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Aperio had been a slave for as long as she could remember. She toiled away in the palace of her masters, her body forced to obey, her mind no longer caring that she did. Her only joy was the small inconveniences an error in her work could bring, the resulting punishment a small price to pay. When the news came she was to be sacrificed in a grand ritual, she welcomed it—for most, death was a cause for grief and mourning, but for Aperio, it was her only way out.

However, during the final stages, something went wrong. Fate intervened, and Aperio found herself in a world she no longer knew, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. No longer a slave to the Empire, she set out to find her place in the world, and enjoy true freedom for the first time in her life.

Please do keep in mind that this story is a first draft and training exercise for me and, while I do try my best, mistakes will still be made. Writing in a foreign language is sometimes harder than you think.

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Cover art by creadfectus.

This story is also available as an Audiobook by Tome Raider.

Synopsis help from Etzoli. You can find her work here.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Sacrifice - Chapter 1: The Truest Form of Freedom ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 2: Adrift in the Void ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 3: A Memorable Return ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 4: All the Wrong Choices ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 5: Scattered Pieces ago
Interlude - Guides 1: A Village on the Edge of Peril ago
Lore - Legends 1: The Gods and the Dark Age ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 6: Intrepid Adventures ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 7: Winging It ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 8: Friend or Foe? ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 9: Encounter ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 10: Destination and Discovery ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 11: A Matter of [Status] ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 12: Reflection ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 13: Insight ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 14: Questionable Decisions ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 15: Disillusions and Decisions ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 16: Sticks and Stones ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 17: A Treacherous Road ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 18: Underway ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 19: Actualisation ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 20: Aura ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 21: Roadside Revelations ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 22: Rimose ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 23: Fruitful Conversation ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 24: Prelude to Conflict ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 25: Fight for What Is Right ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 26: Blessed Truth ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 27: Onwards, to Ebenlowe ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 28: Into The City ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 29: Meeting of Consequence ago
Sacrifice - Chapter 30: Epiphany ago
Interlude - Maria 1: A Dream Come True ago
Advent - Chapter 31: Foretold ago
Advent - Chapter 32: A Little Bit of Faith ago
Advent - Chapter 33: Of Lies and Prophecies ago
Advent - Chapter 34: Dreadful Affliction ago
Advent - Chapter 35: Miracle Worker ago
Advent - Chapter 36: Pieces of Truth ago
Advent - Chapter 37: Proper Introductions ago
Advent - Chapter 38: Framework ago
Advent - Chapter 39: Mistakes ago
Advent - Chapter 40: Fragile Reality ago
Advent - Chapter 41: Burning Anger ago
Advent - Chapter 42: Harsh Lessons ago
Advent - Chapter 43: Divine Punishment ago
Advent - Chapter 44: Atelophobia ago
Advent - Chapter 45: House Call ago
Advent - Chapter 46: The Dungeon's Entrance ago
Advent - Chapter 47: Beginning the Delve ago
Advent - Chapter 48: New Layer, New Discovery ago
Advent - Chapter 49: Delving Deep ago
Advent - Chapter 50: A Chance Meeting ago
Advent - Chapter 51: The Second Soul ago
Advent - Chapter 52: The Village in the Dungeon ago
Advent - Chapter 53: Continuing the Journey ago
Advent - Chapter 54: The Core ago
Advent - Chapter 55: Principle of Creation ago
Crusade - Chapter 56: Decisions Overseen ago
Crusade - Chapter 57: Law of The First ago
Crusade - Chapter 58: Over the Moon ago
Crusade - Chapter 59: A Most Peculiar Journey ago
Crusade - Chapter 60: One Small Step ago
Crusade - Chapter 61: Judgement Day ago
Crusade - Chapter 62: Unhinged ago
Crusade - Chapter 63: Down the Rabbit Hole ago
Crusade - Chapter 64: Forced Ascension ago
Crusade - Chapter 65: Souls and Solutions ago
Crusade - Chapter 66: Family Talk ago
Crusade - Chapter 67: Piercing Truth ago
Crusade - Chapter 68: The Formless ago
Crusade - Chapter 69: Regret ago
Crusade - Chapter 70: Forging Bonds ago
Crusade - Chapter 71: Off On A Visit ago
Crusade - Chapter 72: An Overdue Visit (and Art) ago
Crusade - Chapter 73: Broken Magic ago
Crusade - Chapter 74: Cruel Reminder ago
Crusade - Chapter 75: A Test of Patience ago
