Quicksword Bob

by BlueFish

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai

In a world where Marines, Pirates and the Rebel Army clash against each other, one soul was given an extraordinary ability. Which faction would he choose to join? How will it affect the world of One Piece?

Disclaimer - I do not own One Piece nor any of the character in it. This is merely a fan-fiction for my own enjoyment.

I also do not own the image used for the cover.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter One - Enter Bob ago
Chapter Two - Place to stay ago
Chapter Three - Ten Years ago
Chapter Four - Full Potential ago
Chapter Five - Faction ago
Chapter 6 - Blacktown ago
Chapter 7 - I'm no ordinary traveler ago
Chapter 8 - Payday ago
Just call me Bob ago
Chapter 10 - Liberation ago
Chapter 11 - Something Different ago
Chapter 12 - Be Ruthless ago
Chapter 13 - Do you have no shame? ago
Chapter 14 - I'm not asking you ago
Chapter 15 - Speakeasy ago
Chapter 16 - Interruptions ago
Chapter 17 - No way man ago
Chapter 18 - Designing a weapon ago
Chapter 19 - It's a legit business ago
Chapter 20 - Big fish ago
Chapter 21 - Dick and Larry ago
Chapter 22 - Shots fired! ago
Chapter 23 - Judgement ago
Chapter 24 - Captain Oswol ago
Chapter 25 - Greybeard lives! ago
Chapter 26 - Rise up ago
Chapter 27 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 28 - Not too much longer ago
Chapter 29 - Bounty ago
Chapter 30 - I see potential in you ago
Chapter 31 - Drilling them hard ago
Chapter 32 - The Blood Moon Rises ago
Chapter 33 - Island in sight ago
Chapter 34 - Dress for the weather ago
Chapter 35 - Easy money ago
Chapter 36 - Rank Up Quest ago
Chapter 37 - Pink or Blue? ago
Chapter 38 - Calling my name ago
Chapter 39 - Everything Increased ago
Chapter 40 - Ingredient ago
Chapter 41 - I'm listening ago
Chapter 42 - Updates ago
Chapter 43 - Two Days ago
Chapter 44 - Don't forget ago
Chapter 45 - Wait... what? ago
Chapter 46 - Little bit of everything ago
Chapter 47 - Off Script ago
Chapter 48 - Suplex ago
Chapter 49 - Designated Healer ago
Chapter 50 - Unexpected ago
Chapter 51 - Killer grip ago
Chapter 52 - Winters Chill ago
Chapter 53 - Girls. Tons and tons of Girls! ago
Chapter 54 - Cripple Him ago
Chapter 55 - Doesn't want to see you ago
Chapter 56 - Who is Bob? ago
Chapter 57 - Movement ago
Chapter 58 - Helping a civilian ago
Chapter 59 - Heart Pumping ago
Chapter 60 - This is war ago
Chapter 61 - You can have him ago
Chapter 62 -Wishful Thinking ago
Chapter 63 - Not my good side ago
Chapter 64 - Different from original ago
Chapter 65 - Capture him ago
Chapter 66 - One Sword Stroke Bob ago
Chapter 67 - New Villain ago
Chapter 68 - Domination ago
Chapter 69 - Status ago
Chapter 70 - The Tower ago
Chapter 71 - Quicksword Bob ago
Chapter 72 - Thunderclap ago
Chapter 73 - Broadcast ago
Chapter 74 - Inherited Will ago
Chapter 75 - My Turn ago
Chapter 76 - When Ashes fall, Legends Rise ago
Chapter 77 - Born for this ago
Chapter 78 - The world is watching ago
Chapter 79 - Weaknesses ago
Chapter 80 - Legendary ago

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  • Overall Score

Has a lot of potential.

Do not let my 3 1/2 star rating review discourage you from reading this novel. Reading this novel is like a breath of fresh air.

While there are plenty of fanfics and system novels they all seem to follow the same pattern. And while this isnt my favorite system I like how the system itself seems to take a backseet to the premise, unlike alot of other novels where it seems like 75% of each chapter is just system upgrades after system upgrades.

The characters are very likeable and I genuenly enjoy seeing the characters besides the mc getting stronger. Do I need to even mention the upload speed? (3+CHAPTERS A DAY!!!)

With all of the praise I have given this novel its far from perfect. Although it doest have any major flaws that make it unreadable, there are a few things that I atleast feel like need to change. 


1-The lack of training/struggle of the mc. It feels like the MC has had no strubbles to reach the point he has acqired. No obvious training. No struggles for progress. It just feels like the character went from a neet to a veteran instantly. I know this is a system novel and the system plays a big part of it. But I feel like there needs to be some struggle. Slight spoiler below.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 2-Nonsensicle Bounties. The bounties man. Please fix this. They are to high. Most of the bounties are three times higher than they should be atleast!. There is going to be some spoiler for the anime below.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 3-The short term goal. Its nonexistent. Instead he has this long drawn out goal that will take a long to accomplish. He neads something to work toward in the short term. It could be anything. This point isnt a big deal as the other two but its still something to think about. Feel free to avoid this point or all of my points.(Its your novel after all.) But I still feel like it would be nice to have a feeling of progress instead of the feeling that there will be progress in a 100 chapters. It coulb even be something as needing to buy something from the system and trying to get as many points as possible. Speaking of the system.

4-Im not a fan of the system. This is even less of a big deal than my previous point and this is strongly opinion based. But im not a fan of the lol system. I dont like the timed abilities. I dont like the lack of functions it has. I dont like how hollow the system feels. The only plus I can think of is that atleast your not getting item after item and ability after ability in the matter of chapters from the system. It just feels like its lacking alot. The mission tab is severly underused. (I forgot that it even existed until I started writing this review)



I realy enjoy this novle. Im going to keep reading this novel as long as it stays interesting. I enjoy the premise. This novel is definitly worth a read. (If you like onepiece.)

Please dont get discouraged author. Im sorry if I was too harsh. I just would realy like to see you learn and grow as an author. I realy enjoy this novel. So much so that this novel encouraged me to make my first review on this site. I hope this review didnt suck and that it wasnt too nitpicky.

Keep up the great work author. Thanks for the fast upload speed. smile

  • Overall Score

Not the worst but nothing that good about it.



1. League of Legends system if you are into those kinds of things.

2. Didn't join Luffy and is going on a "different path".



1. Almost all the paragraphs start with Bob and almost all sentences have Bob in them. Not only is the name plain as the author said, but it also gets thrown at you non stop.

2. The MC suddenly became super OP out of nothing, but let's attribute that to the system. What annoyed me is how he also become a master of espionage and information gathering. Supposedly he was a Neet in his previous life that didn't even go to school according to the author, but all of sudden he is teaching everyone how to be perfect spies. 

3. The people he "randomly" picked up in East Blue all of sudden can master Haki in a matter of weeks. When it took people years to learn that. 

4. Devil Fruits are everywhere. It's clearly stated in the anime/manga that most people don't even believe in them in East Blue yet there are people worth 100 million berri running around with Devil Fruit powers there. 

5. Not only do the original characters have plain names, but they also have plain descriptions as well or none at all.

6. The actions that the MC take are very questionable. Like changing his appearance but still uses his signature move. Getting Dalton to join his crew alongside with Kureha and all the doctors from Drum islands, leaving the place with no medical practitioners or a leader.

  • Overall Score

All I could say is that this fanfic got me hooked, and read up to chapter 80 and  it was good for a one piece fan fic. I also want to thank the author. Well Well played. For me it was good.