In the ward, Mandy is sitting while Young is peeling apples for her aside. It is quiet before Charlie appears at the door of the ward. Young finds that Mandy stops breathing for a second, and sees Charlie standing there when Young turns around.

Since he picked Mandy up, his relationship with Charlie has been worse. They are no longer friends but rivals. But no matter what results of the business war are, he wants to thank Charlie at least in that matter.

Young has never thought that Charlie has arranged an informer in the place where Mandy works, so he guesses that there must be something that happened when Mandy doesn’t work on time.

Young thinks that the behavior is shameless, but he has to admit that if Charlie hadn’t arranged the informer, Mandy would not be alive now.

While he thinks about that, he doesn’t want to be concerned so much with Charlie.

When Charlie appears in the ward, Mandy easily recalls all the things that happened before including what Vivi said: the hands holding her in the deep sea, Charlie’s anxieties and his embrace after the disaster.

All of these let Mandy understand that she can’t pretend to be foolish.

The relationship between Charlie and Mandy must have an end. It is not her style to keep such an ambiguous relationship.

While thinking, Mandy says to Young, “Young, please buy some magazines for me.”

Young knows that Mandy wants to send him away, but he can’t be dissatisfied with that. “Well.” He stands up heavily and goes out.

When Young leaves, Mandy looks at Charlie and says, “Come on.”

Charlie goes to Mandy’s sickbed, keeping silent for a long time, and asks slowly, “Do you feel better?”

“Well, much better.” Mandy smiles at him and says, “Thank you very much that day.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you anyway.”

Charlie doesn’t keep talking about that topic, hesitates for a moment, and finally can’t help asking, “Have... Have you already stayed together with Young?

Mandy is stunned for a moment and then answers, “No.”

Mandy doesn’t want to use Young as a shield, but rather than deceiving Charlie. She doesn’t want to act and let Young suffer more harm for the sake of her.

When Charlie stops frowning, Mandy begins to say, “Before I was pushed into the sea by Vivi, she told me that you have fallen in love with me now. Is that true?”

Mandy asks frankly, and Charlie is shocked and says, “Yes, that is true.”

Charlie’s sincerity surprises Mandy. But she comes to her senses after only a moment. She looks at Charlie and says earnestly, “I’m sorry, but I don’t like you any more. If you combat a outrance with Young for the sake of me, it’s really not necessary.”

Mandy says so seriously that her words make Charlie’s heart trembling.

It takes him a while to control his voice and asks, “Why? You said you would always like me.”

“You know that I said that to you before.” Mandy looks at him and says, “I used to think that you used to be my world, but the condition is different now. Too many things have happened, and my love for you has gone before. I don’t like you any more, Charlie. I really don’t like you.”

When Mandy vows that she will never love Charlie again in her life, her heart is dead. And that child is witness to the poisonous oath, and it is the determination for her to insist on her mind.

Hearing Mandy says so firmly, Charlie involuntarily clenches his fists. He stares at Mandy and says, “If I say that I want you whether you like me or not.”

While hearing that, Mandy is still as calm as water. After a while, she says, “Charlie, you have been selfish for a long time, so it’s my turn to be selfish.”


In an instant, all the resoluteness of Charlie is destroyed completely by that sentence.

He stands up out of a sudden without taking a look at Mandy, but his voice is trembling. “I know, that... That’s all.”

Looking at Charlie who turns around and leaves, Mandy’s heart seems to be bitten by a mosquito. She says softly, “Thank you.”

“Thank you for letting me go. I hope you can let go of yourself at the same time. Life can’t be restarted. You aren’t my world now.” And Mandy knows that tomorrow will be a new life, which only belongs to herself.

(The end)

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