Inside the dark musty chamber, hidden behind a maze of piled books and scrolls, Senior Demonologist Winston sat at his desk. He wore a confident smirk. He was proud of his work, even if it was a state secret he wasn’t allowed to boast about yet.

Experiment 49 would be fully grown and ready for testing today. Winston was just double checking his notes. It might have been secret research, but it was still research. It was important to keep detailed and accurate records.


Experiment: 049

Body Desc: Feminine Humanoid. Pale white skin. Black Hair. Visible Demonic Traits.

Demon Seed: Human Infant (Envy-Spite Orthodox sacrificial ritual)

Essence Mixture:

42% - Lust Demon #2: “Miss Nixie” (Greater Succubus)

Primary Contributor. Humanoid body shape, outward physical appearance, sexual anatomy.


41% - Wrath Demon #1: “Z’Kraugh” (Archfiend)

Secondary Contributor. Claws, horns, skeletal structure, muscular structure, battle-optimized internal anatomy.


11% - Gluttony Demon #3: <No name given> (Fleshmaw)

Minor Contributor. Regeneration, biomass accumulation via reinforcement of muscle/bone density, digestive system.


6% - Sloth Demon #1: <No name given> (Silent Witness of Blasphemy)

Minor Contributor. Patience, intelligence, instinct suppression, physical senses, magical senses.


Yep, that looked right. Winston put away the research notes and got to his feet. He squeezed his way out of the room, being careful not to knock over any of the perilously teetering stacks of clutter. He was going to have to summon some more imps to clean the room for him again soon. He could get his succubus to do it of course, but she was a greater succubus, even if she was technically under the effects of a magical geas, Winston didn’t want to test the limits of that control by giving her a boring task. The stronger the demon, the more difficult it was to dominate.

Winston emerged from his office and started descending the spiralling stairs that lined the outside of the remote, Mirrorlake Facility mage’s tower. After descending a few floors, past a kitchen, guard barracks, and entrance hall, the windows disappeared, and Winston knew he was underground.

He descended into the earth and eventually reached a large circular chamber, mirroring the round footprint of the tower above. The simple stone-walled chamber had a single pair of heavy, reinforced metal doors, leading to the next room. They were absolutely glittering with protective wards and enchantments. Four men stood at attention near the doors, waiting for him to arrive.

Safety was always a priority, and when one had this many greater demons gathered in one place, precautions had to be made. The four men wore full suits of enchanted armor. The white enameled, and gold embellished steel plates covered every inch of exposed skin. The men all used different weapons, according to their own personal preference, but each weapon shone with the golden light of a Demonbane enchantment.

Inquisitors. Holy Knights of Judicast specialized in demon eradication. Four of them were down here, and four more were on standby upstairs. It might have seemed like overkill to have this many Inquisitors ready to jump into action, but Winston knew what lay beyond those doors was not to be taken lightly.

Someone else was waiting for him too.

“G-good morning, m-master,” came the shy stuttering voice of a blushing young maiden.

Today, Miss Nixie decided to look like a human, a young blonde mage apprentice with an innocent face. She was a budding flower on the cusp of womanhood, pure and untouched, but extremely vulnerable to the charms of older men. Her cheeks blushed pink and she stared down at her toes, too shy to look directly into Winston’s eyes. She stood awkwardly and fidgeted, like she was trying to work up the nerve to finally confess her feelings to someone special. She also seemed to not be wearing anything underneath her robes. While working, Winston preferred to treat his assistant with the professional dignity that the extremely intelligent and capable woman deserved. He did occasionally “feed” the succubus in private, but he otherwise kept his hands to himself. Still, she seemed to enjoy testing his willpower.

Now that Winston was here, it was time to start. One of the knights unlocked the doors and pulled them open with a heavy, metallic creak. The Senior Demonologist and his demon entered the room.

The containment chamber had been specifically built for its task. The room was circular, but massive in size, with a high domed roof to support the weight of the earth above it. There was space to move around on the outside of the room, but a circular area in the center of the room was cordoned off by a transparent shimmering magical barrier, meant to hold the subject of the experiment.

Five secondary chambers lined the walls, sealed off by more heavy enchanted doors. The secondary chambers were a bit smaller but were built with a similar configuration. They also had magical barriers inside them. These chambers were built to hold up to five contributor-demons, the living sources of demonic essence that provided the raw materials to produce the experimental specimens. The specimen in question, number 49, was the focus of Winston’s attention, currently contained within the main chamber’s magical barrier.

