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"Vivi, you...came back?"

Mandy has never thought she will see that face, Vivi Qiao's, again. However, looking at Charlie Jiang, her husband, who stands beside her, Mandy realizes it isn't a dream.

The porridge being cooked is boiling and bubbling in the kitchen. Mandy dazes for a while and reminds herself of reality, forcing a smile and says, "It's a relief that you are all alright."

"Relief? Are you relieved?" Vivi looks at her, half smirking with a little resentment hidden. "If it weren't you, Mandy, who pushed me into the sea, how could I lose all my memory and have lived an unexamined life for these years? Thanks to Charlie who has found me, or I have no idea how long I will live without my memory!"

"Was it me who pushed you into the sea?" Mandy shows an unbelievable expression, and says eagerly, "No, it wasn't me. On the contrary, it was you who wanted to put me into the sea but fell into it accidentally. Charlie, you've also seen the police's reports?!"

Mandy watches Charlie. However, Charlie loses all his tenderness, and indifference and coldness come over his face instead.

"Reports? Do you think I would believe them? Your family's position in Haicheng City makes it much easier to forge a document in order to protect you."

What Charlie said at first shocks Mandy, then she makes a reaction and asks, "What do you mean...?"

"Mandy, do you really think that I married you because I really love you?" Charlie sneers, with grimness in his eyes, "If it weren't for avenge, I would not marry an evil woman like you!"

Mandy's heart trembles the moment he finishes his words.

Three years ago, Vivi never appeared again after falling into the sea. She is recorded as a missing person since no one has found her body. Nevertheless, after the missing of Vivi, Charlie's family company has met its Waterloo on account of listing abroad.

At that time, however, Charlie chose Mandy to marry. Mandy wondered whether Charlie married her for the sake of protecting his family company or anything else.

Mandy has been in secret love for Charlie since girlhood. However, she chose to step aside when he fell in love with Vivi.

Therefore, when Charlie came to her house and proposed marriage to her, she said yes without hesitation.

Naively enough, she believed that if she could bring her father to save his family and if she could love him heart and soul, Charlie would cherish her as the apple of his eye......

She had a little worry before her marriage. However, to her great surprise she found Charlie treated her extremely well after the marriage. Almost all the people who knew them thought it was due to God's blessing that Mandy could marry Charlie. For her, she couldn't agree more with the opinion.

But now, hearing what Charlie said, Mandy feels like someone strangling her neck, and even her breath is mingled with endless pain!

Seeing Mandy's face turning pale, Charlie secretly enjoys a pleasure of avenge.

As if it is not enough to hurt her, Charlie continues to say, "Since Vivi disappeared, I've always been wondering how I can make you fall into the hell. Later I understand that only tearing your heart out can offset the pain that Vivi has suffered!"

"Tear my heart out?"

Mandy stops her breath in a moment, stumbling a bit. Charlie, standing before Mandy, seems not himself anymore. He is no longer the husband who treats her with tenderness.

For a while, she asks quietly, "So, it has been a conspiracy since you married me, hasn't it? What you've done for me so long time is false?"

Saying the last word false, Mandy feels as if she has used up all her strength.

Charlie suddenly sneers when he hears Mandy's words. That sneer, however, doesn't reach the bottom of his eyes. He says, "If I were not to treat you better, how are you being hurt so deep now?"

"Charlie!" Mandy feels like her chest being ripped up fiercely when he finishes his words. She endures great pain, abruptly raising her voice, "Why! Why did you do that to me?"

"You deserve it, don't you?" Charlie stops his sneer, and his face turns terribly cold. "When you pushed Vivi into the sea, you should know you will be caught up with it someday."

"No, I didn't...I did not!" Mandy grabs Vivi who stands before her, saying urgently, "You'd better tell Charlie right now, it wasn't me who pushed you into the sea, it was you who carelessly, it was you..."

"That's enough!" Vivi interrupts her dryly, and with pity she looks at her, "Mandy, I've always treated you as my best friend. I never thought you wanted to kill me because of Charlie."

At this moment, Mandy totally understands.

She loosens Vivi's hand, steps back, bitterly similes, watches her and says, "I know it! I know it all. Vivi Qiao, you slander me because you are afraid of me telling Charlie your scandal in the past. You radically..."

However, hardly before Mandy finishes her words Charlie breaks in impassively, "Mandy, until death you do not change your mind!"


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