Crusade - Chapter 76: An Anomaly ago
Crusade - Chapter 77: Fragility ago
Crusade - Chapter 78: Unpleasant Choices ago
Crusade - Chapter 79: An Overdue Talk ago
Crusade - Chapter 80: Seeds of Hope ago
Crusade - Chapter 81: A Step into the Open ago
Crusade - Chapter 82: A Decision Made ago
Crusade - Chapter 83: Best Served Cold ago
Crusade - Chapter 84: Turning Point ago
Crusade - Chapter 85: Heart of Creation ago
Crusade - Chapter 86: Home Is Where the Heart Is ago
Crusade - Chapter 87: A Moment of Clarity ago
Crusade - Chapter 88: Life Returns ago
Crusade - Chapter 89: Upsetting the Balance ago
Crusade - Chapter 90: A View Inside ago
Crusade - Chapter 91: Unforeseen Progress ago
Crusade - Chapter 92: Past Dues ago
Crusade - Chapter 93: Audience ago
Crusade - Chapter 94: Memory’s Clutch ago
Crusade - Chapter 95: Opening Up ago
Crusade - Chapter 96: Unseen Ties ago
Crusade - Chapter 97: Overture ago
Crusade - Chapter 98: An Agreeable Agreement ago
Crusade - Chapter 99: Speaking Truth ago
Revelations - Chapter 100: Growing Trust ago
Revelations - Chapter 101: Mortal Foundations ago
Revelations - Chapter 102: First Impressions ago
Revelations - Chapter 103: Social Climate ago
Revelations - Chapter 104: Holding All the Cards ago
Revelations - Chapter 105: Evocation ago
Revelations - Chapter 106: Memento Mori ago
Revelations - Chapter 107: Out of Bounds ago
Revelations - Chapter 108: Embrace ago
Revelations - Chapter 109: A Class Act ago
Revelations - Chapter 110: Puzzling Progress ago
Revelations - Chapter 111: Focused Distraction ago
Revelations - Chapter 112: Matters of the Heart ago
Revelations - Chapter 113: To Foderys ago
Revelations - Chapter 114: Cake and Conversation ago
Revelations - Chapter 115: Beyond Her Ken ago
Revelations - Chapter 116: The Black Pearl ago
Revelations - Chapter 117: Finders, Keepers ago
Revelations - Chapter 118: Reading into Things ago
Revelations - Chapter 119: Reunion ago
Revelations - Chapter 120: Shades of Memory ago
Revelations - Chapter 121: Moria's Memory ago
Revelations - Chapter 122: A New Directive ago
Side Story - Neria 1: Ancestral Call (And a New Cover!) ago
Side Story – Neria 2: Induction ago
Side Story - Neria 3: Newfound Strength ago
Side Story - Neria 4: The Fight At Hand ago
Revelations - Chapter 123: Sua Sponte ago
Revelations - Chapter 124: Pro Hac Vice ago
Side Story - Moric 1: Woes of the Dead ago
Revelations - Chapter 125: Amicus Curiae ago
Revelations - Chapter 126: Ambivalence and Assorted Answers ago
Revelations - Chapter 127: Restrictive Affection ago
Revelations - Chapter 128: The Next Step (And Some Art) ago
Revelations - Chapter 129: The Ties that Bind ago
Revelations - Chapter 130: Hello, God? It's me, Aperio! ago
Revelations - Chapter 131: A World of Problems ago
Revelations - Chapter 132: The Abomination ago
Revelations - Chapter 133: Perplexing Perspective ago
Revelations - Chapter 134: Following the Thread ago
Revelations - Chapter 135: Seeking Thoughts ago
Revelations - Chapter 136: Stubbornness ago
Revelations - Chapter 137: Courtly Confusion ago
Revelations - Chapter 138: Misconceptions ago
Revelations - Chapter 139: New World Report ago
Revelations - Chapter 140: Disturbing Delusions ago
Revelations - Chapter 141: Second Nature ago
Revelations - Chapter 142: Judge, Jury, and Executioner ago
Revelations - Chapter 143: The Day of Darkness ago
Revelations - Chapter 144: Reunification ago
Revelations - Chapter 145: Know Thyself | Book 4 End ago
Side Story - Natio 1: Just a Janitor ago
Side Story - Natio 2: Headache Avoidance ago
Side Story - Vinmaier 1: A Noble Goal ago
Omen - Chapter 146: A New Direction ago
Omen - Chapter 147: The Shadow Grows ago
Omen - Chapter 148: A Change In Procedure ago
Omen - Chapter 149: Precipice ago
Omen - Chapter 150: Classification ago
Omen - Chapter 151: Reckoning ago
Omen - Chapter 152: Lacking Reaction ago
Omen - Chapter 153: Mortal Quandaries ago
Omen - Chapter 154: Coming Change ago
Omen - Chapter 155: Duty of the [Guides] ago
Omen - Chapter 156: Winds of Change ago
Omen - Chapter 157: Mortal Perspective ago
Side Story - Caethya 1: Preparing for a Day Out (And more Art) ago
Side Story - Caethya 2: Save the Date ago
Side Story - Caethya 3: Bonding ago
Omen - Chapter 158: Proper Judgement ago
Omen - Chapter 159: Noblesse Oblige ago
Omen - Chapter 160: Reforging the Bond ago
Omen - Chapter 161: Through the Roof ago
Omen - Chapter 162: Slaughterhouse ago
Omen - Chapter 163: Fall of an Empire ago
Omen - Chapter 164: Stirring the Pot ago
Omen - Chapter 165: New Fires ago
Omen - Chapter 166: Guarding Information ago
Omen - Chapter 167: Detective Aperio ago
Omen - Chapter 168: Sides of a Coin ago
Omen - Chapter 169: Unknown Scheme ago
Omen - Chapter 170: Ancestral Ambition ago
Omen - Chapter 171: Wishing for Ages Past ago
Omen - Chapter 172: Clouded Clarity ago
Omen - Chapter 173: Uncertain Futures ago
Omen - Chapter 174: Reconnecting ago
Omen - Chapter 175: Finding a Way ago
Omen - Chapter 176: The View on Mortals ago
Omen - Chapter 177: The Weight of Choice ago
Omen - Chapter 178: Delayed Ascendance ago
Omen - Chapter 179: Inheritance ago
Omen - Chapter 180: Expanding Horizons ago
Omen - Chapter 181: Discourse ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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The story is slow, and introspective. Unfortunately it's hurt by weak characters. The MC is the only character that's at all fleshed out, while the supporting cast are quiet, passive and with little to no personality to distinguish them.