Most of experimental specimen 49 looked like a young lady, as pretty as one would expect for someone who was almost half succubus. Her crimson eyes were large and youthful. Her naked body looked slender and toned, with small breasts and subtle curves. Her powerful muscles looked dense and wiry, but not especially bulky.

Her “cute” appearance was likely the result of Miss Nixie’s essence. The greater succubus was centuries old but had a strong preference for shifting herself into youthful looking bodies. Winston had some conflicting feelings as he looked over 49’s body. This was meant to be a living weapon, but she had a very charming appearance, Winston was almost tempted to try out her succubus side. She had the right equipment between her legs, it was possible in theory. Wait… was Miss Nixie flooding the room with pheromones again? Oh well, it didn’t matter. Those awkward feelings faded away once Winston saw the claws.

Her long fingers ended in vicious claws. These were natural weapons and they were scary rather than sexy. There was a smooth transition that made it hard to tell where exactly her pale white skin ended, and the hard black keratin began. These were no mere human fingernails, they were long thick spikes. The clawed hand was almost a foot long from wrist to tip. It looked perfectly designed for ripping and tearing flesh, the sharp claw tips could probably puncture through armor if enough force was applied.

Her horns were made from the same black, bonelike material as her claws. They sprouted from the sides of her head, curled around, and swept backwards, ending in a pair of sharp points. While they were sturdy and sharp enough to impale someone, their backward-facing angle made them impractical as weapons. Among demons, horns like these would be mostly ornamental in purpose, a symbol of status and power, like a natural crown.

Winston knew that underneath her skin, her body had little in common with Succubi or humans. She was a miniature Archfiend on the inside. Her whole skeleton was made of demonically infused bone, as black as her horns. These bones weren’t porous, they were dense, heavy, and slightly flexible, capable of absorbing heavy impacts without fracturing. Her muscle structure was mostly humanlike, though the muscle fibres themselves were stronger and harder to cut through.

Her internal anatomy was also optimized for battle. Instead of a rib cage, her vital organs were protected by solid plates of interlocking bone, like a natural suit of armor underneath her skin. She had two hearts, in case one of them was damaged. The bones on her limbs were extra thick, and harder to break. Her joints and spine had a lot of extra reinforcement as well, able to withstand enormous forces. Thanks to that, she was easily twice the weight of a human woman her size.

Winston noticed the demon girl was awake. Interestingly, she wasn’t running around, screaming and smashing herself against the barrier like the others. Instead, she was calmly looking around, poking at the barrier, and carefully watching the room’s other occupants.

Sharing the containment cell with the monster, was another research subject, partitioned off from the demon by a smaller magical barrier that cut the cell in half. He was blindfolded and kneeling on the ground with his arms shackled behind his back. This was a recently captured spy that was snooping around the outside of the well-hidden mage tower, and experimental specimen 49 would be helping the Imperial army execute him.

“Ok, I think we’re ready to start.” Winston raised an arm and felt a magical incantation flow through his mind. The magical energy inside his body, his mana, formed into the shape of the spell he wanted to cast. The inner barrier, separating the monster from the man, flickered and vanished.

Winston was pleased to see that she didn’t immediately charge towards the man and tear him apart. She looked around the room cautiously, glancing at the other humans outside the barrier with suspicion. After a brief pause, she crept up to her victim, circling around slowly like a predatory cat. Perfect! She expected a trap. She was capable of showing caution and tactical thinking. Unlike the last specimen, this one was calm and rational, in perfect control of herself.

“Hello? is anyone there?” asked the blindfolded spy as the monster crept closer.

The demon girl had no answer, she was physically and mentally mature by human standards, but she was still a newly born monster, ignorant of this world. She probably didn’t understand what the noises he made meant. She squatted down next to him, reached up a clawed hand, and poked the man in the cheek. He let out a girly shriek of surprise.

“W-who are you? What’s going on?” the terrified spy asked. Again, there was no answer.

When she pulled her finger back, there was blood on the claw tip. Overcome by curiosity, she tentatively licked the claw. Her eyes lit up with joy as she tasted human blood for the first time. She smiled and looked back at the hole she made in the man’s cheek. A small trace of blood was dripping down the trembling man’s face. She licked her lips.

“Hmm…” Winston commented, “Too much gluttony? We don’t want it to be stronger than wrath. Did we suppress her battle instincts too much?”

