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“It is you who are unregenerate!” Mandy turns around to Charlie, gritting her teeth, “I have no idea what you like about her! She cheated on you at that time! I saw her with another man! She is setting me up like this because she’s afraid that I will expose her!”

“Set you up? Haha.” Charlie laughs grimly, “Mandy, if you really had seen something before, how come you never told me until today? As I see it, it is you who want to set Vivi up. There’s nothing wrong in saying that you are malicious.”

“I didn’t! Indeed, it was her——”

“Enough!” Charlie interrupts her, “No matter what you say, I will never believe you again. Oh, no. I should say that I’ve never believed you.”

What is so-called grieving to the extent of wishing to die? She understands it completely now.

It has never occurred to her that Charlie would tear her heart out with his own hands one day.

In her heart, pains spreads without restraint, which she can’t resist at all.

An indefinite period of time later, Mandy lowers her eyes all of a sudden, looking extremely vulnerable. With lips trembling, she murmurs, “Charlie, I wanna go back home.”

“Home? Which one? Residence of Song?”

“Right. I wanna go back to my own home.”

The words are barely out of her mouth when she hears Charlie’s sepulchral voice, “I’m afraid you can’t go back. Because this afternoon, your family enterprise declared bankruptcy, and your father, Hayes Song, has been put in prison because of bribe. You and your family are totally screwed!”

“What did you say?” Mandy looks up at Charlie suddenly, with an unbelievable look on her face, “My father offered a bribe? How could that be?”

“Why is that impossible? You think your father is a man of rectitude and probity? Do you know what he has done to enforce me to marry you? It has been so many years that I have to pretend we are an affectionate couple with so much hatred in my heart. Do you know how sick it makes me?” Charlie’s eyes fill with ridicule, “I have gone to great lengths to catch you tripping.”

“You……you did it?” Mandy stares at Charlie fixedly, her voice trembling.

Charlie looks back at her directly, the most merciless words jumping out of his mouth. “I said, I would let you go down to the hell. Of course, your whole family would be with you!”

Mandy can’t believe the man in front of her is the man who she loves from childhood to adulthood……

Her father and she have treated him very well for so many years. Is that fake? Why did he say that? Back in the day when his family encountered financial crisis, she begged her father to help them piteously. Why would it be like this suddenly?

In a split second, Mandy feels that all her blood rushes into her brain. She scolds and screams, “Charlie! Are you crazy? If it weren’t for us, your company has already been screwed! Even if you don’t love me or you want to get back at me, you shouldn’t have done this to my family!”

“Hmm? But if I haven’t done this, how could I work my way up since your family enterprise has occupied the market of Haicheng City for so many years?”

“Psycho, you are a fucking psycho!”

Mandy screams and tries to rough Charlie up, but he easily catches her wrists. Looking at Mandy’s face, with whom he has lived for over nine hundred days, Charlie now wears a ferocious look with not a bit of his previous gentleness left.

Suddenly, he sees Mandy’s eyes. They were filled with countless love originally, but now only with hostility.

He feels tight in the chest momentarily, but that feeling soon disappears.

Isn’t that what he always wants? He should be happy, shouldn’t he?

He regains his presence of mind and laughs at Mandy, with the corners of his mouth quirking up, “Mandy Song, I advise you stop asking for troubles.”

With that, his hands push a little bit, and Mandy falls heavily to the ground. At this moment her coiled hair quickly runs down, making her look like a crazy woman.

In the instance, the betrayal of her lover and the guilt felt for her family are cutting every corner of her body mercilessly like daggers.

Mandy’s nails have long dug into the palm of her hands, with blood oozing from them.

She raises her head slightly to see there is a fruit knife glittering at the tea table from a small distance.

She reaches the point of collapsing and runs to the tea table. At this moment, all she wants is to free herself from the unbearable pain.

Charlie quickly reacts, trying to stop Mandy. But it is one step late. She takes the knife and cuts her wrist. The blood flows out to be a red datura.

Mandy sees the fearful look at Charlie’s face in front of her, smiling suddenly and whispering, “Charlie, you will regret it. You are doomed to.”

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