For three days, Charlie hasn’t appeared in the hospital and doesn’t returned to Jiang’s mansion. After making up his mind, he suddenly has no idea how to face Vivi.

When he is drunk in the bar, Young finds him unexpectedly. Looking at Charlie, who is drunken in front of him, he asks the bartender to bring a bucket of ice water and pours the water all over Charlie without any hesitation.

Cold quickly seeps through his pores and spreads over his limbs. Charlie suddenly comes to his senses and sees Young standing in front of him with an indifferent face as soon as he opens his eyes. His voice is hoarse. “Why are you here?”

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“I’m here to show you something.” Young throws a drum letter on the table in front of Charlie. “Look at it. I believe you will have different feelings.”

Charlie suspiciously takes the envelope. When he opens it, he finds that there are photographs in it. Although some pictures are very blurred, it’s easy to recognize who they are.

Those are the pictures of Vivi and the other man. Their intimacy makes him trembling. He asks incredibly, “Where... Where do you get those pictures?”

“As I tell you, I don’t believe that Mandy will be the kind of person in your mind. So, I spend some time to investigate your wife. She is the most scheming woman as Mandy says.”

Young begins to investigate Vivi after the quarrel with Charlie that day. Fortunately, monitors are everywhere in the world, so he finds a lot of evidence of Vivi’s derailment. At the same time, he also finds her lover who admits that he had an affair with Vivi in the university, but he doesn’t dare to say much regarding Charlie’s power. Although the man refuses to visit Charlie, he provides many intimate photos of Vivi and him.

When seeing Charlie is showing disbelief in a painful way, Young snorts coldly and then says, “The reason I’m here today isn’t to make you feel guilty or anything else. I just want to tell you that Mandy is innocent. I just want to prove her innocence.”

Young’s voice makes Charlie come to his mind. He slowly raises his face and looks at Young. There is no doubt in his voice. He says frankly, “You like Mandy.”

While hearing that, Young doesn’t intend to deny it, and says frankly, “Yes, I have liked her since I was a child.”

“Those years...”

“I don’t want to tell her about it because Mandy likes you before. But the situation is different now. You have hurt her too deeply, so I will never let her stay with you in the future.”

Young’s voice is full of firmness. Charlie’s eyelashes tremble. After a while, Charlie says, “Are you sure you can take her away?”

“I have dealt with the matters of uncle Song, so you can’t threaten her with that.”

While hearing that, Charlie still asks calmly, “So, you want to do things in opposition with me?”

“It’s not important.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will transfer my anger on your company?”

“If you can defeat us, Ji’s company welcomes you.” Young says coldly, and he is not afraid at all. “There is no Mandy in our family, so it’s not so easy for you to overthrow our family.”

Although he has known for a long time that Young is not as simple as he seems, he has never thought that his attitude will be so tough. Suddenly, Charlie laughs, and there is the coldness in his eyes.

“Young, what a good man.”

Young stares at Charlie, and his expression remains tense.

Unknowingly, he hears Charlie’s voice, “Since you say that, let’s see who will get the final success. I hope you won’t lose too much in the future.”

As Charlie’s voice dies down, Young says, “Let’s wait and see.”

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