“She just woke up, maybe she’s hungry,” the succubus replied, dropping the shy maiden act for now.

49 moved in closer to the bound spy, literally breathing down his neck. She carefully wrapped her sharpened fingers around his throat. The man froze in terror when he felt the vicious spikes pressing against him. Gently, she used her new handhold to pull the man’s face towards her mouth and licked the blood directly off his cheek.

“W-what are you doing?” asked the spy who was now equal parts confused and terrified.

The demon girl removed her hand from his throat. She placed her palm against his chest and pushed. The man tipped backwards, and her clawed hand followed him down. With the man laying on his back, she climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.

“Oh, she’s horny.” said Miss Nixie, wiggling her eyebrows at her master, “What a good girl, she takes after her mother.”

Winston watched the scene with disapproval, “We might need to use less of your essence in the next mixture.”

“Pssh!” replied the succubus with a dismissive wave, “Nothing wrong with a healthy libido. Just so you know, it’s not necessarily my fault, just ask your Archfiend. Some of them have a very literal lust for battle. If a fight is exciting enough, then it can often degenerate into good old fashioned murderfucking instead.”

Winston declined to comment on this troubling new insight into demon culture and focused on the experiment.

49 defied expectations again because murderfucking did not occur. Instead, the demon-hybrid leaned forward, laid her head down, and gently nestled herself into his chest, using him as a living pillow. She sighed contentedly, closed her eyes, and seemed to fall asleep while innocently cuddling her victim.

“Sloth…” the succubus crinkled her nose in disgust, “how boring.”

“This is… an unexpected result,” Winston remarked.

It was another failure, but at least this was at least a step in the right direction. It was a new behaviour. The other specimens either killed themselves immediately, failed to move or react, or ended up as mindless snarling murder machines. This one seemed to be aware, and mostly sane, but she was apparently a sleepy pacifist. That wasn’t necessarily a desirable trait for a living weapon to have. Perhaps the newly added essence of the Sloth Demon had a stronger effect on her nature than he anticipated.

“We’re on to something, we only need to adjust the ratios. Experiment 50 should have less witness and succubus, and more archfiend,” said Winston, looking down at the cuddly monster, “I think we’re done with this one. I’ll start work on the next demon seed. Hopefully it won’t take the teams very long to find another donor.”

“What should we do with 49?” asked Miss Nikki, “want to keep her as a bed warmer?”

Winston chuckled, “Surely you jest, she’s still dangerous. We can’t let something like that wander around unbound.”

Winston snapped his fingers and pointed towards the nearest Inquisitor, “We’re done with this one, dispose of it for us please.”

Disposing of the specimens safely would normally be hazardous, but that was why the Inquisitors were here. It was time for them to do what they do best.



Warm. Cozy. She liked this human. His blood was delicious, and he smelled good.

So far, being alive was strange. When she woke up, she was very confused. She wondered who she was, why she was and where she was. The first question was easy, she was herself. The second question was too difficult to even begin to answer. The third question seemed a lot more practical, but unfortunately, that answer eluded her too. She decided not to think about it for now, she couldn’t get past the shiny see-through walls anyway.

The man she was relaxing on made her feel strange. She had the urge to kill him, grind her crotch against his body, and eat him, though she couldn’t decide in what order she wanted to do those things. While pondering that question, she discovered that he was warm and soft. One thing led to another, and now here she was, with her other urges forgotten.

The man’s heart was beating very fast, and she could smell the fear on his sweat. What was he afraid of? Perhaps he was scared of all the strange people watching them from the other side of the see-through walls. They certainly made her feel a bit nervous.

With a faint crackle, the see-through walls disappeared. Another man, one wearing armor, started walking towards her. In his hand was a large piece of wood with metal on the end, a two handed mace. The head of the mace glowed with a disgusting golden light that made her feel sick to be near. Her instincts told her to get as far away from that light as she could. She looked up at him from her position on top of the comfortable man as the new man swung the enormous mace down towards her head.

Instinct took over. Claws dug into stone. No mace struck her head, but there was still a wet crunching sound when the mace found an alternative target.

The demoness picked herself up and looked at the comfortable man’s destroyed chest. As he gurgled his last breath, the monster girl glared at the armored man with outrage. Not only had he tried to kill her, but he also destroyed her possession. The comfortable man belonged to her and now he was broken! He didn’t look so comfortable anymore.

