Charlie is upset all day. He always feels that something bad will happen today. As expected, he receives a call from the staff in Mandy’s community at about six o’clock, saying that Mandy has never come back since she went out in the morning.

Charlie tries to call her several times, but nobody answers. Just as his anger is about to burst, he receives a call from Young, saying that Young wants to meet him and talk about something with him.

When he arrives at the prescribed place, he knows that Young wants to talk about Mandy.

Looking at Young with the angry face in front of him, Charlie only feels very upset and says unhappily, “You come to me today just for the sake of Mandy? Does she tell you anything?”

“I know everything.” Young looks at the familiar face in front of him and says coldly, “I really don’t know you are such a person. You and Mandy have divorced. Why do you still torture her?”

“Torture?” Charlie’s eyes are filled with a slight mockery, “That is what she tells you?”

“It doesn’t matter who says that. It’s important that you should let her go.” Young ignores the mockery in his eyes and says frankly.

“Why do I let her go?” Charlie frowns and stares at Young in front of him.

“Why? You ask me the reason?” Young grabs Charlie’s collar and shouts at him fiercely, “You and Mandy have divorced. You aren’t entitled to control her now!”

Charlie moves Young’s hands off the collar band and smooths the fold. Then he says calmly, “I’m not entitled? I’m entitled to do everything in Haicheng City.”

After Cheng’s bankruptcy, the whole Haicheng City becomes Charlie’s territory. In Haicheng City, he is the king, and everyone is his subject. It is his territory, so he has the right to control the life and death of those who live here.

While hearing that, Young’s anger reaches its acme. He stares at the man in front of him, grits his teeth and asks, “Charlie, are you sure you want to do that?”

“Of course.” Charlie answers without thinking. “Mandy wanted to kill Vivi in those days, so she brings trouble to herself now. I’ve always sought revenge for the smallest grievance. You should know that because we have known each other for so long.”

While hearing that he mentions Vivi, Young suddenly sneers and says, “Yes, I have known you for so long. I know that you must seek revenge for the smallest grievance. But Charlie, I beg you to think about it with your brain. How many years have you known Mandy? Will she really be the person you talk about?”

How many years have you known Mandy? Will she really be the person you talk about?

Young’s words echo in his mind, and Charlie’s heart suddenly stagnates for a second. Mandy and he have known each other for twenty years. In his memory, Mandy is a shy and reticent girl.

Few people can believe that Mandy will hurt others.

But that day, only Mandy and Vivi were on the deck. If it wasn’t Mandy who pushed Vivi, he couldn’t come up with a reason why Vivi fell into the sea.

What’s more, Vivi also told him that it was Mandy who pushed her into the sea after three years.

While thinking about that, Charlie’s doubt is soothed, and then he becomes surer of his suspicion. He looks at Young and says, stressing each syllable, “But the fact was that Mandy really wanted to kill Vivi. In the past three years, Vivi not only lost her memory, but also had a very hard life. Fortunately, Vivi restored her memory and remembered me, otherwise, what Mandy has done to her has turned into a pile of bones.”

“It’s Vivi again. You believe everything she says?” Young looks at Charlie and says angrily, “You have never thought that it is she who deceives you? You are so sure that everything she says is true?”

“She doesn’t lie to me.” Charlie answers without delay.

While seeing that Charlie refuses the persuasion,Young suddenly laughs and says, “Charlie, you are really pitiable, you know? There was someone who loved you so much, but you were not satisfied.”

Charlie’s heart is quivered by Young’s words. But in a moment, he comes to his senses and says to Young, “I don’t want to discuss these silly topics with you any more. Where is Mandy? I want to see her.”

“She doesn’t want to see you now.” Young says frankly.

“Whether she sees me or not isn’t up to her.” Charlie glances at Young in front of him. “You’d better tell me where she is. You know, I’m able to find her as long as she is still in Haicheng City. You don’t want that the things about her and me will make such a big noise and be known by those journalists, right? Public opinions must hurt her again like the sword.”

Young clearly understands the threat in Charlie’s words. Although he doesn’t want to admit that, he knows that what Charlie says is true. This is Haicheng City, Charlie’s territory.

Although he is resentful, he says, “St. Mary Hospital. Mandy is there now.”


Hearing that word, Charlie’s heart trembles. He wants to ask something, but he doesn’t say anything at last. He rises from the chair and goes out.

He wants to know what Mandy is doing.

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