Mandy has never thought thatYoung will pick her up. As he says at that time, he comes back and solves all problems. Mandy is in trance, but her gratitude for him increases gradually.

Young hands the key to the old house of Song’s old mansion back to Mandy, and she finally starts her new life that she wants.

At the same time, Haicheng City, which is peaceful for a long time, raises a a storm again. First, Charlie falls out with Vivi, his new wife. Someone sees the servant throwing out all Vivi’s things at the gate of Jiang’s mansion, and she begs Charlie all day but in vain.

It is rumored that Charlie is fickle in affection, and he has a new lover. In retrospect of Mandy’s experience, the public are convinced of that rumor. But at the same time, no one feels pitiful for Vivi. After all, virtue is always rewarded and evil punished.

Then, Jiang’s company officially launches a war with Ji. For a while the stock market sinks into chaos.

Mandy thinks that she is free for the sake of Young, and easily links her freedom and the business war together. She vaguely understands Young’s love, but she can’t love him in return.

In Mandy’s opinion, Young is really very good, and she is too bad. So, she doesn’t deserve Young. Even if Young has done too much for her, she can’t convince herself to get together with him.

Mandy has a peaceful life after leaving Charlie if what happens outside is ignored. With the help of Young, she works as a clerk in a small company nearby. Although her salary is small, it is enough for her to have the life at least.

But she doesn’t know that there is a surge in such a calm life.

It happens on a very ordinary working day. After she comes out of her house, she is suddenly beaten unconsciously with a stick, and then finds that she is on a speedboat when waking up. Looking at Vivi sitting next to her, she understands everything in a moment.

When Mandy wakes up, Vivi sneers and shouts, “You wake up very fast.”

“Vivi, it’s illegal to do that!” Mandy struggles to get rid of the ropes, but the rope tied to her is still tied.

“It seems that you have already known what I’m going to do.” Vivi stands up and pushes her to the edge of the speedboat. “Three years ago, I wanted to kill you here, but I didn’t succeed. So, three years later, I still want to kill you here.”

“Vivi!” Mandy shouts, “Why do you refuse to realize your error? You can still live a good life if you let me go now. I promise that I will live as if nothing unusual happens!”

“Ho ho, live a good life?” Vivi suddenly sneers and roars, “How can I live a good life? Charlie knows everything! He abandons me!”

“You can live a good life by yourself, believe me.” Mandy restrains her anxiety in her heart, tries to be calm and exhorts, “I thought I couldn’t have a good life without Charlie. But you see, I live very well now.”

“You live very well?” Vivi mutters, and there is a trace of confusion flashes in her eyes.

Mandy says in a hurry, “You can also live very well. That’s true.”

“I can also live very well...”

When Vivi sinks in confusion, the police whistle sounds on the calm sea. Not far away, several speed boats quickly surround them, and Vivi comes to her mind at the same time.

Her confused facial expression quickly disappears. She stares at Mandy and says, “I have almost been cheated by you. I can’t start a new life now, so today I must finish it that I haven’t done in the past.”

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