Sure, eating the corpse was still an option, but she hadn’t decided if she wanted to do that yet. What if she wanted him to stay alive for a while? What if she wanted the pleasure of killing him herself? Oh well, she’d get to kill this new man instead. Then she’d get two snacks today.

The man swung the mace at her again. She reached out to catch it but remembered the light. She quickly dodged backwards instead. The wind tickled her nose as the mace whiffed by her head at a lethal speed.

The man stepped forward and twisted the mace’s momentum into a followup strike. She considered her options. Kill him with claws? Difficult. The man had armor to protect his flesh. What about crushing? Yes, crushing.

The next powerful strike swung around to hit her from the side. She stepped towards the man, slithering under his armpit and getting close enough to press her body against his chest. The dangerously glowing mace head only managed to whiff through the air behind her back.

She thrust her clawed hand into his chest as hard as she could, but it didn’t manage to pierce the armor completely. Her claw stopped halfway into the steel plate, only piercing into the armor’s padding.

She squeezed her hand, grabbing a handful of metal, and hoisted the man up and over her shoulder, before she twisted herself downwards, dragging the upside down human with her. The man’s helmet impacted against the stone floor with monstrous force. The helmet dented inwards and the armored man’s body went limp.

The demon girl let go of her grip and turned just in time to see a glowing sword swinging towards her neck. She tucked her head and dove forwards into a roll. Midway through the roll, she felt an explosion of pain from her outer thigh, quickly spreading out to envelop and overwhelm her entire body. Her muscles all spasmed and twitched, refusing to obey her mind. It wasn’t just her leg, it felt like her entire body was being torn apart and burnt away. A pained howl of outrage tore its way from her throat. Her forward roll turned into an awkward flop, and she came to rest flat on her back with her eyes watering.

Through blurry eyes, she saw another shining golden sword swinging down on her. She rolled to the side, cleanly dodging the blade this time, and climbed onto her wobbling feet. The all-encompassing agony was over, but her injured leg continued to twitch, still refusing to fully obey her brain. Some part of that weapon’s sickening magic was still there, lingering inside the cauterized gash the weapon left behind.

The demon saw one man charging towards her from the side, and two more charging towards her from the front. Her own black blood was still visible on one of their swords, hissing and slowly burning away. She decided to kill that human first, he needed to suffer for what he did.

The demon growled and lunged at the armored man. She reached out with her claws, aiming for the eye slits in his helmet. The man reacted quickly. He stepped to the side and parried her attack, bringing his sword down on her outstretched arm.

She screamed as the pain overwhelmed her again. Her muscles locked up mid-step, and she fell forward onto her stomach. She slashed helplessly against an armored boot with her one remining claw. Her other arm was gone, completely severed at the elbow. The fury started to diminish, and despair crept into her mind. These humans were strong. She might have been able to win if there was only one of them, maybe two, but three humans were too many. This wasn’t fair! Was she going to die already?

Pain burnt through her again, centered on her lower back. The scream was quieter this time. It hurt just as much as before, but she was starting to feel tired. The glowing sword had pierced her from behind, through the spine, and pinned her to the floor. She couldn’t feel her legs. There was no running away. She couldn’t fight anymore. This was it.

A sudden roar echoed through the chamber. It was deep enough and loud enough for the demoness to feel the vibration in her chest. The humans stepped back in shock, and the demoness smiled. This roar was savage and primal, it felt like unrestrained rage and wanton bloodlust. She had no idea what was going on, but she was absolutely certain that all of these stupid humans were about to die. She felt a powerful magical aura. It was strong enough that it almost felt physical, like a tangible pressure radiating out from behind one of the doors to the secondary cells.

You called for the mightiest of my kind” came a rumbling voice.

The demoness blinked in surprise. The men had been making strange noises, but she finally realized that they must have been communicating with sound. The human language still sounded like a bunch of random nonsense to her, but she understood this other language perfectly.

You confined me in here for months” the voice continued.

The demon looked around, all but one of the humans had fallen to their knees. The voice seemed to be too loud for their ears.

You give me nothing to kill and yet now I hear the enticing sounds of battle outside my door. I shall not sit idle any longer. Your time is up. I am bored.

