Seeing Mandy going off into a faint, Charlie feels really scared. He crazily shouts Mandy’s name, but there is no answer. Just at this time, a nurse passes by the door and rushes into the room when hearing his gut-wrenching cry. She finds that Mandy’s breath is weak and quickly presses the bell.

When the nurse pulls back Mandy’s quilts, Charlie sees so much blood. The blood blooms on the white sheets, looking like coquettish bloody mandalas by the Santu River.

The smell of blood grows stronger and stronger in his nose. He stares at the blood, feeling apprehensive. After a while, Charlie suddenly reacts, grabs the nurse’s hand and asks hastily, “What’s the matter with her?”

“Can’t you see the blood? It’s the hemorrhage of the uterus.” While observing the Mandy’s physical condition, the nurse says to Charlie unhappily, “You are the family member of the patient? You don’t ring the bell when you find that she is abnormal? You don’t want to let her live on purpose?”

“Uterus... the hemorrhage of the uterus?” Charlie mutters those words, and innumerable thoughts suddenly flash across his mind. But the more he thinks about it, the paler he looks. Finally, he asks with hesitation, “Why does she have the uterus hemorrhage?”

“There are the medical records hanging on the bedside. Look at it by yourself.”

As the sound of the nurse’s voice dies away, a group of people rushes in the room. The chief doctor opens Mandy’s eyelids and looks at them, followed by an assistant who orders, “Prepare the operating room, now have surgery.”

Then he looks at Charlie who stands dully and says, “You are the family member of the patient? Sign the operation agreement.”

Everything goes on in disorder. Charlie is escorted out by the group of people before he tries to see the medical records hanging on the bedside. He confusedly signs the operation agreement, and then sees Mandy being pushed into the operating room.

When the operating room door closes, he gradually comes to his sense.

Mandy has the uterus hemorrhage.Why does she suddenly have the uterus hemorrhage?

While Charlie is thinking, he begins to walk to her ward. He would like to know if the facts are really as he guesses.

The ward is not far from the operating room, but Charlie feels every step is very heavy, as if filled with lead. If... If the truth is as he guesses...

No, he can’t think of it.

Unknowingly,Charlie gets to the door of the ward. Looking at the lonely medical records hanging on the bedside, he suddenly feels a little timid.

The truth is in front of him, but suddenly he seems to lose courage.

Time passes by. Finally, when a cold wind blows over, Charlie slowly takes steps and enters the ward.

Taking the medical records off the hook, Charlie sees the line above at first sight.

“In the surgery of abortion, uterine injury and hemorrhage are found.The patient should remain in hospital under observation for several days.”

The handwriting is so crabbed just as the same as his heart at that moment.


That word pierces into his eyes and heart. He feels as if countless poisonous arrows are piercing fiercely into him. At that moment, he suddenly understands what is the bone-gnawing pain.

Mandy really has... She really has an abortion...

That’s his child. It’s his child with Mandy.

Obviously, he shouldn’t expect those things. But somehow, he suddenly wants to see the child. What does he look like, like him or like Mandy?

Only Charlie knows that he can’t see the child in this life.

While he thinks about that, his nose twitches, and there is something which is about to come out from his heart.


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