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In the ward on the 21st floor of St. Mary’s hospital, Mandy is looking at the drops in the medicine bottle. A quarter of an hour ago, she received a call from Young, saying that Charlie is coming to the hospital.

Although Mandy knows that she can’t hide the child from Charlie, her heart still trembles. When Young apologizes to her on the phone, Mandy comforts him in turn.

It’s none of Young’s business, but now he is involved in it. So, it is she who should say sorry.

Mandy feels that she is just like a prisoner waiting to be executed on the execution ground at this moment, only waiting for Charlie’s final decision. Maybe because she has gone through so many things, she can calmly wait for Charlie.

She deliberately counts the time. After twenty-seven minutes after she receives Young’s call, Charlie comes in from outside. He is covered with coldness, and his face looks angry.

While seeing Mandy, Charlie says immediately, “I told you to be honest. But why do you disobey me?”

His voice is very fierce as if he said without a trace of emotion.

When Mandy hears that, there is ridicule in her eyes. She sneers, “Why should I obey you? What else can you do except threatening me with my daddy?”

As if Mandy touches his sore spot, a trace of anger appears on Charlie’s face. He looks down at Mandy lying on the bed and says, “What kind of relationship you have with Young?”

He is always thinking about the relationship between Young and Mandy along the way.

Young’s attitude before makes him very uncomfortable. He knows the meaning of Young’s expressions too well and Young must have unusual feelings for Mandy, otherwise, Young wouldn’t hurl a question at him for her sake.

But he doesn’t know when Young falls in love with Mandy.

He has only come back for a month, and he only meets Mandy twice. It’s too inconceivable for him to fall in love with Mandy. There must be something he doesn’t know. Such guess makes Charlie very uncomfortable.

Looking at Mandy in front of him, those guesses come to mind again. Obviously, the woman belongs to him even if he doesn’t want her. But now what does Young want to do?

When Charlie asks about her relationship with Young, Mandy smiles ambiguously and says, “Guess what? What kind of relationship I have with Young?”

Charlie feels angry at the sight of her smile. He grabs her face and says fiercely, “I warn you for the last time, Mandy, don’t challenge my patience.”

His movements are very fierce. In a moment, Mandy feels something coming out of the lower part of the body and the uterus begins to shrink again and again, but she grits her teeth and stubbornly stares at Charlie. “It’s none of your business to know what kind of relationship I have with Young.”

“Mandy! You!” Charlie is so angry that he can’t say a word. After a while, he abandons her and sneers, “Very well, Mandy, don’t think that I dare not do anything to you. I tell you...”

Charlie halts, and suddenly finds that Mandy looks abnormal. First of all, her face is extremely pale. It is a kind of morbid pallor. And there are cold sweats running down her forehead. She clenches her teeth, looking terribly miserable.

At this moment, Charlie is frightened. He hurries up and says in a panicky voice that even he doesn’t notice, “Mandy, Mandy, what’s wrong with you? Talk to me!”

“Jiang, Charlie Jiang...” Mandy’s voice is almost squeezed out of the cracks in her teeth. She tightly grasps Charlie’s clothes and says, “If... If I have the next life, I wouldn’t like... wouldn’t like to know you.”

Mandy feels the death in this moment because of the bone-gnawing pain.

That is really the retribution.

She has thought that everything will be okay as long as she no longer thinks about death. But she doesn’tknow that life and death aren’t decided by herself.

My child, that is the retribution that you give me.

While thinking, Mandy slowly closes her eyes.

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