Zi Ming and his sister continued to bicker all the way back. The village where they lived was about ten li from where the wild boar was slaughtered.

The village of Zi was a clan of hunters possessing not far from a hundred houses and a population of at least four hundred inhabitants.

Relatively compared to the entire Golden Forests country, it could be considered a speck of dust. Golden Forests Country was but a small corner of the world in which they lived.

This world was called Platinia. According to the legend, Platinia itself was a planet in a galaxy called Helios.

Platinia was said to be a planet sheltering three different continents. The exploration of each of these could only be carried out in the presence of an immortal who was able to use the laws of space or another having reached a level of cultivation allowing him to fly at dizzying speeds.

The width of this planet alone would be more than five hundred thousand li.

The sea would recover less than forty percent of the planet, to say the extent of the surface of each of the continents. The land where Zi Ming and his sister live is called the Mystic Sunset Continent.

Eighty percent of the population has black or brown hair, as well as blue eyes. Zi Ming and his sister had these two particularities in common; jet black hair and light blue eyes.

These particular details of the Mystic Sunset Continent people were unknown to the twins and people who never left the mountains. Most of the inhabitants little left or never went outside. The rhythm of life consisted mainly of hunting and sale or purchase of farm products in neighboring towns.

The Mystic Sunset Continent was dominated by the hegemony of three powerful empires. The Jin Empire, the Long Empire, and the Huo Empire.

All three empires alone represented more than a hundred countries.
The Golden Forests Country, at the edge of which the Ravenous Wolf Mountain Range was located, represented only a small particle of the Jin Empire. Each of the three dynasties ruled with a firm hand over their countries. Only the most powerful sects were able to oppose imperial power.

It took only a short time for the twins to locate the village gates. Young children merrily played with domestic dogs and other animals. All the inhabitants knew each other in this little haven of peace. When they passed, some children came to talk.

Zi Ming was particularly popular among young children. After five minutes of playing and chatting with them, they said goodbye and went inside the village while greeting the guards. One of them was Zi Yurou's best friend; Zi Fei.

Zi Fei had a very distinctive appearance. Her hair was long and purple. She never forgot the faithful saber she loved to wear on the back.

Unlike the twins, she was three years older and could be considered a woman at fifteen. At this age, moreover, the young people of the village were seen as adults. Zi Yurou used to tease her about marriage for this reason.

After several minutes with the young woman, they finally walked back to their house; the one located in the center of the village.

The house was owned by their father, Zi Tao, also known as the clan leader.

Zi Ming pushed the front door before heading to the backyard to throw the boar's heavy body. That night, they feasted when Zi Yurou showed the fifteen-year-old spirit grass. The shock and optimism of their parents were palpable in the air.

Their mother was called Zi Lan. She was their father's distant cousin. Zi Tao's Grandfather and hers were cousins as they had common ancestors. They grew up in the city and came to this mountain in their late years after leaving the main clan.

When Zi Tao's parents died, he inherited the mantle of clan head and married his playmate and childhood crush. Both their parents died during a forest expedition.

People found their corpses days after they left, along what seemed to be bear footprints. Zi Tao's father was at the body refinement stage eight; for him to die without allowing his friends to escape was horrifying.

At the time, the young man forbade anyone to enter that region of the forest anymore. He also made a vow to chase down the unknown beast after he broke through the martial beginner realm.

However, Zi Tao's talent wasn't extraordinary. Just like his father, he was stuck at the body refinement stage 8 peak since years. He was seeing some hope to advance in the next two years before he celebrated his 47th anniversary.

Cultivating with a lack of resources and Life essence in these remote parts was difficult. But compared to living in the cities, life was safer and less subject to drastic changes. Cities were the nests of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Zi Tao was happy with the slow and comfortable lifestyle he led along with his family and clansmen.

"Right, I almost forgot!" Zi Tao suddenly recalled.

"What is it, father?" The twins asked in unison, mouths completely filled with rice and boar meat.

"We're receiving the visit of people from the main clan next winter. Five months from now to be exact." Their father continued.

"What for?" Zi Lan frowned in suspicion as she inquired.

The twins glanced at their mother curiously. They had rarely seen her make such a face. "Were people from the city scary?"

"Haha, don't worry, this is the merit of your sister in law. Qian'er caught the fancy of our eldest young master last time she went to Thousand Rains town." Zi Tao reassured with a hint of pride in his tone.

"Father, you mean?..." Zi Ming didn't feel too well all of a sudden.

Zi Yurou visited her brother with mocking eyes and spoke with an elated tone.

"Has little aunt finally found her special someone?"

"Yes, this is a grand occasion for the whole of our Zi Clan! You two best shape up and train very well in the next few months. I heard young master Haofeng has been looking for fresh blood to join the main branch recently.

With some luck, you two perhaps could make an impressive leap and be the pride of our small village. That is of course if your strength manages to catch his appeal." Their father chuckled as he poured another cup of wine.

"Hm..." Zi Ming's eyes narrowed as he pondered over this news. He glanced at his sister who was jumping for joy in enthusiasm. Seconds later he looked towards the garden and the spear he used earlier during the day.

A note from Yiyun345

Five hundred thousand li represent about forty times the width (diameter) of the Earth. For those of you good with numbers, try and do some calculations for the surface and land area if you need a concept of how big the planet is.


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