Mandy visits Song’s old mansion and then the prison. When she looks at Hayes who becomes older, she is unable to control the tears. Hayes doesn’t say a word about the family hatred as if he has no idea what has happened outside at all. But when Mandy wants to leave, his old voice comes.

He says, “Mandy, leave here and start a new life. Daddy becomes old. I really don’t want to be a burden on you.”

Hayes, who has built great businesses for many years, admits and accepts his old age in face of his daughter at this moment after all.

The wind outside the prison is very strong, that blows the sand into Mandy’s eyes. Then she rubs her eyes. The next second she sees a car parked in front of her. That’s the car of Charlie, which she has taken heaps of times.

The window is opened. Then Charlie’s indifferent face appears in front of her eyes and he orders coldly, “Get on the car.”

Mandy has never thought that Charlie will come here. She is stunned at first, and then she opens the door and gets in. The windows are closed, the wind is cut off from the outside, and there is a silence in the car. Mandy says first, “You follow me.”

It’s not an interrogative sentence, but an affirmative sentence.

“The host is always not at ease, when the bird is released in the first day.”

Charlie’s voice is very calm, but Mandy’s face becomes pale in an instant. She has never thought that Charlie considers her as a pet now.

But the paler she looks, the more she hates him.

She winks her eyes and says, “Since it’s a bird, it’s always going to fly.”

“Fly? Does she really think she has wings?” Charlie sneers and speaks frankly, “I don’t care what Hayes says to you. But as long as you dare to leave here, I dare to kill Hayes.”

Hayes is the wing of Mandy, who is her weakness that can be controlled firmly by Charlie.

Mandy believes he has the ability to kill Hayes, so she has been here for so long time. Hayes is only the relative of her in the world, so she can’t lose him again.

When she thinks of it, Mandy raises her eyes, stares at Charlie and says, “I won’t leave.”

Charlie’s heart just surges with a trace of complacency, and then Mandy says, “Because I haven’t seen you die yet.”

The trace of complacency in his heart is extinguished suddenly. The man’s face seems to be covered with ice and snow. He stares at Mandy and says, stressing each syllable, “I can bear what you say once, but it doesn’t mean I can bear you twice. Mandy, enough is enough!”

When hearing that, Mandy isn’t afraid at all and responds by asking, “What if I can’t?”

“It’s not up to you.” Charlie reaches out and pinches her cheek, pressing her with the very tough attitude. “Mandy, you lose for a long time. You lose when you fall in love with me. The loser is not qualified to speak, let alone shout.”

Do I lose when I fall in love with you?

Mandy mutters that sentence in her heart. Suddenly her eyes light up and she says, “What if I don’t love you?”

Her words make Charlie a little stunned for a while. His eyes narrow dangerously and he asks, “What do you mean?”

“Are you stupid?” There is the mockery in Mandy’s eyes, “I said I don’t love you any more, Charlie, I don’t love you any more. So, I won’t lose any more. I’ll win you.”

He is stunned at first, and then sneers, “Mandy, so what? You’re a loser now. You are a nobody without the support of Song’s family.”

“I’m Mandy, the daughter of Hayes.” Mandy says with great confidence. “There will never be the word of ‘lose’ in my family. Charlie, you fail me first. So, I will get those debts back from you.”

Mandy’s firmness makes Charlie’s heart trembling. At this moment, he even begins to thinks whether he fails Mandy and really owes to her or not.

“Fail” is really a word with many meanings, but it has never been a word with good meanings. It represents that he is inconstant in love and isn’t serious about his commitments.

But soon, Charlie comes back to his senses, sneers and says, “If you can do that, just do that. But I remind you not to delude Young. If anything happens to him, I’ll never let you go.”

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