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The peaceful sea is suffused with waves with a splash.

Charlie walks to the seaside with Vivi in his arms and says, “Look, nobody will hurt you any more.”

Looking at the bubbling sea, Vivi is very complacent. She is dying to see Mandy will be drown in the sea. Then she meekly stays in Charlie’s arms and gently whispers, “Thank you, Charlie.”

“From now on, nobody can bully you.” Charlie promises her.

At this time, Mandy’s hands and feet are tied up, and she has no strength to struggle at all in the sea. The moment she opens her mouth, the seawater surges into her mouth instantly, stinging her throat.

The impact on the eardrum becomes bigger and bigger, and then the pain seems to penetrate the seven apertures in the human head and even the heart is tightly squeezed by water pressure, which slowly penetrates the brain.

When Mandy feels that her consciousness becomes more and more blurred, she is pulled up again by the rope suddenly. The air she suddenly breathes makes her have a dry cough, and she can’t see clearly because of the seawater on her face.

Charlie loosens Vivi, walks over and pinches Mandy’s jaw. He asks in a cold voice, “How do you feel to be thrown into the sea?”

Mandy looks at Charlie in front of her, suddenly spitting all the seawater left in her mouth on his face and says cruelly, “If you don’t kill me today, I'll give the pain back to you one day.”

Charlie touches the seawater on his face and his face becomes cold. He suddenly tightens his fingers, stares at Mandy’s face and says, slowly stressing each syllable, “I’d like to see how you can double the pain back to me.”

He shakes off Mandy’s face violently and continues to say, “Throw her into the sea again!”

Mandy wants to scold him again, but she has been thrown into the sea.

Vivi walks to Charlie, helps him wipe his face and says softly, “Charlie, you’d better to clean your face in case there are some bacteria in the sea.”

“Well, I’ll wash my face first. It’s windy here. Be careful. Don’t catch cold.”

“I will be all right.”

Watching Charlie disappear on deck, Vivi suddenly changes from a soft lady into a cold one. She takes two steps forward and orders the two men to Mandy up for her.

It is Vivi who gives orders instead of Charlie. Mandy is stunned at first and then sneers, “What’s wrong? Why not pretend to be the delicate lady?”

“Ha-ha, it isn’t necessary when I am in front of you.” Vivi smiles and says, “Mandy, I really appreciate that you didn’t die that year. Otherwise, how could I see you look so awkward now?”

“In fact, the pity is that you didn’t die at that time.” Mandy stares at Vivi and says with a cold voice.

But her words don’t cause any harm to Vivi. Vivi still smiles, but her eyes are cold and gloomy. She says, “Mandy, there is a fact that I haven’t told you all the time. Actually, I haven’t lost my memory in the past three years.”

Vivi’s words make Mandy tremble all over and quickly asks incredulously, “What do you say?”

“I’ve concealed my identity for so long time. It is just for today.” Vivi looks at the dull Mandy and says with a pretended pity, “When I heard that Charlie had found you, I thought I was doomed. But unfortunately, he cheated you from the beginning. Just like me, to be friends with you was always false. If there wasn’t lots of money in your family, I wouldn’t be so fawning on you? Mandy, you lost, you lost from the beginning.”

Everything in so many years is shattered like a bubble, even the friendship she first believes is a lie.

For a moment, Mandy feels cold all over her body as if she were thrown into the world of ice and snow, and the chill just seeps into the bones. After a while, she looks at Vivi and says bitterly, “You’re bound to be punished in the end.”

“Really? Then I really can’t wait to take a look at it.” Vivi smiles indifferently and then says, “Throw her into the sea again. Don’t pull her up without my order!”

The seawater passes through her mouth and nose once again, and now there seems to be nothing left in her world.

Unknowingly, the rope on her hand is loosened. Mandy looks at the seawater in front of her, and her fear has long been gone. She unties the rope that ties her up, closes her eyes, and the body slowly sinks into the sea.

She thinks that the deep sea isn’t so terrible.

And death is but a moment.

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