Young has never thought that he would hear of those things. That is to say, he has never thought that there are so many things that happened between Mandy and Charlie. He thinks of her words and quickly catches the key point, “Three years? What happened three years ago?”

“It’s a long story, and I really don’t want to tell you. Fortunately, I climb up from hell, now it’s Charlie’s turn to be damned.” Mandy spreads her wrist with an ugly scar. “Twice, I’ve already been dead twice, so it’s his turn to die now.”

When Young sees the shocking scar, he loses his tongue. Mandy’s voice is peaceful from beginning to end. But the more peaceful she is, the more uneasy Young feels.

But he doesn’t intend to ask more questions. He comes back right now, so there are so many ways for him to find out the truth. Nothing can be kept secret forever in this world, let alone in a small sea city.

After separating from Young, Mandy directly returns home. The deaf-mute housekeeper has gone, leaving a steaming meal in the kitchen. Mandy looks at it, suddenly feels nauseous, rushes into the restroom and vomits.

When the bile is almost out, the sense of nausea that Mandy feels finally diminishes a lot. After rinsing her mouth, she sees Charlie sitting on the sofa as soon as she gets out of the restroom.

He looks a little serious.

Mandy’s heart trembles and all kinds of ominous presentiment come out in her mind.

Does he know she is pregnant? What does he want to do for being here?

Mandy’s heart beats faster, and Charlie seems to notice that she is looking at him. He turns his head and meets her eyes. She is stunned, and then she says first, “Why are you here?”

“This is my house. I can’t come?” Charlie stands up from the sofa and fixedly stares at her.

The sense of oppression comes from all sides. Mandy pretends to be calm, but involuntarily holds her hands. Perhaps because of the child, she has some inexplicable guilt, avoiding the eyes of Charlie, and says: “Anyway, I still have something to do. Please help yourself.”

She doesn’t want to stay in the same space with Charlie, because she feels sick when looking at his face.

Mandy is grabbed by Charlie as soon as she takes the bag on the table and wants to leave. She is shackled to the side because of his great strength. And there is gloom in his eyes.

He says, “Mandy, what do you want to do? You rush to go into prostitution?”

“What did you say?” Mandy frowns and her voice gradually cools down.

Charlie, however, ignores her words and directly grabs Mandy’s bag, and then drops everything on the ground. The envelope with the money is opened, then countless pink banknotes fly and fall at their feet in an instant.

Charlie looks at the banknotes on the ground and says coldly, “How did you get the money?”

“It is none of your business.” Mandy stares at Charlie with the unchanged look.

Charlie just feels that her eyes are really dazzling, and wants to tear her apart. An hour ago, he received a picture in which Young gave Mandy money in his office. The unknown sender told him that Mandy sold her body for money to Young.

At that moment, Charlie is nearly crazy. It seems that his chest is torn apart by a wolf’s claw, and the strong wind pours into it. Then when he rushes over here and stays downstairs, he sees Young sending Mandy back.

The scene of their talk and laugh makes him angry.

While thinking, Charlie’s eyes are more profound. He ruthlessly looks at Mandy and says, stressing each syllable, “I have told you that you’d better keep away from Young.”

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