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Vivi notices that Charlie will come back soon and says to the two men in a hurry, “Pull her up for breathing. Don’t let her die.”

If there aren’t so many people watching, she hopes that Mandy will die in the sea. From the beginning, it is a conspiracy for her to make friends with Mandy. She wants to get Charlie and becomes the pure white moonlight in his mind.

At first, she doesn’t want to be so embarrassed with Mandy, but Mandy sees something that she shouldn’t see.

The footsteps over there become closer, and the two men are pulling the rope that ties Mandy. But the next second, the expressions on their face change and their hands pick up the rope faster and faster, but they only get the rope in a few seconds.

Mandy has disappeared.

The two men exchange glances, and their cold faces finally take on bewilderment.

Now Charlie is completely in Vivi’s presence. At a glance, his face becomes completely black. He rushes to the two men and asks with a stern voice, “Where is Mandy?”

Mandy? Where is Mandy?

The two men dare not look directly at the angry Charlie, and involuntarily look at Vivi’s side.

She has never thought that Mandy will disappear. She is stunned there until she notices the sight of the two men and hurries forward to steady Charlie. She shouts at the two men, “Why are you still stunned? Go and save her!”

The two men feel as if they got amnesty. They quickly drop the rope in hands and turn and jump into the sea.

Vivi has always understood that it is easier for the dead to be forgiven than the living. She wants to let Mandy die, but absolutely not now, otherwise she can’t reasonably explain all to Charlie.

The wind on the yacht is still strong like a pressing sword. Charlie’s expression is also like that. He stares at the sea in front of him. His cold expression makes people too scared to approach him.

Vivi finds his changes, and her heart becomes colder.

She doesn’t take the past three years seriously, but now the attitude of Charlie tells her that something has been silently covered up by the years. Fortunately, Charlie doesn’t find out this point yet, so she has the opportunity to completely crush all things, just as she did three years ago.

The peaceful sea ripples again, and one of the men pops out his head soon, followed by the other man who tightens around Mandy’s neck.

Her face becomes a little blue, which is completely different from the pale one who just spat.

Charlie feels his heart seems to be suddenly stabbed by a needle and he quickly shouts to Vivi, “Call the doctor, hurry up!”

There always are first aid personnel on this yacht. Looking at Charlie in a hurry, Vivi stops for several seconds before slowly walking to the cabin.

Although she doesn’t want Mandy to die now, the attitude of Charlie makes her very uncomfortable.

It is she who is the rightful Mrs. Jiang, but she feels humiliated.

The other side. Charlie looks at Mandy who is lifted up on the deck.The dull pain in his heart becomes more and more obvious.

He has seen her tenderness, her glib tongue and thousand kinds of expressions, but he has never seen such an expression without anger.

She will die? There will never be Mandy in my life?

Charlie is thinking in his heart, but his heartfelt wishes become clearer and clearer.

No! Mandy can’t die like that! How can he let her die so easily before he has tortured her enough?

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