wall, and a smile on his face. He was dressed normally, in breeches and a tunic, though he was perhaps a little more ragged than most. His clothes looked worn out, in dire need of replacement. The woman was pressing herself against him, stroking his hair, and looking into his eyes. Her clothing seemed extravagant by comparison.

The red haired woman had a short dress made from a vibrant red fabric. It clung tightly to her body, highlighting her curves. Slits in the dress proudly displayed her cleavage and the outside of her thighs. All the other women Lily had seen in town seemed to hide their bodies, but this one clearly wanted to show hers off.

Lily watched the alleyway woman press her lips against the man’s and open her mouth. She was doing something with her tongue, but it wasn’t easy to determine what was happening from the outside. Lily could tell the man was enjoying it though. The woman gently slid her hand downwards and unfastened his belt. Her voice turned deep, and smooth. Lily couldn’t understand every word she was saying, but she mentioned ‘sucking’ for some reason.

The woman hooked her thumbs around the man’s pants, and tugged them downwards, reveling his masculine squishy bits. The woman lowered herself into a squat, so that the man’s bits were right in her face. What a strange behaviour… What was she doing? Why get her face so close? Was she trying to smell him? Lily had to admit she found the scent down there to be more… enthralling than average while she was eating the bandits’ bodies. Perhaps this woman felt the same.

What the woman did next completely surprised Lily. She took the big floppy thing and put it in her mouth. She sucked on it, and to the demon girl’s amazement, the squishy bits gradually became much less squishy. His man-parts grew in size and became firmer. The mushroom-like piece of anatomy stood up, proudly supporting its own weight. The woman moaned in appreciation, but she wasn’t surprised, perhaps this was normal. She continued sucking, sliding her lips along the shaft.

Lily thought that he must have tasted good, because the woman was sucking the man’s shaft like it was the most delicious thing in the world. The man not only seemed to tolerate this strange behaviour, but he seemed to be enjoying it even more than she was.

Eventually, the man groaned and twitched, and an expression of blissful satisfaction appeared on his face. His knees started wobbling like he was no longer able to support himself, but his expression remained happy. He collapsed onto the ground, still smiling, and fell unconscious. He lay in the alley, pants around his ankles, with his softening man parts fully exposed.

The woman licked her lips. She pulled his pants back up, redid his belt, and fished around in his clothes. She straightened up, holding a small purse of coins, jingling them happily. And then she turned to face Lily.

What are you doing?” the woman asked, in perfectly pronounced infernal-tongue.

Lily almost fell over in surprise. She was good at hiding, but apparently not good enough to trick this woman. She had sharper senses than most humans.

Watching,” Lily replied in Infernal.

The woman didn’t cringe. That proved it. Lily felt a strange magical aura here, now she recognized what it was. This was a demon, possibly a succubus like Nixxildraz. Lily stood up and revealed herself to the woman.

What in the Abyss are you?” the woman asked.


That wasn’t what I… Oh fuck it. My name’s Candy.

Strange name.

…says the girl named after a plant.” Candy retorted, “It’s short for Canth’chry, but humans are shit at pronouncing our names properly. So why were you watching me?

I was curious.

Curious about what? Blowjob techniques?

I guess? I’m also curious what a blowjob is.

You’ve never sucked a dick before?

Lily shook her head no.

You must be terrible in bed.

Lily looked at the woman. Her breasts were as large as Danica’s but they seemed to defy gravity, remaining perfectly round with no trace of sag whatsoever. Her lips were thick and inviting, her hips were wide and feminine, and her eyes… they were bright pink. That clearly wasn’t a human color. This was perfect, a fellow demon to answer some of the questions she had. The ones that made Amelia go red in the face and stop talking. This demon had clearly been interacting with humans and seemed to have them pretty much figured out.

You’re a succubus, right?” Lily asked.

Yeah, obviously. There are only two types of lust demon, and I don't look like a writhing mass of tentacles, do I?” Candy, the succubus, snarked.

