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The police whistle not only makes Vivi come to her senses, but also makes Mandy’s heart sink into the valley bottom. Seeing that there is cold in Vivi’s eyes, Mandy says in a hurry, “No, Vivi, you can’t do that. It’s too late to repent if you do that.”

“Repent? I have never thought that I will repent!” Vivi coldly looks at her. “You should have gone three years ago. If you were dead then, nothing would have happened now.”

The difficulties of the past three years come to her mind. When she is alone in an unfamiliar city, she struggles to survive through the hatred for Mandy. Three years later, when she returns to Haicheng City again and defeats Mandy, she thinks that she is the winner.

But Vivi has never thought that Charlie would fall in love with others in the past three years. What’s more, everything that should have been covered is turned over again. She is expelled from Jiang’s mansion by Charlie. All is gone.

And all things are caused by the woman in front of her!

It is Mandy who has destroyed her life, so Mandy should pay the corresponding price to her.

While she thinks, Vivi’s eyes become colder. She touches Mandy’s back and whispers, “Farewell, Mandy.”

“No, no!” Perceiving Vivi’s intention, Mandy begins to struggle. But the rope tied to her body is just like the shackle, and she can’t get rid of it.

The police whistle is very close, and the four speedboats are no more than ten meters away from them.

Charlie, standing on the speedboat, also realizes Vivi’s intension and shouts hurriedly, “Stop it!”

His voice is very loud. As soon as Mandy looks up, she sees Charlie standing there. But he stands too far away that she can’t see his facial expression. She only feels that he is covered with a thick layer of sadness, like the mist in the morning.

Why... Why does he come here?

While Mandy is thinking, Vivi says in her ear with a light voice, “Mandy, for the sake that you are dying, I’ll tell you something. In fact, Charlie has fallen in love with you.”

“What... What did you say?” Mandy incredibly looks at her.

“It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?” Vivi raises her lips. “You and Charlie are the most stupid people in the world, so you two are doomed to be unable to be together.”

Vivi’s voice keeps ringing in Mandy’s ears. She even forgets that she should struggle at this moment. But she has no enough time to think about it, Vivi suddenly pushes her, and she heavily falls into the sea.

It is not the first time for her to sink into the sea. The high hydraulic pressure crushes her heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys in an instant. But Mandy recalls Charlie’s face, from his childhood until now, and all his appearances sink into her memory.

Does he finally fall in love with her?

But why, why doesn’t she be happy as she imagines.

Mandy only feels that her consciousness begins to drift away, and she slowly closes her eyes. And just before she is about to die, she suddenly feels that there are a pair of hands holding her tightly, and she is dragged up along the way.

Mandy really wants to open her eyes and know who the person is.

But she is too tired. She is too tired to open her heavy eyes.

Charlie jumps down when Mandy falls into the sea, but he can’t still catch up with her. When he finally holds her, she has completely closed her eyes.

He takes her to the speedboat in a hurry and begins to give her first aid without hesitation. However, no matter how many times he does artificial respiration, Mandydoesn’t react at all.

When he sinks into desperation, Mandy finally spites out a large mouthful of sea water from her mouth. Her eyelashes tremble, and then she opens her eyes.

At that moment, Charlie feels that his world is lighted up again.

Involuntarily, he embraces Mandy in his arms, rubs her wet hair with his hands and murmurs, “Fortunately... Fortunately, you’re still alive...”

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