Charlie feels that he is trapped in a blind alley and can’t find a way out. Obviously, he should give up Mandy and keep the relationship between Vivi and him. But, he is unable to do that.

That night, what Mandy says still echoes in his ears, and the cynical look in her eyes constantly lingers in his mind. He feels upset, and then the door is suddenly knocked.

Cleaning the annoyance that shouldn’t be in his eyes, Charlie restores to his calmness and shouts, “Come in.”

The visitor is Young.

Charlie is stunned at first. Then he stands up, walks towards Young and asks, “Why do you come here?”

“I deal with something near here and remember that your company is here. So, I drop in. Don’t you welcome me?” Young smiles with natural and graceful eyes.

“Why don’t I welcome you? I just thought that you fall in love with someone lately.” Charlie deliberately entertains him when he recalls the photos.

Young still smiles and says with the unchanged look, “I don’t fall in love with someone lately. But it’s you who just married a beautiful wife.”

Charlie has observed him all the time. When he sees that Young looks normal, he has no idea why he is a little relieved. He also laughs and says, “If you want to get married, I can introduce someone to you. The second daughter of Wen’s family is pretty good.”

““No, no, I just came back. I want to have a secluded life for some days.” Young refuses constantly, then changes the subject, “Have you finished your work? Are you free to go out for drinks?

“Well, wait for me. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

When Young leaves Jiang’s company, it’s not completely dark outside. Young gets into Charlie’s car, and they drive to the bar street. They talk and laugh on the way. When they arrive there, it’s completely dark and the bar street presents a scene of feasting and revelry.

After drinking a glass of wine, Young can’t help recalling the past. He talks about some interesting things in his childhood, and then he talks about Mandy. Charlie has never thought that Young would suddenly talk about her, and is stunned for a moment.

Feeling that Charlie is unnatural, Young meditates and says frankly, “I’ve met her once before. She doesn’t have a good life. Although Song’scompany is bankrupt now, she shouldn’t have such a life.”

Young deliberately tells Charlie about that. He wonders what attitude the man in front of him has towards Mandy. He knew the answer and what happened three years ago yesterday.

He doesn’t believe that Mandy is that sort of person. Although she likes Charlie, she won’t kill someone for him at all. But obviously, Charlie doesn’t believe that, otherwise those things won’t be like today.

When Young sees that Charlie is a little stunned, the coldness appears in his eyes and disappears soon. He takes a sip of “Manhattan” in the hands and says slowly, “She can’t live a good life after the bankruptcy of Song’s company.”

Young frowns when he hears that, “But anyway, she is your ex-wife and grew up with us at the young age.”

“You told me once when I got married.” Charlie looks at him and laughs, “Young, there are so many past things that you don’t know. So, listen to me. Ignore others’ own business.”

Young comes to Charlie today for the purpose of sounding out his intention. Now he won’t say anything about Mandy after Charlie expresses his opinions. He responds to Charlie. Since he is so ruthless about Mandy, he doesn’t need to worry him too much.

No one knows that Mandy has always been the white moonlight in Young’s heart.

Mandy doesn’t know that, and Charlie doesn’t know, either.

In Charlie’s opinion, Young and Mandy have no relations except playing together several times in their childhood. What’s more, Young has been in the United States all the time without coming back.

But life is wonderful and interesting.When you look up to the other, there is someone who secretly looks up to you.

Mandy looks up to Charlie. And Young looks up to Mandy. That are the connections among them.

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