Good, so you can tell me. What is sex? It seems important to humans. Is dick sucking related to sex?

Candy was astonished, she stood in silence staring blankly at Lily. Finally she shook herself out of it, “Ok, I thought you looked like a succubus, but I was definitely wrong. You’re too pretty for wrath or gluttony, and too tangible for envy. What are you, greed? Pride?

I think I’m part succubus.

Part succubus?” Candy asked, “I think you’re delusional. Demons don’t breed, you can’t be ‘part succubus’, it doesn’t work that way.

Then maybe I’m something else, I don’t know. Pride maybe?” Lily knew she was right, but she wasn’t going to get what she wanted by arguing about something pointless, “Can you teach me about sex?

The succubus glanced over Lily’s body. Her hungry eyes slowly scanned Lily from top to bottom, lingering on her breasts and thighs. “Yeah sure,” the demon said with a smile.

Follow me. A dingy alleyway is a fine place to earn yourself a mouthful of cum, but it’s no place to conduct a proper lesson.

Candy walked, and Lily followed. She didn’t fully trust this succubus, but if things went wrong, she thought she might be able to beat her in a fight. Compared to Father, the aura she gave off was extremely weak. She clearly wasn’t on his level.

They took a long winding route through alleyways and side streets. Candy answered questions as they walked, and Lily was buried in a torrent of priceless information. First, she learned the correct sexual terminology, in both common-tongue, and Infernal. Men had ‘dicks’ or ‘cocks’, and women had ‘pussies’, or ‘cunts’, those were the official correct terms. In terms of actions, the succubus explained the specific sex-things she did with the man.

They ‘made out’ first, which involved licking each other’s tongues, for some reason. She moved on to the ‘blowjob’, which apparently felt really good for the man. It was very important not to bite, unless the man was a masochist, and even then, it was important not to bite too hard.

When Lily asked how to tell if a man was a masochist or not, Candy shrugged and told her that she just used her succubus intuition. Apparently a succubus could know a person's kinks just by looking at them. Lily was pretty sure she didn't have that ability.

There was also a female equivalent to the blowjob called ‘eating pussy’ that most definitely did not involve actually eating a pussy. The same rules for biting and masochism also applied. She also explained that if she liked the man more, she might have proceeded on to ‘fucking’ him, which would involve one of her other two holes, but she apparently wasn’t all that attracted to him, so she just collected his seed quickly with her mouth to get it over with.

Lily learned the anatomy as well. How arousal worked, erogenous zones, what an orgasm was, how cum was delicious, why it was rude to spit it out after a blowjob, how and why dicks got hard, why her pussy got wet when she thought about bullying Tanya, that sort of thing. She also learned the truly horrifying biology behind how human babies were made.

Candy reassured the terrified demon girl that demons didn’t need to worry about giving birth. Succubi, and other female bodied demons couldn’t reproduce, they didn’t even have wombs. Where the vagina ended, there was a sensitive little bumpy ring where the cervix would be, but there was no opening and no uterus on the other side. Apparently, humans also had to deal with hormones, and something called a period, but demons were spared from those horrors as well. Lily was grateful.

The lecture ended when they reached a small little shack in the middle of the dirtier part of town. Lily had been following automatically in trance, her mind completely blown by all the new information she just heard.

So many things made sense now! All of a sudden, those bandits’ actions and Danica’s resistance to them made sense. They wanted to get their dicks wet, and Danica didn’t want to provide that wetness, hence the struggling. Danica did, however, want to moisten Caiden’s dick, which was why she was going on dates and rubbing her boobs against him all the time. Lily was even starting to understand why humans were so insistent about covering their nudity, and why certain types of touches were fine, and others weren’t. It was all to do with sex.

We’re here,” said Candy in a seductive tone. She opened her door and beckoned for Lily to follow her inside.

