Mandy has never thought that she is still alive. When she looks at all the familiar things in front of her, she doesn’t have any joy for being a survivor of a disaster. She even thinks that she shouldn’t live in the world at all.

Charlie sees Mandy wake up and says, “Don’t move. The doctor says you need to nurse your body now. What do you want to do? Tell me, I’ll help you.”

Looking at Charlie in front of her, Mandy is suddenly in a trance. She hasn’t felt his obedience and gentleness for a long time. Since Vivi appeared in Jiang’s mansion that night, her world has been torn apart.

While thinking of Vivi, Mandy’s eyes suddenly restore her composure. She draws a slight mockery around her mouth, looks at Charlie and says without any feelings, “Why are you still here, President Jiang? I’m not your Vivi. You shouldn’t be so kind to me!”

Charlie has never thought that Mandy shows all her thorns as soon as she wakes up. He holds his breath, and then realizes that his behavior just now is different from the previous. He quickly adjusts his tone and says, “You will stay in the hospital in the next few days. I’ll arrange someone to take good care of you.”

“Whatever you want.” Mandy doesn’t want to see Charlie, turns her head and frankly orders for him to leave, “I’m a little tired and I want to have a rest. So, I won’t show you out.”

Charlie looks at Mandy’s back, tries to say something, but finally leaves the ward without saying a word. He knows that Mandy must be in a bad mood now because it’s hard for people to bear the pain of losing a child after all.

He recalls that Mandy always asked him when they would have a baby of their own in the past. At that time, he has the conspiracy and always declines by many reasons. But the situation is different right now. Mandy actually has his child, and loses his child at the same time.

When the sound of Charlie’s footsteps disappears, Mandy slowly lies flat. She recalls Charlie’s appearance and there is some pity in his eyes.

Mandy suddenly feels funny and a little sad.

Time passes by. Circumstances change with the passage of time.

In the next few days, Charlie always takes time to visit Mandy. Although Mandy always says harsh words, but he seems not to care at all.

Even Mandy has an illusion, as if they go back to the past.

It is not until Vivi’s appearance that the illusion in front of her eyes disappears completely. Looking at the familiar and disgusting face in front of her, Mandy snaps, “Why do you come here? What do you want to do?”

“Absolutely, I come here to visit you, my good friend.” There is a fake smile on Vivi’s face. “I heard from Charlie that your child has gone, so I come to comfort you.”

“I don’t need your comfort. Please get away.” Mandy says frankly.

“Come on. We used to be best friends.” Vivi comes to her. Her facial expression suddenly changes, she says with a malicious look, “Mandy, don’t believe that you can get rid of your condition when you lose a child. I tell you that now I also have his child!”

As Vivi’s voice dies away, Mandy’s facial expression changes. She stares at the woman in front of her and says, stressing each syllable, “Vivi, I’ve really put up with you for a long time. It doesn’t matter to me whether you have Charlie’s child or not. Please get out of the room now.”

Vivi has never seen Mandy with such a barbaric attitude, and is stunned for a while. After a while, she regains herself and doesn’t care about Mandy’s words at all. Then she sneers, “Don’t forget that I’m Mrs. Jiang now.”

“It’s none of my business!” Mandy still looks unchanged, “Get out of here.”

“Mandy! You!” Vivi suddenly changes the subject. “I know you are in a bad mood now that you have an abortion. I don’t care about you. But Mandy, I don’t think Charlie will let you give birth to the child even if you don’t have an abortion now.”

The child is still Mandy’s pain. She bites her teeth, stares at Vivi in front of her and says fiercely, “If you don’t want me to tear your mouth to pieces, you’d better shut up now!”

“No. I’m willing to say that. Your child, is a bastard just like you. He shouldn’t be born. Now it’s perfect to die in your womb.” A series of vicious words jump out of Vivi’s mouth.

Mandy looks at the face in front of her and really wants to tear Vivi apart. Suddenly, she grabs the vase on the table next to her and throws it atVivi.

Vivi has never thought that Mandy throws the vase at her. Vivi doesn’t elude in time and is hit just right. Then, the blood trickles out of her forehead.

In an instant, there are screams in the room.


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