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Charlie’s voice is very cold, and his eyes are even colder.

Mandy’s hanging heart finally calms down. She thinks that Charlie doesn’t know the existence of the child right now at least. She breathes a sigh of relief and then says, “Charlie, you said that you weren’t afraid of that. Why do you be here now?”

The contempt in Charlie’s tone a few days ago still lingers in her ears, but now his attitude seems to be less relaxed than before. While she thinks, Mandy’s eyes are full of mockery.

She says, “Isn’t Young your best friend? You believe that I won’t dare to find him? Now, are you afraid? Are you afraid that I really seduce him?”

Mandy’s words pierce straightly Charlie’s heart. He really doesn’t want Mandy to have a relationship with Young, but now he suddenly has no idea whether it is because of Mandy or Young.

But he doesn’t want to think too much. Because no matter what the result is, he doesn’t allow Mandy to have a relationship with Young.

Mandy sees that Charlie takes a step forward, and they are very close so far. His smell flows into her nose in an instant, making Mandy’s body involuntarily stiff.

The man is always dangerous for her. When he draws near, it means that he is more dangerous for her.

Mandy knows that. So, she wants to go back unconsciously. But when her left foot just recedes a little, Charlie’s hand stretches out directly and holds her in the arms. He approaches her face, looks down at Mandy and says, “Young doesn’t know you are here, right? What will he think if he knows you are still here with me?”

The dense itching from the waist makes Mandy uncomfortable, and Charlie’s words make her a little stunned. She doesn’t tell Young about her current relationship with Charlie, but only because she thinks that it isn’t necessary to tell him.

Young isn’t her friend. She has no reason to expose her private affairs to him.

But she doesn’t intend to explain anything in front of Charlie. She stares at him and says frankly, “If you want to tell anything to him, you can just do that. There is no need to threaten me here.”

“Oh? Really?” Charlie’s lips show a slight sneer. His hands slide down, and he laughs more when feeling Mandy’s body stiff. He says, “I really want to know what kind of things you can do.”

As for Charlie, what Mandy does is just like a child playing games. She used to be angry and mad, which has been largely classified by him as disobedience of children.

Sensing the movements of his hands, Mandy can’t keep the calm facial expression. She frowns and unconsciously tries to break away from Charlie’s arms. “I warn you, stop doing that.”

“Warn me?” Charlie laughs, looking at Mandy and says, “Don’t forget who you are. It is I who allow you to go out and meet Young. But don’t forget who you are. You aren’t entitled to warn me!”

After saying that, Charlie directly carries her in his arms. “Vivi feels uncomfortable those days. Or, it’s your turn today.”

As soon as his voice falls, Mandy’s face becomes pale out of the sudden.

She struggles to get rid of him and curses bitterly, “Charlie, you jerk! Stop doing that!”

Seeing her reaction, Charlie feels more pleasure in his heart. He sneers and says, “You’d better listen to me. Maybe, I’ll be gentle later.”

When she hears that, she stops resisting.

Charlie thinks that she has accepted him, but then he hears Mandy’s voice coming over without a trace of temperature. She says, “It doesn’t matter. I treat you as the dog who bites me.”

Charlie is startled all over. The anger in his heart is finally ignited by Mandy’s words. He kicks directly the bedroom’s door, throws Mandy on the bed and lays on her.

“I’ll let you know the feeling of being fucked by the dog today.”

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