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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Death is often the cause for much sadness and grief. That, however, was not the case for Aperio – she welcomed her death as the only escape from her current life. In comparison to the life of a slave, being sacrificed was inherently preferable. After all, what the afterlife had to offer simply had to be better than her past experiences.

This story will have a few different kinds of chapters that are going to be posted:

[Arc title - Chapter X: Chapter Name] These will follow Aperio directly and tell her story.

[Side Story -  Story POV X: Story Name] These tell stories that either impact the whole world, are a consequence of Aperio’s actions or as a way to introduce a new character/organization/place.

[Lore - Legends X: Legend Name] These will be small in-universe lore posts that are tangentially relevant to the current story (be it main arc or side story). Most will be in the form of an entry in the ‘Book of Legends’.

Please do keep in mind that this story is a training exercise for me and, while I do try my best, mistakes will still be made. Writing in a foreign language is sometimes harder than you think.

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  • Overall Score

 It's pretty good so far, only issue is how the MC almost refuses to ask questions. I hope that changes sometime

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Review for up to chapter 11.

This is an interesting take on the monster/escaped trope. We follow an young elf woman named Aperio as she “wakes up” centuries after a ritual gone wrong devastated the empire she lived in. Aperio was a slave and her journey is one of self discovery as she asks herself what she should do now that she is finally free.


Style: light and pleasant. The story is clear and fluid thanks to it. 


Grammar score: perfect. The story is properly edited and there are no repetitions nor weird sentence structures.


story score: my lowest ranking for the simple reason that we already got one interlude with less than ten chapters published. The rating is tentative since we don’t have enough content yet to make a final judgement.


Character score: Besides Aperio, no character has been developed properly yet but the few we meet have their personality. The main character feels alive and her reactions are always in character considering what she has been through.


Verdict: there may not be much yet but what is there is promising. I would advise keeping Forgotten in the bookmarked list to see where it goes.

  • Overall Score

A solid start to a promising story. It's a little to early to tell what the character of the story will be but the writing is clear and free of grammatical mistakes. There seem to be LitRPG elements and an apparently very powerful main character but it's a little to early to tell to what degree. Pacing seems about right as well with the story just starting to unfold as of writing (Ch 10). Looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Good patient story telling.

I like it! The author is clearly building a world, slowly unveiling it to us readers. Exciting set up, solid mechanics (as far as I can tell) and good writing have me excited to read more!

  • Overall Score

I don't usually write reviewst early, but I've rather enjoyed this story thus far, and someone left a 2 star review which was totally unjustified. My only issue is that it only updates once a week, because I'm greedy and want more. As of Ch. 12, I'm excited to see where this goes.

  • Overall Score

Well Written and Evocative

I love the writing on this one. The main character feels real, and the language is beautiful.


My only criticism is that's it's taking a bit long for the reader to figure out where this is going. And also that there are a few too many passages and chapters where the main character is trying to figure out stuff that the reader either already knows or can guess from the genre.

  • Overall Score
Interesting but by long and incomprehensible built up, turned meh.