Ghostified City

by bramcools

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Sci-fi Cyberpunk Low Fantasy Post Apocalyptic Slice of Life Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

‘Ghostified City’ is a post-dystopian sci-fi tale, set in a fading world that might be a future version of ours, running out on outopilot into oblivion. Adaman Yimmand is a simple robofactory operator in The City who's working with robots and machines every day. He doesn’t even realise that he might not have met another actual human being in years. Everything begins when he breaks his routine for once and enters a bar where he meets Evelith. This pesky other person does not let him go after he has had his -rather terrible- beer, because according to her actual humans are much rarer than he’s aware of.

And from then on ‘the genie is out of the bottle and won’t get back in’, to use her words: Adaman meets more people, and gradually he has no choice but to accept that the reality of The City is not what he always thought it was, and to face the darkness of a fading humanity on the brink of self-inflicted extinction.

Is there any hope left for him, and for his species?

I have selected 'sexual content' and 'traumatising content' to be on the safe side, because there is a stripclub-like venue in the background of the story, and an almost-extinct humanity that has institutionalised suicide which might be disturbing to some. Apart from that it's not really a heavy 'adult' story.

('Ghostified City' is my first long story in English as opposed to my native language Dutch, and an earlier version was published on my fiction blog 'Oranderra' until I stopped updating. This is a slightly altered version of the first series.)

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Word Wielder (III)
I Am Taking Off (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 Grey City Streets ago
1.2 Nirvana Ecstasy ago
1.3 Fake Beer and Ancient Music ago
1.4 Meeting an Actual Human at last ago
1.5 Evelith ago
1.6 the Complications of dealing with Real People ago
1.7 Too much for my poor Robobrain ago
1.8 A Disposable Man ago
1.9 You'll stay here tonight! ago
1.10 Dream sequence #1 ago
Extra #1: Historical Notes on The City ago
Extra #2: Character descriptions (version 1.0) ago
2.1 The Morning After ago
2.2 A Real Man is hard to find! ago
2.3 Velia's Mint Tea from Actual Plants ago
2.4 Make money or Die Trying ago
2.5 Beer and Bread is what made Enkidu a Human ago
2.6 One more Boring Day of Useless Work ago
2.7 'My Glasses!' ago
2.8 What are the Plans exactly? ago
2.9 How do Humans say No again (to a mad mission)? ago
2.10 The Temple of Acosmia ago
2.11 The Artificial Monk ago
2.12 The Last Sacraments for a Temple of Death ago
2.13 Next-SystenZ ago
2.14 Anticonception and human extinction ago
2.15 dreams and other worlds ago
2.16 dream Sequence #2 ago
Extra #3: some notes on philosophy and religion in The City ago
3.1 Moving to Nirvana Ecstasy ago
3.2 Another Day in the Life in the Endtimes of your Species ago
3.3 The almost empty Squat ago
3.4 The story of the child ago
3.5 Vitlon means Life ago
3.6 Lonesome George's lonely hearts club band ago
3.7 A Supermarket well past Expiry Date ago

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