He has no pity for her after having sex. Mandy is so utterly exhausted that she has no strength to speak. It’s like her body has been rolled over by a car.

Charlie looks at Mandy lying flat like a pool of dead water on the sickbed, and malignity flashes in his eyes.

“I will send someone to take you home this afternoon. I advise you stop playing tricks before that. Otherwise, I will make your life a living hell.”

Hearing this, Mandy couldn’t help laughing out. She stares at Charlie fixedly, with despair and resentment in her eyes. She says, “Haha, I’d like to see how you make my life a living hell.”

She is as good as dead now.

It seems that Charlie knows what Mandy thinks in mind. There’s much more malignity in his eyes right now. He opens his lips,“Don’t forget that your father is still in prison. As long as I make some arrangements, I believe that his life in the prison could be very exciting.”

The voice of Charlie just fell, and Mandy’s sneer freezes at the corner of mouth. The next moment, anger climbs up her face. She says with resentment, Charlie Jiang, how dare you!”

“You can have a try if you don’t believe.” Charlie ties the cuff-links and adjusts the clothes, “I’ve got something to do. I should leave now.”

“Get out! Get the hell out!”

Mandy’s roar is nothing to Charlie. She is on the edge of being insane. Charlie looks at the woman on the bed, and a feeling of pleasure flashes in his heart. Then he turns around and walks out of the ward.

As soon as Charlie gets out, Mandy stops yelling. She sits there powerlessly, as if all the strength were taken away from her by someone suddenly.

Her teeth bite the lips tightly and her eyes are as grey as ashes.

Her mom passed away since she was very young. Her father, Hayes Song, brought her up all by himself. She has been supported by Hayes unconditionally no matter what she does. And that includes her marrying Charlie Jiang.

But now, she implicates her father, the man who loves her most, just because of her deed.

Had she not been so obstinate at that time, none of these would have ever happened.

Mandy thinks about Hayes Song, tears running down like a broken line of beads.

Charlie won. She can’t just go away, leaving Hayes behind. Even if she will be picked by thousand knives and tortured by a mountain of swords and a sea of flames, she will get through them for Hayes.

In the afternoon, someone comes and picks Mandy up. However, she arrives at the place, only to find it is not the residence of Jiang. Just as what Charlie put it, she becomes his prisoner.

Mandy stays in the strange house the whole afternoon. Charlie didn’t show up until the evening.

He seems to be very satisfied about what he sees with a smile at the corners of the mouth. Charlie threw a divorce agreement at Mandy. It has long been prepared. Charlie says, “Sign it.”

Mandy takes a glance at Charlie and then shifts attention to the document aside. She asks all of a sudden, “Charlie, I’m wondering what you would do if I don’t sign it.”

Charlie doesn’t expect such words from Mandy. He is astonished for a moment, then his eyes become freezingly cold, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, if I don’t sign it, then I am still your wife. In that case, Vivi Qiao will be cast aside because she is a disgraceful mistress, won’t she?”

Mandy looks up at Charlie to see his face becoming extremely dreadful, and she says, “Charlie Jiang, I suppose you won’t let Vivi Qiao suffer that way. After all, she is the woman you love most.”


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