You Used to Be My World



C24. A life That Sinks Into the Worst Situation


After that day, Mandy often receives Young’s calls. His concern touches her, but she is startled at the same time. After all, she and Young don’t have much interaction in her eyes.

She forgets almost their things of childhood now. So, she can only regard Young as a good person, a real good person, and doesn’t think of him from other aspects.

And in those days, her vomiting during pregnancy has become more and more obvious. She vomits while she smells the smell of cooking and meals and sometimes even without any reason.

Several times she sees the deaf-mute housekeeper looking at her with a strange look. At that moment, Mandy decides that she can’t put off again, otherwise sooner or later Charlie will know that.

Mandy has no idea whether Charlie wants to have the child or not, but she doesn’t really want him to know the child’s existence.

One morning, Mandy takes a taxi to the hospital. Because she is afraid that Charlie will send people to follow her, she specially lets the driver go around for a long time before she goes to the hospital. After a series of examinations, Mandy is told that the checklist needs to be signed by her family member.

Mandy hesitates for a long time before she decides to call Young who seems to be the only person that she can trust in Haicheng City. They have just seen each other several times, but unknowingly she feels intimate with him.

Young comes here very fast. Unlike the previous times, he wears a business suit as if he has come from some important occasion.

Mandy is stunned and somewhat embarrassed, she says, “I bother you too many times!”

“Nothing.” Young smiles. “I’ll accompany you to sign it.”

With Young’s help, everything goes smoothly. But when Mandy lies on the cold operating table, her heart, which she thought it wouldn’t tremble, suddenly feels the sense of uncertainty.

Is that really what she wants?

Does she really have an abortion?

The child is only a month old. It has no heartbeat at all. But at this moment, Mandy suddenly feels that they are connected by flesh and blood. It is just a piece of meat, but she feels so sad.

When the doctor with the anesthetic needle finds that she is absent-minded, he asks, “Ms. Song, it isn’t late to regret for you. When I give the injection, everything will be late.”

Mandy doesn’t want to give birth to the child. The child is a burdenfor her now.

If Charlie doesn’t want the child, it doesn’t matter. But if he wants the child, then he has one more additional means of threatening her.

Mandy closes the eyes, and says with the calm voice after a while, “No, let’s just do as we agreed before.”

She mustn’t have any relationship with Charlie any more.

I’m sorry.

Mandy says in her heart, and then she feels the prick of the needle in her skin.

At that moment, she realizes that she has become the person she doesn’t want to be, and the gut-wrenching feelings in her body constantly torture her. Mandy thinks that life is really terrible, which always makes everything be destroyed easily one day.

How she wished to have her own child with Charlie, and how she doesn’t want to give birth to the child now.

Mandy feels her consciousness becoming more and more blurred, and then she sinks into the endless darkness.

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