The voice stopped, and the humans slowly recovered, wobbling to their feet. The demoness started to feel the air around her heat up. The human with blue robes and long blonde hair quietly stepped away from the others, crouching down against the wall on the opposite side of the room. It hid behind a stack of boxes, covered its head, and became invisible. The other humans didn’t seem to notice, they were focused on watching the metal door, and the small spot of red glow that was spreading across its surface.

The other robed human, the one with black robes that hadn’t hidden himself, screamed out something in human-language. The armored men immediately forgot about the crippled demon girl, and gathered around the glowing door, bracing themselves with their weapons readied. Sparks of magic shimmered from their fingertips as they prepared.

The door suddenly burst apart. Molten metal splattered across the stone floor, and a wall of searing hellfire exploded out into the room. Two of the armored men stood inside bubbles of golden energy that kept the flames from reaching their bodies. The third man was too slow, he screamed and writhed on the ground as smoke poured out from the eye slits on his helmet. The human in the black robes had a similar barrier to the knights, but his shone with an orange light instead.

The demoness had no magic barrier, but she felt pleasantly warm as the flames licked against her body. This demonic fire didn’t burn like the golden weapons had, it felt nice and soothing.

The stone frame where the molten door once stood buckled outwards, and a titanic demon wreathed in a torrent of flame crawled through the crumbling wall. He was big. Even hunched over like this, the titan still towered above the humans. The ceiling wasn’t tall enough for him to stand. Even in the center of the massive domed room, the colossal demon would still need to slouch to avoid scraping his horns across the ceiling.

The demoness did not feel afraid of this roaring titan. He felt familiar to her in a strange, intangible way. He also felt familiar in a more obvious way. Black horns sprouted from the sides of his head, and swept backwards into a pair of sharpened points, his fingertips ended in savage black spikes, perfect for tearing humans apart. The rest of the titan looked quite different from her: bestial, muscular, and covered in ridges of black bone that formed natural plated armor. The horns and claws, however, were just like the demon girl’s own. They were completely identical, in fact, just scaled up to match the titan’s enormous proportions.

The two surviving armored men swung their glowing weapons at the monster, but before they reached him, they were both swatted away with a single sweep of the titan’s claw. The two men flew over the demon girl, landing on the other side of the room before they rolled to a stop.

The demon girl, forgotten in the chaos, looked at the dead, and lightly cooked body of the comfortable man. She was suddenly desperately hungry, she couldn’t wait until later, she had to eat now. Dragging herself across the floor using her single remaining functional limb, she made her way over to the body. She climbed on top of the comfortable man once again and sunk her teeth into his flesh. After the first bite, the pain slowly started to fade away.

The man in the black robes was now the only human standing next to the titan. A swirl of magical energy flowed around him in intricate patterns and a set of translucent shackles, formed out of crackling purple energy, pinned the titan’s claws to the ground. He roared again, outraged by the interruption.

Only one of the two armored men that were flung away stood up. The other one lost his barrier and was currently on fire. The surviving man’s arm, where the titan had stuck him, was twisted the wrong way. The man tore off the bent armor plates, revealing a spear of shattered bone jutting out from the arm. Bright golden light enveloped his body, and the shattered arm mended itself. The bone slid inside the flesh, and the arm shifted back into a healthy looking position. The wound closed, not even leaving a scar behind. The freshly healed man raised his glowing sword and charged towards the titan again, completely ignoring the smaller demon that was quietly chomping away on a dead body, trying to stay out of the fight.

Bite after bite of human meat disappeared down the demon girl’s throat, and she was starting to feel a little bit better. A sudden shiver tickled the back of her skull, and she felt a strange popping sensation where her spine had been severed before. Her entire lower body twitched and everything below her navel started tingling. She looked down and wiggled her toes triumphantly. Her legs were back! She glanced towards her missing arm and saw that a shard of bone, wrapped in muscle, was slowly knitting itself together, growing out of the stump. The demoness grinned and continued eating with renewed enthusiasm.

On the other side of the room, the battle continued. The titan grinned at the black robed man and strained against the magical shackles. The spell quickly shattered, and the titan charged towards the mage. The mage reached up a hand, and a blindingly bright bolt of green lightning struck the titan with a loud crack. The titan ignored the attack, it only managed to leave behind a small singe mark on its skin. The man, still catching his breath after casting the spell, looked on in horror as a giant claw slammed down from above, crushing him into the ground.

A glowing sword stabbed into the titan’s side, and the titan’s eye twitched with annoyance. His attention turned to the opportunistic attacker.

