You Used to Be My World

by Mason

Charlie Jiang doesn't really care about the marriage with Mandy Song. During the three years of their marriage, he doesn't even try to understand her. He has always only listened to Vivi Qiao's one-sided words and condemns Mandy Song of crimes she never committed. Has it never occurred to him that when there is a crisis in Jiang family, Mandy Song agrees to their marriage without slightest hesitation, for what? Charlie Jiang never cares for Mandy Song, so he never knows that for such a long time he used to be her world, her whole world.

But even if he knows, what difference would that make?

I, Mandy Song, is simply not the one he cherishes in heart.

For Charlie, only Vivi matters the whole world to him.

How pathetic!

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Word Count (19)
Top List #2500
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
C1. Tear Your Heart Out ago
C2. Blood-Red Datura ago
C3. Completely Destroy You ago
C4. His Prisoner ago
C5. The Preset Trap ago
C6. Everything Concerning Her ago
C7. Inferior to a Dog on the Roadside ago
C8. The Rope Strapping Him ago
C9. The Death Day of Vivi ago
C10. Sink into the Deep Sea ago
C11. Her Thousand Kinds of Look ago
C12. I Will Curse You ago
C13. You Are Not Able to Die A Natural Death ago
C14. Retribution for Sin ago
C15. You Fail Me First ago
C16. He Is Just Like Jing Ke ago
C18. I Want a Child ago
C19. Good People haven’t A Long Life ago
C20. It Is His Turn to Be Damned ago
C20. It Is His Turn to Be Damned ago
C21. I Treat You as the Dog Who Bites Me ago
C22. You Are Not Entitled to Do That ago
C23. Someone Looked up to You ago
C24. A life That Sinks Into the Worst Situation ago
C25. That Is My Retribution ago
C27. It Is His Territory ago
C28. I Wouldn’t Like to Know You ago
C29. That’s His Child ago
C30. The Past That Can’t Be Returned ago
C31. He Is just an Accident ago
C32. The Unbearable Pain ago
C33. It Has the Blood of Sin ago
C34. Everything Can’t Come Back ago
C35. The Truth ago
C36. The Earthshaking Life ago
C37. His World Is Lighted Up ago
C38. You Used to Be My World (The End) ago

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