From a very young age, Vivi knows that the man’s promises in the world are untrustworthy. So, she doesn’t believe all that Charlie says, which is just like a wind blowing across her ears.

She really wants to push Mandy into the bottomless chasm, rather than worry that Charlie has an affair with Mandy. As for her, Mandy is like a bomb. She doesn’t know when the bomb will suddenly explode, so the best way is to remove her before she explodes.

While thinking of that, she decides to go to the hospital again. She wants to know what happens to Mandy’s child. There must be a reason why the child has gone.

But Vivi has never thought that it is Mandy who wants to give up the child. When she comes out of the doctor’s office, Vivi is very confused as if her head were filled with a ball of wool. But when she finds the thread residue, everything gradually becomes understandable. She laughs wildly because of the evidence that she grasps easily.

Charlie doesn’t know that he receives the unknown sender’s message again. This time, there are no pictures, only a short sentence.

“I hear that Ms. Song has an abortion. I wonder that whether President of Jiang knows the reason or not.”

Reason? Reasons for Mandy’s abortion?

Charlie is stunned for a moment, then suddenly remembers that he feels pitiful for Mandy these days, but really doesn’t think much about the reason why the child has gone.

But before that, he is also curious about who the unknown sender is. He directly dials the phone, but the call is cut quickly.

It seems that that person doesn’t want to let him know who he is.

While Charlie thinks, he gets up from his chair and goes out. After asking his assistant to investigate the unknown sender’s number, he drives to the hospital.

In the face of money and power, patients don’t have any privacy at all.

Charlie looks at the director of gynecology in front of him with the scarlet eyes. He grabs the man’s collar band, and his voice seems to be squeezed out from his teeth. “You say again, how has Mandy’s child gone?”

“Mr. Jiang... Ms. Song’s child…It is indeed she who wants to have an abortion...” The doctor answers with the trembling voice when looking at Charlie like Asura in front of him.

While hearing that, Charlie dumps him out and clutches his fists together.

Mandy! Mandy, you dare to do that!

Charlie grits his teeth and directly punches into the file cabinet beside him. Then the iron filing cabinet falls down. The doctor looks at the filing cabinet and wishes he can disappear at this moment. The anger is so strong that he fears he can’t bear it at all.

Just as he mourns silently in his heart, he sees Charlie suddenly turning around and leaving.

With a sudden sigh of relief, he stands up in a hurry and closes the office door.

Charlie feels that he has never been so angry like now in his life. As long as he recalls that it is Mandy who kills their child, he feels that there are a thousand arrows piercing through his heart.

He has never suffered such unbearable pain in his life.

He wants to ask Mandy why she is so cruel that she kills the child.

She once says that she wants the child belonging to them.Why she kills the child by herself now? Charlie doesn’t understand her. Maybe he doesn’t want to understand her.

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