The story is grand, but there is no tension or risk. There is a mystery hiding behind everything, but by chapter 90+ we're no closer to understanding. I don't think the characters in the story are strong enough to carry such a slow pace, which led me to drop the story.

The world building is shallow, but with several interesting pieces strewn about.


There are only so many times you can have the exact same dialogue while expecting a reader to care about what is being said for the hundredth time. So many outpourings of emotion and "character development" that are just a rehash of conversations they had last chapter. 

I've read like 80 chapters, and all the content in there could probably be said in 40, while increasing the quality of the story by not watering it down. 

The characters seem pretty 2 dimensional honestly. There isn't any time spent making us care about anyone other than Aperio, and she isn't that sympathetic a character in the first place. She has no real struggles that readers can use to bond with her. She has one defining motivation that seems weak at best. Most of the time she isn't even working toward her goals, and is just going on angry rants and rampages, or bemoaning her sad life.

Still, a power fantasy is always a bit enjoyable so it's got 3 stars from me. I'm not going to read any further since the story is just grinding it's wheels at this point.


Circling plot with filler feeling chapters

Reviewed at: Revelations - Chapter 114: Cake and Conversation

The start is interesting in terms of setting and plot. But the story is really slow, often gets stuck in a circle in the same POV, and repeats the same topics over and over; with little to no progress.

On the other hand there is very little conflict/struggle for the characters. Besides some emotional back and forth - especially in the slightly annoying romance arc - nothing builds up much tension.

The characters are a bit... one dimensional, even the MC. Often shown as a little too naive and depended on her hugpillow characters to calm her; so she doesnt go berzerk every minute. 


She is the CREATOR of everything. Eons old and she never ever had any kind of romantical contact - or so it feels- with anyone? She created the bodies of females and males right? She made souls capable of love and emotion but does understand nothing of it?

And at this point, I am reading, she has probably about of 50%+ of her lost memory back.



Fantasy LITRPG With a Completely Unique Protagonist

Reviewed at: Advent - Chapter 41: Burning Anger

In a sea of wish fulfillment reader insert fast food litrpg stories Forgotten is that 5 course meal that you did not know you were missing.

Forgotten has interesting world building, engaging mysteries, and ever-expanding scope, all driven by a unique and complex protagonist who undergoes actual character development.


Forgotten has one main character, Aperio, who is both the protagonist and main point of view character in the story. While you do get a few different PoV chapters they are all used to add additional perspectives of Aperio. It is very hard to talk about her without revealing a major spoiler that happens over the course of the first arc but I will try.

Aperio starts out a slave in a completely over the top evil empire and has had every single horrific thing happen to her that you can think of for a fully mind controlled slave. At the same time, she can maintain her inquisitive personality and basic sense of decency. This is the first hint that something odd is happening as she should have long ago been broken and gone insane from her treatment.

In the second chapter Aperio starts to change in a way that I at first thought was taking us down the path into that clichéd wish fulfillment reader insert fast food that I mentioned at the start. If you also have this reaction I need you to trust me here and keep reading. I promise that what you think is happening is not what is happening.

