Young stands outside the operating room, and he can’t calm down. Unknowingly, some nurses run over all of a sudden, open the door of the operating room and want to enter it.

He reacts very fast, grabs the last nurse’s wrist with one hand, and asks hurriedly, “What’s going on inside? Is there something wrong with Mandy?”

“The patient suffered from hemorrhage in surgery. She is now undergoing emergency treatment.” When the nurse finishes her words, she shakes off his hand and turns into the operating room. The door is closed again, and Young is stunned there.

Hemorrhage? Why does that happen? He hasn’t told Mandy his love yet.

Young’s heart has hung in his throat for two hours.When the red light outside the operating room turns down, the doctor comes out wearily. Young rushes forward and asks, “Doctor, how is she?”

“The patient is all right, but it’s better to remain in hospital under observation for a few days.” The doctor says to the nurse beside him, “Send her to the ward first, and observe her body condition in two days.”

“All right, Dr. Ye.”

In the quiet ward, Young sits beside the bed, and his eyes always focus on Mandy on the bed. Her face is pale and her lips are dry without a trace of blood. The doctor says that she has hemorrhage because of uterine injury in surgery, so she has to remain in hospital under observation in those days.

Young is distressed about Mandy. Song’s company is bankrupt before, and she has to suffer so much pain right now. If he can, he really wants to take good care of her in the whole life.

When he is a little boy, he knows that Mandy likes Charlie. So, he loves her silently without telling her. Later, he leaves Haicheng City and goes abroad, but he still dreams of her. Later on, he hears that Mandy finally marries Charlie as she wished. At that moment, he is happy for her, but at the same time he feels sad for himself.

His fondness for Mandy has already melted into his blood over the years. He helps Mandy’s dream come true, but he can’t forgive himself. Later, he hears that Mandy and Charlie get divorced, so he immediately comes back.

Human beings always keep the solitary courage.

Either Mandy in the past or Young in the present.

While he is thinking about the past, Mandy’s eyelashes tremble, and then she slowly opens her eyes. There is nothing, so she slightly looks to the one side and sees Young sitting beside her.

She opens her mouth and tries to say, “Young...”

The weak voice calls him back from his thoughts. Young comes to his senses and finds Mandy looking at him. He is startled, and then asks in a hurry, “Mandy, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Mandy shakes her head and asks, “What time is it now?”

“Three o’clock in the afternoon.” Young answers.

While hearing that, Mandy struggles to get up. But she suddenly feels the pain in her uterus in that instant. She can’t help frowning, and Young hurriedly holds her up, “don’t move! The doctor says that you should take a good rest now.”

“I, I’m all right.” Mandy still wants to get up. “It’s too late. I should go back home.”

She knows that if she doesn’t go back before six o’clock, Charlie will know her disappearance.

But as soon as she finishes her words, Young holds her on the bed and says, “You can’t go back now. There is a little accident in surgery, and the doctor says you still need to remain in hospital under observation in a few days.”

“Accident?” Mandy is stunned and asks in a hurry, “What’s the problem?”

“You have hemorrhage because of uterine injury in surgery. But don’t worry, everything is all right now.” Young takes a look at her and then says, “You just stay in hospital under observation in a few days now. As long as you are okay, you will be discharged immediately, okay?”

Uterine injury? Hemorrhage?

When Mandy hears those strange words, her heart completely sinks down.

Is that her retribution? Maybe that’s her retribution.

Suddenly, Mandy laughs bitterly and says to Young beside her, “That may be my retribution.”

The unborn child gives her a hard blow before it leaves the world. At that moment, Mandy suddenly feels out of breath, grasping her chest tightly, laughs and cries out, “That’s my retribution!”

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