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What Charlie says makes Mandy absent-minded for a moment. She looks at him and laughs, “Charlie, do you know you do always say that? When Vivi had an accident, you told me that you wouldn’t let me go, but you married me in a second. I was really naive at that time. I thought you just said that casually, but I didn’t know you had planned it for so long.”

When Mandy mentions the past, Charlie also recalls that with the heavy mood for no reason.

But Mandy doesn’t care about him and continues to say, “So you just said that if I disturb Young, you won’t let me go. I believe that. But, so what? You think that I won’t do because you don’t allow me to do that?”

“Mandy!” Charlie is really angry. He raises his hand and wants to slap her. But when he sees that she stubbornly lifts her face, he suddenly loses the courage to slap her.

Charlie puts his hand down again and suddenly feels that it is meaningless to argue with her about that. He looks at Mandy and says in a slight contemptuous tone, “If you can disturb him, just try it.”

As his good friend, he knows about Young. Living abroad for so many years, Young isn’t simple because he can survive in such a chaotic family, although he looks pure and kind in appearance.

Young went to the United States for study many years ago. It is the exile rather than studying abroad. After all, the eldest brother of Ji’s family, 20 years older than him begins to work in Ji’s company when he is young. The patriarch of Ji has health problems in the past two years. And he is dying by rumors. Now the reason that Young suddenly returns home from abroad can be easily understood.

Charlie has never gained an insight into his good friend Young. But he believes that Young won’t be made use by Mandy. First, he is Young who is his friend. Second, he has almost no contact with Mandy at all times.

Charlie is confident of this.

Seeing Charlie stop mocking her so quickly, Mandy is stunned and then stops talking.

Her impression of Young is not good, but it is not bad, either. She has a few memories of her childhood. And in her latest memory, Young is nice.

Mandy finds that Young has the same foolishness like in her past.

But she has no idea whether she will really make use of Young or not, even if he is a friend of Charlie.

While Mandy is thinking, Charlie takes out the mobile, throws it at her and says with the consistent cold voice, “You hold your own former mobile. It’s convenient for me to contact with you.”

Looking at the mobile, Mandy comes back to her senses and says sarcastically all of a sudden, “Is President Jiang afraid that I will run away, isn’t he? You install specially a tracking system in this mobile?”

“There’s no need.” Charlie says coldly, “You dare not.”

When Mandy hears that, she is stunned at first and then says with a bitter smile, “Yes, I dare not.”

Everyone has weaknesses. Charlie is her weakness before, but now Hayes is her weakness. So, she can’t and dare not run away because Charlie is grabbing at her Achilles’ heel.

At this time, Mandy finds that sometimes men have more talents in acting than women. Charlie of the past is like Jing Ke, a Chinese ancient assassin. He slowly unfolds the magnificent picture scroll in his hands. At the end of it, there must be a dagger that can directly pierce her heart.

Mandy is once stabbed by that dagger. So, she won’t forget the pain when the scar is healed.

No, it should be said that her scar hasn’t recovered so far. What Charlie does for her is like a strong poison sprayed on her scar. She is suffering from piercing pain every day, but the scar isn’t healed after all.

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