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In the villa, Vivi finds Charlie is absent-minded all day. She keeps calm on the surface, but her heart is torn with anxiety.

On that day, she has a brainstorm and immediately comes up with a plan.

Every time she sees Charlie appear, she immediately looks terrified and murmurs all day that someone wants to kill her.

Charlie is so anxious as she expected.The family doctor doesn’t know what ails her and only thinks she might have worries.

And Charlie shoots questions at her, Vivi confesses that she has always dreamed recently that Mandy is pushing her into the sea, which is like a nightmare, haunting her.

“Mandy, I believe that I can beat you.”

Charlie looks at Vivi’s pale face, and his anger at Mandy flares up.

“Come on, bring that woman out to me!”

Mandy has never thought that she will breathe the air outside. When she wakes up this morning, a stranger appears at the house, saying that he will take her to Charlie.

Although Charlie never comes back during this period, the fear in her heart lasts for a long time. She doesn’t know the reason why Charlie asks her to be here, but she has a chance to escape as long as she can go out.

Unfortunately, she is blindfolded and trapped when she leaves the house. When the blindfold is removed from her eyes, Mandy finds herself on a yacht.

The uneasiness suddenly seizes her heart. While she is thinking, Mandy sees Vivi coming along supported by Charlie.

When Vivi sees Mandy, she hides behind Charlie as if she saw something terrible. Charlie quickly reassures her, “Vivi, don’t be afraid. Nobody can hurt you. I will be your side.”

Vivi looks at Charlie for a long time and nods slowly.

Seeing that they look like intimate lovers, Mandy can’t help sneering. She hasn’t really noticed that Vivi is such a good actress before and thinks that Vivi should try her best to win an Oscar for her acting skills.

At this time, Charlie walks to Mandy, lifts her face with his fingers, and says coldly, “Do you know what day it is today?”

“What do you want to say? “Mandy stares at his eyes and asks straightforwardly.

“Three years ago, you pushed Vivi into the sea. Today would be her death day but for the great fortune.” When Charlie thinks of the yearning for Vivi in the past three years, his eyes become colder. He says, “Mandy, today I’m going to let you experience the taste of being thrown into the sea.”

Even though Mandy has understood the feeling that living is not better than death these days, her heart still trembles when she hears Charlie’s words. Her eyes show a trace of panic, but she still pretends to be calm and shouts, “Are you crazy, Charlie? It is illegal to murder!”

“I didn’t say I was going to kill you.” Charlie seems to be very satisfied with Mandy’s being so exasperated. There is a slight mockery around his lip, and he says lightly, “Don’t worry, I’ll let someone pull you with a rope. You won’t die definitely.”


While Mandy shouts, Charlie takes a step back and says to the two men who have been there for a long time, “Don’t just stand there!”

When the two men hear that, they walk to Mandy, lift her up in spite of her struggle, and walk to the edge of the yacht.

Mandy’s heart is full of uneasiness and fear. She knows that she can’t shake off them, and shouts in a hurry, “Charlie! You will regret it! I curse you for being lonely in the whole life and no one will stay with you!”

Charlie’s eyes darken and he orders the two men, “Throw her into the sea!”

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