Chapter 3 - Field Trip (2)




"Ugh! when are we gonna get there ?"

"We barely walked 20 meters..."

"But it's so hot...."

Akame tripped over a stone as she was walking but was caught by Soro just before hitting the ground. Soro looked at her with a smile on his face.

"Jeez, you're hopeless"

"You're one to talk, mister I can't play rock, paper, scissors"


Soro let go of her hand with an annoyed look on his face, Akame fell onto the ground.

"Aw! HEY!!!"

Soro rolls his eyes and continues walked on ahead with Yugo. Akame eventually finds the strength to get up and runs to catch up to them.

"What the hell! you can't just leave me!"

The class eventually comes to a stop in a mildly grassy area surrounded by trees, although the sun could still be seen clear as day. The teacher cleared her throat as usual and spoke up to the entire class.

"Alright class here we are, the Henka forest, don't go wondering off on your own, make sure you explore in at least groups of two or more"

Most of the class split into separate groups and wondered off in to the forest, however Soro, Akame and Yugo stayed right where they were. Akame stepped forward and turned back to face the two.

"So where should we go first ?"

Soro smiled and scratched his head, he was completely clueless as he had never been to the forest before. Yugo raised his hand to his face and pushed his glasses closer towards his eyes as he spoke.

"Well, I heard some of the other students say there was a large lake here not too far away"

"Alright lets go there then!"

The two started walking ahead while leaving Soro behind, Akame eventually turned around with a confused look on her face.

"Huh, why aren't you coming Soro ?"

"Uhh...isn't it dangerous to go to a big lake in the middle of a forest ?"

Akame smirked.

"Hmm ? Scared are we?"

"What no it's just, something feels off about this place"

"Relax it will be fine, it's not like we are jumping into it or anything right Yugo ?"

Yugo nodded.

"Alright fine i'll come along"


Soro caught up to the two and they continued to walk through the forest. Akame spotted two lizards on a tree. She stopped and pointed at it.

"Hey look it's a couple, they look so cute together"

Soro and Yugo had already gone a couple of feet ahead, completely ignoring her.


Akame ran to catch up to the two.

"Jeez, you guys are no fun"

They eventually reached the giant lake in the forest and wondered around it. Yugo stood still completely in disappointment.

"This is the lake they were talking about ? what a joke"

Akame glared at him angrily.

"HEY! don't insult the lake, it's probably like this because it's spring, i'm positive when it's summer this lake will be sparkling."


Akame turned around only to find Soro sitting down throwing sticks and stones into the lake. She rushed at him with great pace.


She grabbed both of Soro's hands trying to get the sticks and stones out of his hands, Soro resisted.

"Awch!....I should be asking you the same question!"

"Are you trying to ruin the lake or something!?"

"No, i'm just bored is all"

Akame stared at him with a infuriated face. Soro looked at her with a confused face.

"What's with the angry look ? A butterfly bite you or something ?"


She gripped onto his hands even tighter.

"Awch! okay okay, i'm sorry!"

"You better be!"

Akame let go of his hands and walked off. Soro looked at Yugo.

"Jeez, what's her problem ?"

Yugo shrugged. Akame stopped between the two and leaned on a boulder next to her.

"Alright let's go somewhere else, before one of you decides to do something crazy like pee in the lake"

Soro looked at the lake nervously.


The three of them continued to explore the forest for hours on end, finding bizarre insects and animals. The time was now 7:49 PM and the sky was slightly dark. All the students where gathered up ready to head back to school. The blonde teacher who was standing in front of them cleared her throat and pointed to a pathway on her left.

"Alright I hope you all had fun, it's time to head back now, so if everyone could please follow this pathway back to the bus please"

The students started walking down the path guided by the teacher. Soro, Yugo and Akame walked together in a group of three. Akame crossed her arms around her chest.

"Hrr...It's so cold!"

Yugo looked over at her.

"You should of just brought a coat with you"

"How was I supposed to know it would be this cold!"

"Check the forecast dingus"


As they kept walking onward Soro turned around to get one last glimpse of the forest.

["So this was the Henka forest huh ? Not too bad I guess, Kyanpu forest would of still been better though"]

Right before Soro turned around again he caught a glimpse of a blue spark on the sky which appeared to be falling down at a great speed.

["What the hell is that ? It looks like it's headed towards this forest, I should go check it out, maybe it has something to do with those clouds disappearing so quickly earlier"]

Soro started running into the forest, Akame turned around and spotted him.


"I'll be back!"


It was too late for her to run after him, he had already gone passed a couple of trees and was no where to be found due to the darkness in the forest. Soro continued to run to the direction the spark was falling. He jumped over a couple of large stones and tree roots. The spark in the sky started slowing down as it began to reach the surface. Soro looked up at the sky while he was running to try locate where the spark was headed.

["Did it just slow down or something ?"]

Just before Soro was about to look straight he hit his face on a tree and fell back.


Blood started bleeding out of his forehead, he put his hand on it to try cover up the cut.

["Aw man, this hurts so bad!"]

He then got up and started running slightly slower than before as he was feeling mildly dizzy from the shock of hitting his head. He made his way passed a bush and after going through a couple more trees he reached the lake where he was throwing sticks and stones at before. He looked up to the sky and saw the spark heading down directly towards the center of the lake. He put his hand in front of his eyes.

["It's so bright..."]

A couple of meters before reaching the lake the blue spark sped up.

["What this feeling ?"]

The spark crashed down on the center of the lake with great force creating a large shock wave around the area. Soro was launched back from the shock wave and slammed his back onto a tree nearby, he was nearly knocked unconscious, his vision was blurry and his entire body was trembling from the impact.

["So this is where I die...."]

He slowly shut his eyes. A couple of seconds later he heard a voice inside of his head speak to him.

{{"Want a chance ?"}}

["Huh.....what the...."]

{{"Do you want to live to see the future ?"}}

["Who....are you...?"]

{{"If you are going to survive from now, you must become something better, you must become something different"}}






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