Mandy Song stares at Charlie Jiang with unblinking eyes.

Charlie’s eyes dim, his long fingers slightly move and directly pinch Mandy’s chin. His fingers tighten all of a sudden and lips part lightly.

“I advise you not to challenge my patience. You have to sign the divorce agreement, whether you are willing or not.”

It is the pain coming from the jaw that causes Mandy to frown, but her eyes are still full of disobedience. She replies word by word.

“Charlie Jiang, I really regret that I have helped you, such a brutal and cold-blooded trash. I should have watched you and your family die in front of me.”

How much you love someone; and how much you will hate someone.

How much Mandy loved Charlie before, and how much she hates him now.

After she says, Charlie sneers with the unchanged face, “Mandy, did you really believe that something happened to my family company at the beginning?”

Mandy is stunned as soon as Charlie’s voice dies away. After a while, she asks confusedly, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you understand?” Charlie smiles more complacently, “Rejected IPO was a sheer fake. If not, your cunning father would not really believe that I was going to marry you?”

When Vivi meets with a mishap, Mandy doesn’t publicize her scandal in consideration of their old affection, but soon Jiang’s family company meets the barriers of listing in M Country.

Under such circumstances, Charlie comes to the Song’s family to send betrothal gifts to her. And his intention is very clear, that is, to marry her for the future of Jiang’s family.

Although Mandy is sad, she agrees to marry Charlie without hesitation.

The unmarried rich girl of the Song’s family is going to get married, and Hayes Song almost gives the half asset of Song’s family company as her dowry!

Even after these years, the century wedding has been remembered by many people. At that time, the dowry of Song’s family not only succeeds in saving Jiang’s family company, but also helps it to develop smoothly in the next three years.

But now, Charlie tells her that all this is a conspiracy.

The breaking of Jiang’ s family company’s capital chain because of rejected IPO is false, and it is also false that he wants to marry her, which is a trap long set up by Charlie. So, what else is true of the marriage?

Her courage at that time seems extremely ridiculous right now.

For a moment, Mandy is like a puppet without the soul, sitting feebly without light in her eyes.

Seeing her like this, the pleasure of revenge comes from Charlie’s heart. However, there is a mixed pricking pain within his heart.

But the pain is so slight compared with the great pleasure that he doesn’t even notice it.

Charlie is very satisfied with the Mandy he sees now. He releases the hands, takes the “divorce agreement” beside him and puts it in Mandy’s arms. “I have a hundred ways to let you sign it, but after all, we were husband and wife before, so I give you the chance to take the initiative to sign it.”

His voice sounds insidious and vicious. Mandy blinks her eyes, and then she can discern the face of Charlie. That face is not different from the usual one, but she knows he has become a totally different person.

She bites the teeth, takes the document in the arms and says, “I sign it.”

“It will be better that you sign it earlier.” Charlie chuckles twice.

Taking the pen on the desk, Mandy turns to the last page without reading it, finds the signature and quickly signs her name on it. After that, she closes the document with a snap, as if erasing their past..

From now on, Mandy swears that if she loves him again, she will suffer from the pain of thousands of arrows penetrating the heart.

Charlie satisfactorily takes over the divorce agreement from Mandy and says, “You can rest assured that there is no difference between your home and this house. The nanny will come here tomorrow, and your diet and daily life will be taken good care of by others as before.”

“What about freedom? Can you give it to me?” Mandy sneers.

“Freedom?” Charlie seems to hear a joke and suddenly bursts into laughing, “Mandy, do you really consider yourself as my wife? If I’m willing to give you freedom, why should I say that you’re stuck here?”

This is the revenge of Charlie, which makes Mandy destroy herself in the imprisonment day by day. Physical pain is nothing at all, and mental suffering is the most lethal. Guilt for her family and despair of the future can completely devastate her.

Looking at the way Charlie laughs, Mandy still keep cold face and says, “Charlie, you are really disgusting.”

“There will be more things for you to feel disgusted later on.” Charlie doesn’t care about what she says at all. “Today you can adapt yourself to the new environment first. I’ll see you again when I have time.”

After saying that, Charlie turns around and leaves the room without even looking at Mandy again.

Looking at the unfamiliar room, the camouflaged adamancy on Mandy’s face completely collapses. She sinks himself into the sofa and slowly closes her eyes.

After that day, Charlie never comes back. Mandy knows from TV that he is preparing for his wedding with Vivi.

It’s so ridiculous that there are no communication tools in the house. She almost loses all contact with the outside world except the TV. The nanny is a deaf-mute person who cooks and cleans at intervals every day.

Charlie whom she treated with all trust before takes precautions against her to such a degree!

The house seems to be her only world all of a sudden. She can’t go anywhere except staying here.


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