The inside of the shack was tiny. About half the size of one of the mansion’s bedrooms. There was no upper floor, but there seemed to be a large hollow space underneath. The floor thankfully looked durable, but the walls were thin, made from a single layer of bare wood. Wind blew in from between the cracks. There was a single person bed that smelled like straw. It looked much less comfy than the feather stuffed ones at the mansion. There was a small dining table, currently covered with books and scrolls. Two massive bookshelves covered the wall, and they were completely stuffed with books as well. The succubus stopped in the middle of the room and turned around to face Lily.

Now it’s time for the practical part of the lesson.

The succubus’ dress suddenly dissolved into a cloud of pink smoke that swirled and dispersed through the room. A second later a sweet smell hit Lily’s nostrils, and her squishy bits, no, her pussy, started feeling warm. The very naked succubus walked right up to her.

Lesson one: Kissing.” Candy stepped forwards, gripped Lily’s horns like a handle, and pulled her forwards while leaning in. Hey, that was cheating! Lily went along with it anyway. Their lips locked in a kiss. Lily felt the succubus’ tongue enter her mouth and start playing against hers. The concept of kissing made no sense at all, but she had to admit that it certainly felt good. Lily liked kissing. She would need to train her pet humans to do this.

Candy slowly slid an arm down Lily’s spine, until it rested on her lower back. She suddenly pulled Lily forwards while moving her own leg out to meet the demon girl’s crotch. The succubus’ knee slid under Lily’s skirt, and bare pussy unexpectedly met bare leg. A surprised Lily twitched from the sensation, but her gasp was muffled by the succubus’ mouth.

Yep. Lily was enjoying this tremendously. The demon girl gave in and found herself lost in the kiss while she grinded herself against Candy’s thigh, coating it in a sheen of feminine wetness. She didn’t know how long they made out, but eventually the succubus released her grip on the demon girl and broke the kiss.

Lesson two requires a bed,” the succubus said with a grin. She reached around to grab Lily’ butt and lifted her up off her feet. Or she tried to, at least. Candy’s knees wobbled, her face turned red, and she eventually managed to lift Lily a couple inches off the ground while the house’s floorboards creaked dangerously under her feet. Her charisma deflated, and she put Lily down again before catching her breath, “Unholy shit girl! What are you made of?

Meat?” Lily said with feigned ignorance and a sly smile. She liked seeing the succubus struggle.

When the succubus regained her composure, she snapped her fingers, and pointed at the bed, “Go lie down on your back,” the tone was scolding, but playful.

Lily obeyed, and the succubus followed. She sat down on the bed while Candy kneeled on the floor between her legs. The succubus grabbed Lily’s knees, spread them, and lifted them up, rolling Lily onto her back with her knees in the air. Lily was a bit confused about what was happening until she felt Candy’s tongue brush against her sensitive lower lips. Woah! Lily let out a squeak and reflexively clenched her muscles, nearly crushing the succubus’ head between her thighs. Thankfully Candy wasn’t human, so she was sturdy enough to survive.

The second attempt at pussy eating was better, and it involved no accidental skull crushing. As Candy worked her succubus magic, with her tongue circling and playing against Lily’s clit, Lily felt her arousal building ever higher. So, this was why the alleyway man Candy blew before had a dumb, blissful look on his face. Lily realized that she probably looked the same right now.

This was the best, better than kissing, better than the super hot bath water. Lily gently stroked the top of the succubus’ head and rolled her hips forward, savoring the feeling of the warm tongue sliding along her slit. Lily felt she was getting close to something, could this be that glorious thing the succubus had told her about? An orgasm? This was going to be good. Just a little more… any second now…

The orgasm struck her like a Demonbane weapon. Her muscles tensed and trembled, completely out of her control and her mind was overwhelmed and disoriented by the intense sensations. The only difference was that, instead of incredible overwhelming agony, she felt incredible overwhelming pleasure.