Aperio is a completely unique protagonist for a litrpg.  In every other litrpg I have read the protagonist starts out weak and over the course of the story you follow along as they make their numbers get bigger. Aperio is not like that. She is not working to make numbers bigger, instead she is working to understand who she it and where she fits into the world. The issues she deals with are not “how do I kill this thing” but more “should I kill this thing?” or even “how can I interact with this person without things devolving into violence?”.

All of this exists for a specific reason that is slowly revealed over first arc as you discover along with Aperio who she is.

World Building

Forotten takes place in a fantasy world where magic is commonplace and there are multiple humanoid races. There is also a divine pantheon who can grant power to Their followers and They take an active role in the world.

The world has a long history with multiple periods of rising, collapsing, and rebuilding. So the bones of old empires remain and color the current world. Much information has been lost with only legends remaining.

There are monsters, dungeons, and adventurers that are part of daily life alongside outposts of civilization.


The plot, at the time of this review, is a single thread which follows Aperio as she discovers the world and learns to come into her own. It is told in real time with no major diversions as the focus remains entirely on Aperio.

There are multiple mysteries that drive the plot, both small and large. These mysteries also span the range from things that are immediate and personal “why can I do this now?” to world spanning and universal “why are things this way?”.  

To go along with the mysteries the plot also expands in scope over time which coincides with what Aperio discovers.


I actually gave Forotten a try because I kept seeing GamingWolf talk in another author’s discord. They were always polite and helpful to others when questions came up and it took a long time before I even realized they were an author. Some other people seem to do nothing but promote their stories which always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. GamingWolf is clearly an asset to the RoyalRoad community and I love that they also have an amazing story to go along with that.


If you would like to read a litrpg story with a protagonist who is different than anything you have ever read before, dealing with issues far beyond what this genre addresses, this is absolutely the story for you. I would also recommend this to people who typically do not enjoy litrpg stories as it is a background element that adds color rather than existing for its own sake.


MC is not evil.  Or, at least, tries not to be.  Easier said than done.

I only read up to chapter 58 so far.  The story is enjoyable, but not what I expected.  If you want to read this, I recommend dumping any expectations before you start.  This is very much a slow burn.

I'm not sure how to rate this one in terms of quality.  In some ways it's generic and bland, in other ways it's unique and insightful.  It's a bit of an oddball that doesn't fit neatly into any given category.  

What I can say is that I didn't encounter anything that made me regret reading this story.  I highly recommend at least reading the first dozen chapters to see if you'll like it.


Review for up to chapter 11.

This is an interesting take on the monster/escaped trope. We follow an young elf woman named Aperio as she “wakes up” centuries after a ritual gone wrong devastated the empire she lived in. Aperio was a slave and her journey is one of self discovery as she asks herself what she should do now that she is finally free.


Style: light and pleasant. The story is clear and fluid thanks to it. 


Grammar score: perfect. The story is properly edited and there are no repetitions nor weird sentence structures.


story score: my lowest ranking for the simple reason that we already got one interlude with less than ten chapters published. The rating is tentative since we don’t have enough content yet to make a final judgement.


Character score: Besides Aperio, no character has been developed properly yet but the few we meet have their personality. The main character feels alive and her reactions are always in character considering what she has been through.


Verdict: there may not be much yet but what is there is promising. I would advise keeping Forgotten in the bookmarked list to see where it goes.


When the only worry is "How can I live safely with all these people so much weaker than myself?" you don't ever have to worry if your protagonist is going to get very interesting.


Honestly, the story isn't that bad... The only problem I had with the story was with the MC. I listed bellow the problem I had with the MC:

Spoiler: Spoiler

other then that, it's overall pretty good, even though i wouldn't recommend it for the reason said earlier.

sorry for any spelling mistake english isn't really my first language...


I Don't Think That's How Power-Scaling Works

Reviewed at: Sacrifice - Chapter 30: Epiphany

It feels like the writer had a general idea for a story, but then exercised no self restraint while writing said story and wrote him/her-self into a corner. I'm not going to spoil what they did, because I do feel like some of the ideas the author used up until this point are worth being introduced to, but I've lost all interest in this story, and have no plans to pick it up again in the future.


Fascinating characters in a fascinating world

Reviewed at: Advent - Chapter 32: A Little Bit of Faith

It's very hard to write overpowered characters unless you understand one simple thing. Characters who could wipe the foor with everyone they meet still need to develop and grow, and that is something this novel nails.

This is not the story of an unkillable person wiping the floor with everyone, there's more than enough of that out there. It's the story of someone trying to find themselves, and it reads like a journey of self-discovery. I cannot wait to see where it goes next.