Each person in the world deserves to be the father of her child expect Charlie. If I really have his child, I would not give birth to the child!

There is the undoubted firmness in Mandy’s words. Young is stunned at first, then he says, “I promise, I will not tell anyone about the child, especially Charlie.”

His commitment is really important for Mandy. She smiles and says sincerely, “Thank you.”

Mandy is afraid to take the pregnancy tester home. After buying it at the pharmacy, she goes into a coffee shop with Young. She confirmed that she is pregnant in the restroom.

At that moment, she suddenly wants to laugh. In fact, she really laughs.

During her three-year marriage, she has thought that she has a baby with Charlie countless times. But at that time, he always says that she is young and it is not good to be a mother at her young age. Now she and Charlie have long been enemies, but she has the child of Charlie.

This is the jest of God or the retribution of Charlie.

Mandy has not thought for a long time, but she knows clearly that she can’t give birth to the child. Although he isn’t born and hasn’t yet seen the world, his body has the same blood with Charlie.

He is an inborn sinner, so she can’t give birth to him.

Mandy calms down in the restroom before he goes out. Young still waits there not far away, looking quiet and reliable.

The thoughts of people are really complicated and strange. One may be regarded with suspicion by others not long ago, but others may feel that one is reliable. That is to say, Mandy and Charlie have been in love with each other for many years, but it just takes a second for them to be enemies.

Seeing her come over and sit down, Young asks, “How are you?”

“I’m pregnant.” Mandy doesn’t want to conceal it from him.

Although he knows that she is likely to be pregnant before, he is still stunned and then confirms, “Don’t you really want to give birth to the child?”

“Yes, no.” Mandy answers without hesitation at all. “He has the same blood with the sinner. That’s the blood of Charlie.”

“But he is also your child. I don’t want you to regret it.”

“I won’t regret it. I’ve always known what I’m going to do.” Mandy looks at him with a serious look. “Charlie is not a good person, but you are, so you shouldn’t make friends with him.”

This is the first time that Young has heard that he is a good man, especially from Mandy’s mouth.

He feels a little happy, but doesn’t want to show it too much. So, he smiles and says, “Thank you very much for giving me such a big compliment.”

“You’re welcome. You deserve it.”

As soon as Mandy stops, Young asks her, “What about you? Do you want to be a good person?”

“I? I don’t want to.” Mandy says, “Good people haven’t a long life. I want to live for a long time. Because I want to see Charlie be defeated in front of me and I want to see him die.”

Young is stunned by Mandy’s each word. If Mandy doesn’t give birth to the child of Charlie because she divorced Charlie, why does Mandy say those now?

While he is thinking, Mandy smiles and says with some regret, “It seems that it’s not good to talk about him in front of you. You two are still friends after all.”

“Nothing.” Young came back to his mind. “I’m just more curious. What happened to you and Charlie?”

“What happened?” Mandy muttered, losing his focus for a moment. “If anything really happened, it’s probably that I’ve been living in a conspiracy all these years.”

Mandy’s vision gradually restored to its normal state. She looked at Young and said earnestly, “A three-year conspiracy Jiang Yicheng has planned, a conspiracy to push me into hell.”


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