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Aperio had been a slave for as long as she could remember. She toiled away in the palace of her masters, her body forced to obey, her mind no longer caring that she did. Her only joy was the small inconveniences an error in her work could bring, the resulting punishment a small price to pay. When the news came she was to be sacrificed in a grand ritual, she welcomed it—for most, death was a cause for grief and mourning, but for Aperio, it was her only way out.

However, during the final stages, something went wrong. Fate intervened, and Aperio found herself in a world she no longer knew, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. No longer a slave to the Empire, she set out to find her place in the world, and enjoy true freedom for the first time in her life.

This story will have a few different kinds of chapters that are going to be posted:

[Arc title - Chapter X: Chapter Name] These will follow Aperio directly and tell her story.

[Interlude -  POV X: Story Name] These tell stories that either impact the whole world, are a consequence of Aperio’s actions or as a way to introduce a new character/organization/place.

[Lore - Legends X: Legend Name] These will be small in-universe lore posts that are tangentially relevant to the current story (be it main arc or side story). Most will be in the form of an entry in the ‘Book of Legends’.

Please do keep in mind that this story is a training exercise for me and, while I do try my best, mistakes will still be made. Writing in a foreign language is sometimes harder than you think.


Synopsis help from Etzoli. You can find her work here.

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Review for up to chapter 11.

This is an interesting take on the monster/escaped trope. We follow an young elf woman named Aperio as she “wakes up” centuries after a ritual gone wrong devastated the empire she lived in. Aperio was a slave and her journey is one of self discovery as she asks herself what she should do now that she is finally free.


Style: light and pleasant. The story is clear and fluid thanks to it. 


Grammar score: perfect. The story is properly edited and there are no repetitions nor weird sentence structures.


story score: my lowest ranking for the simple reason that we already got one interlude with less than ten chapters published. The rating is tentative since we don’t have enough content yet to make a final judgement.


Character score: Besides Aperio, no character has been developed properly yet but the few we meet have their personality. The main character feels alive and her reactions are always in character considering what she has been through.


Verdict: there may not be much yet but what is there is promising. I would advise keeping Forgotten in the bookmarked list to see where it goes.

  • Overall Score

I don't usually write reviewst early, but I've rather enjoyed this story thus far, and someone left a 2 star review which was totally unjustified. My only issue is that it only updates once a week, because I'm greedy and want more. As of Ch. 12, I'm excited to see where this goes.

  • Overall Score

Well Written and Evocative

I love the writing on this one. The main character feels real, and the language is beautiful.


My only criticism is that's it's taking a bit long for the reader to figure out where this is going. And also that there are a few too many passages and chapters where the main character is trying to figure out stuff that the reader either already knows or can guess from the genre.

Sayanel Lyant
  • Overall Score

Very good story that has a lot of potential.

review done as of chapter 13:

This novel doesn't shy away from description or or taking the time to establish things before charging head on into the plot. It avoids what 99% of the novels on this site do, that I can only generalise as bad writing:

-it doesn't use overly convenient plot devices within its Litrpg system such as auto-translation of foreign languages (Which makes me loose my temper every time I see it in a novel and makes me quit reading it. Seriously, guys, if you're not interested in writing about adaptation and overcoming alienation in a foreign environement, then don't put you character in one!)

-it doesn't destroy its pacing, its characterisation, the logicality of its plot, or the estblishement of its setting just to get to the parts the author really wants to write about as fast as possible (which is another thing that gets on my nerves when I read it. if you're not interested in putting in the work and creativity to create a cohesive story, then put wish fulfillement in your tags or something)

That's about it so far. As I said, this review was made only as of chapter 13. I'm looking forward to future chapters.

  • Overall Score

A solid start to a promising story. It's a little to early to tell what the character of the story will be but the writing is clear and free of grammatical mistakes. There seem to be LitRPG elements and an apparently very powerful main character but it's a little to early to tell to what degree. Pacing seems about right as well with the story just starting to unfold as of writing (Ch 10). Looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Good patient story telling.

I like it! The author is clearly building a world, slowly unveiling it to us readers. Exciting set up, solid mechanics (as far as I can tell) and good writing have me excited to read more!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A promising and distinct fantasy story.

This is quite the nice story, im liking what the author is creating here, with just what happened, what exactly is the MC now, and other greater mysteries.

Aperio has been a slave for nearly her entire life, she has not ever known freedom, but when a grand ritual, with her as the sacrifice, goes horribly wrong things change, and she suddenly finds herself in a weird dark place, eventually she gets out, but changed and far more than she once was. She now finds herself in a changed world, no longer a slave, with no idea what to do with her life from there.

Aperio is a well written character, while the story may be still short so far, and so thus her having only known freedom for a short while, i can see her changing a lot later on, currently the experience of the long slavery she lived under is still quite fresh for her, but as time passes, she will change, for the better, to be more a normal person, atleast as much as possible, considering her special circumstances. Aperio at times, makes weird or even bad decisions, but thats rather from a lack of general knowledge, of experience caused by her long slavery.

Im quite liking the way the story is told, slow but steady, with more being shown each new chapter, about the world and how it changed due to the great disaster that came from the ritual.

So far the litrpg aspect of the  story is not exactly promiment, due to the changes with the MC, most likely this will change later on.

The story world is just again, rather a standard fantasy one, with some twists. The author has created quite the extensive world here, with many mysteries in his story, so far not exactly much has been shown, due to the first chapters not being a place for worldbuilding at all, this is already set to slowly change with the more recent chapters, now that she has people to actually talk to.

Great grammar, only found a small amount of typo's in this story, all of which got quickly corrected after being pointed out, maybe at times sentences could be worded better, but thats not a big problem. The grammar is especially good, considering the author is not native in english, normally readers barely have any problems with reading this story.

Nice writing style here, easy to read, with the pacing being great, maybe a bit confusing at times, but thats rather due to the story itself, and thus intentional, especially with the early chapters. Also nicely done worldbuilding so far with no actual infodumps aside from the Lore chapters (there is only one at the time of this review), which are fully infodumps that give the world more detail.

Nicely done Fantasy story overall, with a 'OP' MC and rather great grammar. Readers who like a steady paced story with mystery could actually find themselves to like this story. So thus, give this story a try, it could be worth your  time.


  • Overall Score

I readwhat is written so far in a short amount if time. The story is nice, well written, and full of high fantasy goodness. The pacing is alright so far, but the story is beginning to drag, at this pace the story will have 100k words before Aperio(a very charming name) figures out her place in the world, then what of the next conflict? I will probably have to put this on hold for a year until there are more releases at its current pace, but I like it nonetheless.

  • Overall Score

Possibly fun to read

In short, I stopped reading at chapter 11.


++: Some unique perspective. Finally something new, a character from random dimension 1 into random dimension 2 (or dimension 1 future....who knows...) The trip to discover her own abilities and what she is capable of after her transformation is fun to some extent.


--: Chapter 10, 11 (mainly chapter 11) has a really hard time to make character interact with each other. It feels a bit fake or forced in order for the story to progress in a certain way.

  • Overall Score

I'm enjoying this story so far (chapter 16) and echo the other positive reviews.  My only complaint, which doesn't factor into the score, is the pacing and release schedule.  The chapters are somewhat short for a once per week release, so the story progression feels quite slow if you're caught up to the most recent chapter.  I will probably put the story on hold for several months in order to build up a backlog.