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Mandy has a long long dream.

In her dream, when she was five or six years old, she chased Charlie behind him and let him play with her. Then the scene changed. Her world is a white mist. Charlie stands front of her and looks at her coldly and said, “Mandy, go to hell.”

Her heart trembles, and she wakes up from her dream.

The world is full of white in her eyes and the smell of disinfectant fluid floats in the air. She sits on the sickbed and pants in great fear, and the memory of what happened on the yacht comes back to her mind completely in the next second.

She recalls Charlie’s cold voice, Vivi’s sneering eyes and the deep sea that swallows her up.

Every time Mandy thinks of one of them, she feels colder.

So, Charlie really wants her to die.

Such an idea makes Mandy feel the imperceptible sadness except scare. Even though she swears that she will never fall in love with Charlie in this life, some of her inner thoughts still argue against her determination.

At least at this moment, she still feels sad for what Charlie has done.

The door of the ward is suddenly opened at this moment, and the man who pushes her into the sea comes in like a devil. At the sight of him, Mandy immediately becomes physically stiff, even his eyes being defensive.

She stares at the action of Charlie and says coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Mandy’s defensive attitude makes Charlie feel uncomfortable. He breathes heavily and his voice unconsciously becomes cold. “I can come to see you. Don’t forget, Mandy, it is I who save your life now!”

“Save?” Mandy listens to him, sneers slowly and says painfully, “Charlie, I only know that you want me to die.”

Mandy’s words are so determined that Charlie can’t help being stunned.

He looks at the woman with disheveled hair in front of him. Her eyes are so firm, as if they were a sharpened sword, waiting to penetrate into his heart.

Suddenly they fall into a strange silence.

They don’t know how long it takes for Charlie to laugh suddenly, but his eyes are still cold. He says, “Mandy, how could I let you die like this? It’s too nice for you to die in that way.”

He says very slowly, as if he were afraid that Mandy can’t hear clearly.

Looking at the face that Mandy can draw even with closed eyes, she pours ridicule on him, “President Jiang is as fierce as ever, but as you wish, I will not die, at least before you die.”

It’s really uncomfortable for her whether she is strapped by the rope or drown in the deep sea.

As the saying goes, “don’t do anything more than three times.” She has been on the verge of death twice, but Hades keeps her outside the gate. In that case, she will not try to commit suicide because nothing is more terrible than death, and she has the courage to do everything.

Mandy laughs at herself in her heart, then says to Charlie word by word, “I will watch you fall into hell step by step, and I will watch you that all the people around you leave you. I will curse you for living a long life in hell alone.”

Her words are not only curses, but also poisons.

Charlie’s face becomes pale and his smile suddenly disappears. He stares at Mandy and says, grinding his teeth, “It seems that the lesson I give you is not profound enough. You have forgotten who you are right now.”

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