Before Charlie enters the door of the ward, he hears familiar screams coming from it. He runs in the ward in a hurry and sees Vivi standing there as soon as he opens the door. Her forehead is covered by her hands, and the blood has flowed down her cheeks.

He is shocked and runs to her, “Vivi, what’s wrong? What happened?”

The moment Charlie appears, Vivi hurries to hide herself in his arms and sobs just like catching the last straw to save her life, “Mandy...” Mandy wanted to kill me.”

When hearing that, Charlie looks up in dismay and sees Mandy indifferently looking at them. Charlie’s heart suddenly trembles when he sees the indifference in her eyes.

But before he has the chance to think, a medical staff member rushes in and hurriedly takes her to bind up the wound when seeing Vivi’s bloody face. Charlie takes a look at Mandy and goes out with them.

When the room is quiet again. Mandy slowly unlocks the clenched fists.

All is fake. Charlie and she can’t go back to the past.

Mandy laughs at herself in the heart, and warns herself once again that Charlie is her enemy and she can’t be soft-hearted towards him.

In the medical treatment room, the doctor is disinfecting and cleaning Vivi’s wound. Mandy throws at her very hard, so the wound is big. She looks at Charlie beside her, but says nothing with her tearful eyes.

Vivi knows that it’s inappropriate to say anything to Charlie now, but she would rather play the victim thoroughly.

While seeing that Vivi is painful, grits her teeth but still says nothing, Charlie is distressed as expected. He sighs, grabs her hands into his palm, and asks gently, “Vivi, are you painful?”

“Nothing. I can stand it.” Vivi is somewhat complacent, and then pretends to be generous. She says to Charlie, “Charlie, don’t blame Mandy. It is supposed to be angry for her when seeing me.”

Charlie recalls the indifference in Mandy’s eyes, and his heart involuntarily sinks. He pats Vivi on the back of her hand, instead of answering her, “Vivi, why are you in the hospital?”

“I want to have a physical examination, after all... After all, we want to have children.” Vivi shyly lowers the head and blurts out the words she has prepared in advance.

Charlie is stunned, but says nothing more.

On the day, Charlie hasn’t returned to Mandy’s ward. When Vivi’s wound is blinded up, he drives her home together and never returns to the hospital.

These days, Charlie is always away from home. Vivi secretly follows him and finds out that he always goes to the hospital to stay with Mandy. She has never thought that Mandy’s child has gone, and it is still the child of Charlie. Looking at the way he looks after Mandy, her jealousy begins to grow crazily.

Today, Vivi’s purpose to go to the hospital to visit Mandy is to deal Mandy a head-on blow. But she has never thought that Mandy breaks her head. She must take revenge on Mandy someday. Vivi looks serious and her hands involuntarily clutch together.

When Charlie enters the room, he sees Vivi siting on the edge of the bed and staring blankly. He puts the soup in his hands on the table beside him and goes over to grab her shoulders. He asked softly, “Vivi, what are you thinking about?”

“I... I’m thinking...” Vivi looks at him, wishes to speak but stops on a second thought.

“Huh? What are you thinking about?”

When Charlie asks again, Vivi bites the side of her lower lip, seriously looks at him and asks, “Is Mandy’s child yours?”

Charlie knows that Vivi will know the truth sooner or later, so he is stunned and then answers quickly, “Yes.”

While hearing that, there is sadness in Vivi’s eyes. She droops her eyelids and says with a sad voice. “Well, I see. In that case, you should take good care of Mandy. It’s fine for me.”

Charlie is more distressed after she says that. Raising her head, Charlie directly looks at her eyes and says, “Vivi, the relationship between Mandy and me is not what you think. That child is just an accident. Moreover, there is no child now.”

Accident is really a good excuse, as if all the truth will be covered up by that word.

Charlie ignores the tiny pain in his heart, and then says, “I promise you, there will never be love relationship between Mandy and me. The person I love most is you forever.”

Vivi looks at Charlie’s earnest appearance, and there is a smile on her face finally. She nods and says softly, “Well, I believe you.”


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