The succubus continued her ministrations, seemingly oblivious to the hypersensitive demon girl twitching and squirming before her. Lily moaned when she felt the succubus slide a finger inside her pussy. She thrust her hips and tried to push the finger deeper. In response, a second finger slid inside her. Amazing! She’d never put anything in there before, certainly not her own dangerously sharp fingers. The feeling of having something inside her was amazing. What would a cock be like?

Candy surprised Lily again when she withdrew the well-lubricated pair of fingers and lined them up with her other hole. Wait… that was- The succubus shoved both fingers inside Lily’s ass without even a trace of mercy. Oh fuck! Lily bit her lip and moaned. The unexpected fingers in her ass hurt, but this was the right kind of pain. The pleasurable pain woke up her battle instincts and made both of her hearts beat faster. The line between pleasure and pain grew fuzzy as Lily slowly got used to the intrusion. Sex. This was why she had a butt apparently. Mystery solved.

You like that, don’t you, bitch,” said the succubus.

She did. Lily’s mind slipped into victim fantasy mode. In the scenario she imagined, she’d been bested in combat, and now her butt was being punished for it. Candy was the cruel sadistic victor, and Lily was the unfortunate defeated victim. Candy was not being gentle, not at all, and Victim-Lily deserved every bit of the rough treatment. Lily had never thought she’d find the idea of being overpowered and abused this exciting. It was almost as fun as winning and being the abuser. With two fingers in her ass and a tongue on her clit, Lily quickly found herself building to another peak.

The second orgasm hit her, even stronger than the first. It was then that she noticed something strange. She felt tired, too tired. Now that she noticed it, she paid attention to the magic, and felt her body’s energy flowing out of her and into the succubus. It was being sucked out of her.

Still feeling the aftershocks of her latest orgasm, Lily stammered, “W-what are you doing? My energy is-

Don’t worry dear, it’s normal, just relax.” the succubus said before returning her mouth to Lily’s clit.

Oh. It was normal, and she should relax. That made sense. Lily closed her eyes and returned her attention to the glorious feeling of the succubus’ tongue and fingers again. It wasn’t as fun this time. Her butt felt some pleasure, but the roughness was just regular pain. She couldn’t get back into her sexy victim fantasy, there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind taking her out of the experience. This was dangerous, something was wrong.

Something’s wrong, I think we should stop.” Lily said.

Nothing’s wrong, everything is fine, just enjoy it,” the succubus replied.

Candy was right. What was she so worried about? Nothing was wrong, she should just stop overthinking things and enjoy it. The succubus withdrew her fingers from Lily’s butt and moved them back to her pussy, focused on giving pure pleasure again. Lily relaxed and enjoyed herself as ordered, grinding her hips into the succubus’ face and fingers. It took a lot longer this time, but after a few minutes of dedicated effort from Candy, she eventually reached another peak.

Once again, her body shook as the pleasure swept over her. This time, the orgasm hurt and not in the good way. As the last of the energy drained out of Lily’s body, the surge of pain overwhelmed and snuffed out the pleasure. Lily felt a burning sensation as her muscles and bones, the parts of her body that had gained density as she ate, started to melt away. She was becoming slightly lighter and slightly weaker. Her body was starving itself, consuming its own mass in a desperate attempt to keep her alive.

There was definitely something wrong. She was sure of it now. This succubus was draining her life away. The energy she worked so hard to collect, all the men she ate the other day, the succubus stole it all and was still trying to steal more. This was an attack. The succubus’ words… this was a spell of some kind. In that case, the solution was simple. She couldn’t let the succubus talk.

Lily clamped her thighs down on the succubus’ head, leaned forwards, and stabbed both claws into the top of her skull. The succubus screamed in outrage, twisted around and slipped out from between Lily’s thighs, pulling the claws out of her head at the same time. Candy stumbled backwards, holding her head.

You bitch!” she screamed.

That would have killed a human, this succubus was tough. Lily climbed to her feet, and spread her claws, ready to fight. The succubus stood calmly.

It’s ok dear, I forgive you, why don’t you go lie down on the bed, and we can continue,” said Candy.

