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When Mandy opens her eyes again, she sees nothing but a vast expanse of whiteness.

Though she is in a daze, every scene that happened before abruptly comes to mind. In a sudden, she sits up from the bed.

She decides to return to see her family!

It is not until the wound on her wrist hurts again does she realize she was so stupid that she should commit suicide for such a man.

While she is thinking about it, she is rushing to pull out the infusion tube and eager to leave!

Nevertheless, at this moment, the ward’s door opens, Charlie shows up like a demon from the hell.

Mandy is too shocked to move, unconsciously trembling all over the body.

“Are you awake?” Charlie raises his eyebrow, casually walking to Mandy and asks, “What’s the matter? Now, don’t you want to die? Mandy, you are an extremely talented actress.”

“It’s none of your business whether I want to die.” Mandy grits her teeth, without looking at Charlie, turns her face and says, “I have to return to see my family.”

“Are you returning? Let me give you a ride.” A faint smile appears on Charlie’s face.

“You don’t have to pretend like a kind man.” Mandy has never forgot everything that Charlie had said before. She raises her head, cruelly stares at him and says: “I admit that you won. You have already thoroughly pushed me into the hell.”

The pain on her wrist’s wound continuously reminds Mandy how brutal he was.

After a moment, Mandy takes a deep breath, trying to be calm, and says: “Charlie, let us divorce.”

“Divorce?” A trace of sarcasm emerges on Charlie’s lip, “Mandy, didn’t you want to murder your good friend in order to marry me? Are you willing to divorce just like this?”

He makes no efforts to hide his irony, which has turned Mandy’s face pale in a moment.

She clenches her teeth, staring at Charlie, and then bursts into laughter suddenly, “Charlie, I thought I was pathetic enough, however, seeing the way how you protected Vivi, now I think you are more pathetic than I am.”

Her latent sarcasm glares extremely and makes Charlie feel unpleasant, so Charlie’s tone subconsciously becomes ill-mannered: “Mandy, who do you think you are? Now Song Family has disappeared, your anchor has gone, too, why are you laughing at me?!”

“I am laughing based on everything I know! I know Vivi had a love affair with someone else without telling you, I also know how stupid you are right now!”

For many years, Mandy has hardly spoken with Charlie like this.

She used to love him and cling to him, but the man now in front of her is no longer the man before. Instead, he is a murderer who destroys her world.

Hearing what she says, Charlie’s dark pupils are getting darker. He sneers and says, “Mandy, I would not believe you because what you said. If you were the one who had fallen into the sea, your words might have been more convincing.”

Mandy realizes no matter what she says, Charlie will not believe and she doesn’t want to continue arguing this with him, either. She says again: “Now that your Vivi has come back, isn’t divorce a good choice for everybody?”

“Of course we should divorce, but Mandy, why do you think I will easily let you go?”

The man’s words make Mandy feel like being thrown into icehouse.

She thinks she has misheard, looks at Charlie doubtfully and mumbles, “What do you mean...”

“I have said that I would make you go into hell. If I were to make you leave, wouldn’t it be too much advantage for you?” Charlie’s gaze looks like a poisonous sharp edge, penetrating into Mandy’s heart.

She holds her breath, and cannot help quivering all over the body.

“Is it not enough? Is what you have done not enough?!” Mandy screams, showing her wound in front of Charlie. “Charlie, my family has been ruined by you! Including me! To what extent will you stop and rest?!”

“Not enough, never will be enough.” Charlie says, stretching his hands into her clothes, and there is humiliation in his voice. “I will tie you around me, let you linger on this world by virtue of a shameful identity. I strive to let everybody watch you begging to stay with me regardless of family hostility...”

“Demon...Charlie, you are a fucking demon!”

Mandy’s eyes turn red, staring at Charlie hatefully!

However, it seems like he doesn’t care at all, straightly pushing her into the bed behind and pressing on her.

Mandy sees what is going to happen and hurries to struggle, but Charlie’s body is heavy like weighing a ton and she is pressed too hard to move a bit. She pushes Charlie away and screams at the same time, “What do you want to do, Charlie!”

“What do I want to do?” The man’s eyes darken as he slides one hand in between her thighs. He sneers, “Of course, have sex with you. Otherwise, is there any point that I have you beside me?”

“Insane, you are a fucking insane!”

Mandy cannot bear such humiliation, trying hard to get rid of his shackle!

Charlie sees it, impatiently tearing her clothes right way, putting his bare hands on her, then he humiliates her, “You are not such a person previously, and you begged me to do that.”

“Don’t speak! Don’t you speak!” Mandy is becoming totally crazy, being driven crazy by Charlie’s insanity.

“Don’t speak? Why not?” A trace of ridicule appears on Charlie’s eyes, “From nowadays, you are no longer Mrs. Jiang, you will be Lady Song who can be everybody’s wife in Haicheng City. Oh, I forget, in this city, your family has disappeared.”

During the time he spoke, Charlie had undressed their clothes. Mandy has no chance to speak before she feels pained in the lower part of her body because of Charlie’s penetration.


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