I don’t want your blood running through its body.

In that case, it’s better to let him leave the world!

Mandy’s sentences push him into hell in an instant. Charlie feels that there are a million insects gnawing his heart. No. There are 10 million insects gnawing his heart. His heart is gnawed to nothing instantly.

Charlie grits his teeth and stares at Mandy in front of him with grief in his tone.

“You... What do you say?”

“I say that It is I who wants to have an abortion, because its father is you, I don’t want...”

Before Mandy finishes saying, a slap from Charlie falls on her cheek. Suddenly, Mandy’s face turns sideways accompanied by the sound.

Charlie watches his hand in the air, and his eyes are filled with astonishment, pain and confusion. He doesn’t know that he would slap Mandy. But when he hears what she says, he slaps her involuntarily.

The pain coming from her cheek makes Mandy come to her senses. She slowly turns her head and looks at Charlie. She says coldly, “That slap should be returned to you. I will never make an apology to you as regards the matter of my child.”

When hearing that, Charlie suddenly comes to his senses. He looks at Mandy, but suddenly there is no other emotion in his heart. He lowers his hands and suddenly says in a calm tone. “You don’t need to make an apology to me, if you do right by your own conscience.”

Mandy suddenly feels powerless as if she punches on cotton. As Charlie says, no matter how she pretends in front of Charlie, she still can’t deceive herself.

She thought she could be strong enough to face the child’s death, but in the end, she finds that she is not as strong as she imagines. She wants to take revenge on Charlie, but she doesn’t know that she eventually makes herself painful.

Suddenly, she loses all her strength.

She lowers her eyes and says weakly, “Charlie, I beg you to let me go.”

Mandy doesn’t want to go on taking revenge any longer. Everything won’t be fine even if she can tread Charlie under her feet and hear his confessions one day.

Her child can’t come back, and Song’s company can’t come back. Everything can’t come back.

It is the first time for so long that Charlie hears that Mandy begs him to let her go in a voice similar to begging for mercy. He thinks that Mandy will have a breakdown when Song’s company is bankrupt and Mandy becomes a prisoner. But she shows indescribable tenacity.

She has never begged him. Instead, she says that she will make him regret.

But now, Mandy suddenly admits being defeated.

If she says that in the past, Charlie may feel excited that he has completely conquered Mandy. But now, he is not only unhappy, but also has a heavy heart.

Charlie tightens his thin lips and says after a while, “Impossible.”

He just makes up his mind. It is impossible for him to let Mandy leave under such circumstances.

Although she knows that her request might be rejected by Charlie, Mandy can’t control the despair in her heart when hearing what he says. Suddenly she raises her head, looks at him with scarlet eyes and shouts crazily: “Charlie! What do you want? I admit that you are the winner, ok? I have nothing now, I just want to leave you, leave such hell! But why don’t you agree? You must drive me crazy?”

Looking at Mandy who seems to be so mad, Charlie can’t answer her questions.

If he says that he loves her, she must think that he is out of his mind.

Charlie smiles bitterly in his heart and says, “Calm down first, and I’ll see you later.”

What happens today really tires him out. Charlie thinks he needs to digest all things well. He must reconsider all things about Mandy, the dead child and him.

When Mandy sees that he leaves without hesitation, she directly reaches out, takes a pillow beside her and throws it at him. But the pillow is too light and falls to the ground before it touches Charlie just like her mood at the moment.

When Charlie completely disappears from the ward, Mandy can’t control her sadness and bursts into tears.

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