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The sexual love is more furious than what Mandy imagines. Every action of the man carries great violence. When he finishes venting, Mandy feels that her whole body is about to fall apart.

She doesn’t want to move, looking at the ceiling with glassy eyes like the dead.

Charlie looks at her, licks his lips satisfied and says, “Mandy, it’s your business that you can do anything you want. But you’d better not overdo something, otherwise I won’t let you go as easily as today.”

Mandy doesn’t want to talk to him, and her eyes still stare at the ceiling without blinks.

She is silent, and Charlie takes out a card from his pocket and puts it on the bedside table. “I put the supplementary card here. You can buy anything you want. Give the money back to Young.”

Although he doesn’t know why Young gives money to Mandy, he doesn’t believe what the unknown sender says. It’s impossible for Young to have any physical transaction with Mandy anyway.

But even though he believes that, he still feels bad as if there were a thorn in his heart.

Charlie’s words finally make Mandy respond to him. She slightly turns the head, looks at the shining Visa Infinite on the table, and raises her eyes to Charlie who stands by the bed. A cold smile gradually rises in the corners of her mouth.

She says, “President Jiang is really generous. I have never thought that I can earn so much money by prostituting myself. But as I say before, I just treat you as the dog who bites me. But unexpectedly the dog who bites me pays for it.”

Mandy says very slowly, but her words are just like swords that stab him.

Charlie’s facial expression suddenly changes.

He understands the implications in her words. She regards him as a whore-master, or a dog, but never as a person related to her. His fists are clenched tightly, and he feels that the irony in her eyes makes him mad.

Nobody knows how long it takes before he slowly loosens his fist and breathes deeply. He says, “Mandy, if you think you are a prostitute, I can say nothing more. I put the money here as if I pay you for the rest of your life.”

“Sex traffic. You prostitute yourself to me, and I give you the money in return.”

Charlie thinks that the woman is really crazy, and what is more terrible is that he goes out of his mind with her.

“The rest of my life? Charlie, you wish!” Mandy coldly looks at him and suddenly says, “But what you say before reminds me of a thing, that Vivi probably doesn’t know you have done so many things with me.”

When Mandy mentions Vivi, Charlie asks with the stiff facial expression, “What do you mean?”

“You have waited to marry her for so many years. You are willing to destroy Song’s family for her sake, but you are still not satisfied and let me stay here without telling her.” When Mandy mentions the past, she suddenly smiles. “You and I have been in love for three years. So, don’t you be afraid that Vivi will doubt you when you have affairs with me right now?”

It is Charlie’s selfish desire to let Mandy stay here. He always tells Vivi that he doesn’t want to let Mandy go so easily, but what he does to Mandy has already exceeded the bottom line.

He indeed tortures her, but at the same time he takes possession of her again and again. Charlie doesn’t want to admit that he isn’t faithful to Vivi.

Vivi and he have been in love for so many years. The love can’t be changed because of Mandy!

While Charlie is thinking, a trace of anger appears on his face. He gives a fierce glance at Mandy and warns, “If you dare to say anything to her, I won’t let you go.”

“I think you don’t let me go now.” Mandy sarcastically looks at him. “Charlie, it’s not the ancient China now. You aren’t entitled to have several sexual partners.”

What’s more, she isn’t his sexual partner.

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