Did Lily make a mistake? She must have. It was lucky that the succubus was willing to forgive her. Lily stepped back and sat down on the bed again. Wait. The voice. Candy used it again. Lily wasn’t able to kill her fast enough. As the succubus seductively walked closer, ready to continue her draining assault, Lily thought up an alternative plan. The words wouldn’t work if Lily couldn’t hear them.

Lily glared at the succubus, and a devious smile crept to her lips. She lifted a single claw to each ear and pointed towards herself. The succubus’s eyes went wide once she realized what Lily was planning. The demon girl shoved her deadly fingertip spikes into her own ears. There was a small spike of pain, and then the world went completely silent.

The succubus’ mouth opened and closed, but Lily no longer felt any desire to get her pussy licked or her holes fingered. Her succubus side had its fun, but it was now time to indulge her Archfiend side. Lily roared soundlessly and charged towards the succubus. Candy burst into a cloud of pink smoke, revealing a demonic looking reflection of the previous redheaded woman. Candy’s true self was nearly identical, maintaing her luscious red hair, but with orange-red skin, short little horns, dark batlike wings, and a spaded tail.

A swirl of crimson mist appeared in Candy’s palm as Lily continued her charge. The succubus reached out and an invisible pulse of magic struck Lily’s chest. Lily felt the impact as the top half of her dress, and most of her chest disintegrated into a cloud of black dust. The pain was severe, but it only served to fuel Lily’s battle lust and fiendish killing instincts.

The pulse of deadly disintegration magic ultimately failed to even slow the miniature Archfiend down. The flesh on Lily’s chest, breasts and all, had been scoured away, leaving behind a polished plate of black Archfiend bone where a normal woman’s ribcage should have been. The bone, and all the vital organs behind it, were completely unharmed by the magic.

Lily’s charge reached the succubus only an instant after she released her spell. Lily’s claws impaled into Candy’s chest, and the unstoppable mass of the charging demon girl knocked her over, flat onto her back. Lily straddled the downed succubus’s hips, pinning her to the ground with her weight alone. She stabbed and raked her claws across the succubus’s body, viciously tearing Candy’s beautiful flesh to ribbons.

There was another swirl of red energy in the succubus’ hand. A second pulse of disintegration magic hit Lily squarely in the face, leaving behind a black, eyeless skull where her face should have been.

Lily was blind and deaf, but she could still feel where the succubus was. She continued stabbing and tearing apart the fleshy body as more bursts of disintegration magic hit her. One struck her right shoulder, causing her right arm to go limp. It remained attached to her, but she was unable to move it without muscles. She continued to claw at the succubus with her remaining arm. Eventually the succubus stopped moving, but Lily continued her attack, worried that it was a trick.

After fifteen minutes of stabbing away at the succubus, Lily stopped. The succubus was completely dead. Lily couldn’t even feel a trace of its former shape under her claws, she was just stabbing into a juicy ball of meat now. Her exhaustion finally caught up with her. She wobbled and fell forwards onto the meat pile.

The battle was hard fought, but there was no post-battle euphoria this time. With most of her skin missing, and most of her nerves destroyed Lily didn’t actually feel much pain, but she still felt drained and miserable. This wasn't a victory, it was a survival.

She was healing slowly, but she felt like she was starving to death. Without a stockpile of stored energy, every bit of flesh and muscle she regenerated took mass away from her bones. She was slowly eating herself to repair herself, undoing weeks of effort hunting in the wilderness. Luckily, she knew where to find some fresh meat to fuel her regeneration.

Lily scooped up a clawful of demon mush and took a bite. Ugh! It was the grossest thing she’d ever eaten, and Lily ate a lot of strange things. Still, she felt the energy pour back into her. The succubus carcass was brimming with magical power, especially after draining all of Lily’s energy. It made a single bite of her flesh worth more than a hundred bites of animal flesh. Lily needed the energy badly. Grimacing, she scooped another clawful of succubus into her mouth.


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