The door of the ward is opened. As soon as Mandy raises her head, she sees Charlie coming in angrily. He is covered with cold and gloom, staring at her.

She is shocked. She thinks that he troubles her for the sake of Vivi, and she involuntarily sneers.

Charlie wants to ask why she has an abortion. But when he sees the sneer on her lips, his anger is out of control. However, there is Mandy’s cold voice coming before he says something.

“Does President Jiang come here for the sake of your wife?”

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While hearing that she mentions Vivi, Charlie frowns, but suppresses the anger in his heart and says, “No.”

“No?” Mandy has never thought that he would give such an answer. She is stunned, and the cold in his eyes also fades a lot. “Why do you come here?”

“I want to confirm with you the cause of the child’s death.” Charlie says, looking at her fiercely. “Mandy, I want to know whether it is you who want to have an abortion?”

Suddenly Mandy feels the atmosphere grow tense. She can’t hear other voices, only Charlie’s words constantly echoing in her ears.

He asks her whether it is she who wants to have an abortion. So, he knows everything.

Over the past few days, Mandy doesn’t intentionally conceal that matter from him, but really doesn’t want to mention the child. It’s a hurdle in her life that can never be crossed just like a thorn in her heart.

Now, when Charlie asks about that matter, Mandy only feels the pain in her heart sweeps over again. It is like a huge tsunami, which destroys all the fortresses in her heart in an instant.

She helplessly watches all this, but there is nothing she can do.

Charlie sees that Mandy’s face becomes paler, and she tightly holds the snow-white sheet which becomes wrinkled. Even Charlie can still feel the pain in Mandy’s heart.

Is there any misunderstanding? Maybe... Maybe the child is unhealthy, so Mandy has to have an abortion?

Even Charlie doesn’t know that he makes excuses for Mandy.

He doesn’t know that he will be heartbroken for Mandy one day when he destroys Song’s company and pushes Mandy into hell. However, his heart has always been tingling uncontrollably since he imprisoned her and watched her wandering on the edge of death again and again. He doesn’t want to think about the reason even if the answer is close at hand.

But at this moment, when Charlie looks at Mandy’s painful appearance and recalls all kinds of things in these days, he suddenly doesn’t want to deceive himself any more because the answer has come to his mind automatically.

He is reluctant to break up with Mandy, or he has already fallen in love with Mandy.

He doesn’t want Mandy to leave him. He feels reluctant to let her go and torturing her is not his real purpose.

Unknowingly, Mandy plants a seed in his heart. And as time goes by, the seed has already germinated unconsciously into a towering tree.

He couldn’t ignore the towering tree and Mandy.

While thinking of that, the anger in his heart at this moment has burned to ashes. He wants to say something, but Mandy suddenly raises her head. Hatred and pain coexist in her eyes, but she says as if her voice had come from the abyss of hell,

“Yes, It’s I who want to have an abortion. Because I don’t want to have your child. I don’t want my child to have your blood. That’s the blood of sin. In that case, it’s better to let him leave the world!”

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