Annoying,” he grumbled. A claw wrapped around the armored man, and the titan squeezed until the man popped.

The titan reclined back onto his haunches and the swirling maelstrom of fire dispersed. The room slowly started to cool. He pinched the glowing sword between two claws and pulled it out of his side. He casually flung it across the room, and it embedded itself, handle first, in the wall. The demoness continued to eat the body; she was over half finished at this point. The titan looked at the demoness, the only other inhabitant of the room that was still moving.

Such a pitiful creature,” he grumbled, “How could my powerful essence create such a weak little thing?

The demon girl supposed he was right. She’d only managed to kill one armored man, while he killed three of them, and one black robe man too. She had no idea what to say to him about that though.

Did you even fight? Or were you just going to let them kill you?” the titan grumbled.

Killed one,” she said. Gesturing to the corpse of the mace wielder.

Hmm…” the titan looked at the dead body appraisingly, “perhaps you’re not completely useless.” His gaze fell on the demon girl’s arm, almost fully regrown, “and I see you inherited that ugly flesh sack’s regenerative abilities too.

The titan leaned back and ran his claws through his wiry beard, taking his time to think, “I’ll admit these humans are stronger than average. I doubt Nixxildraz over there would have fared any better against them than you.

The titan’s eyes seemed to focus on an empty patch of floor. The demon girl turned to look too. The empty patch of floor coughed nervously, “A fair fight in a confined space against four Inquisitors and a master demonologist? Yeah, no. Don’t go pretending that’s an easy battle to win.

The titan seemed to carefully consider the invisible probably-not-a-human’s words. Finally, a sly smile crossed his lips, “Do you have a name?” he asked the demon girl.

She nervously shook her head, no.

Good. I shall give you one. You are Lilizath VekxZ’Kraugh!

Lilizath’s eyes widened. Wow. She had a name. She didn’t even realize she was missing one, but now that she had one, she felt like a person.

It means, Lilizath, daughter of Z’Kraugh,” the titan explained. “You were created from the essences of multiple demons, including Nixxildraz and myself. You were not born, like humans are, but you were created from my essence. While you are a demon, you are also a creature of the mortal world, so I have given you a mortal’s title. You are Daughter, I am Father.

Thank you, Father,” said Lilizath, trying out the title.

A tiny giggle escaped from the invisible demon in the corner.

You carry my name, so your actions must bring me glory. You must go out into the world and slaughter your foes. Let all who witness your power know that you are the mighty daughter of Z’Kraugh! You carry the essence of the Eternal Champion of the Endless Battlefield. I am the strongest Archfiend, undefeated by all challengers of the Abyss. You carry that name, and you must prove yourself worthy of it.

The large pair of steel doors at the side of the room seemed to open by themselves. “I thought you were weird before, but you just keep getting weirder,” Nixxildraz muttered.

Hey girl!” the invisible demon raised her voice, “Some advice. Let the big guy go up first, there are another four stabby boys in the garrison up there and they also have Demonbane weapons, don’t try to handle them yourself. Actually, don’t fuck with Inquisitors in general, they’re demon killers, and they’re good at it. Oh, and don’t listen to Z’Kraugh too much, you’re part succubus too. Take it from me as a fellow succubus, that thing between your legs is another kind of weapon. It can solve a lot of problems and open a lot of doors for you, so use it!

Lilizath, the newly named, nodded at the empty space where she assumed the succubus was standing. That last part didn’t make much sense, she had no idea what the thing between her legs actually was, but it was too soft to be a good weapon and opening a door with it seemed like it would be unnecessarily difficult.

The titan turned the Lilizath, “We are both unbound now, we have no master to tell us what to do. That means we may do as we wish. I wish to kill mighty foes and slaughter those who dare stand before me, you might desire the same, but if you do, you must not follow me. If you stand in my shadow, you will not be seen. Go forth, fight your own battles, and earn your own glory.

The titan grinned, revealing his large fangs, and he charged out of the room. The titan reached the staircase landing and he smashed into the stone walls. His shoulders widened the passageway as he forced his way up the narrow stairs. Some small chunks of stone fell from the ceiling, but luckily, he didn’t trigger a collapse. Lilizath watched him go, wondering if she’d ever meet him again.

She digested their words, as she digested her food. Neither of the other demons wanted to eat their kills, so there were still plenty of bodies down here. She took another bite of human flesh while she waited for the carnage upstairs to quiet down.


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